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    CHOCOLATE FOOD VS REAL || Yummy Food Challenges by 123 GO! GOLD


    Hey girls! Hungry? One of these plates has a chocolate treat and the other Well, you'll see enjoy the smell like anything hmm all right let's unveil these plates together 1 2 3 what a chocolate phone looks pretty real right can you tell which phone is chocolate and which one is real look how real mine looks Lily wow this is awesome what are you girls waiting for dig in mine doesn't taste so good smile Willy say chocolate whoa where is this girl even coming from ready for the next delicious round and wonder what this one will be a chocolate shoe did I seriously get one random shoe wait a second looks like Lana just got herself a brand-new pair of shoes the perfect fit but our new shoes as yummy as this chocolate one I can't believe you fell for that one Lily you're a sneaky snake Lana well if the shoe fits no too soon but a petite ladies Wow is it a real turtle is it chocolate Oh yours is so stinkin cute hey little guy Jeff kidding oh that's nice well I may as well take a bite out of my chocolate turtle what okay I'll spare him ah they're besties like us they sure are cute aren't they yes we still have one more chocolate challenge whoa it's a little chocolate nut what am I supposed to do with a nut without a bolt they do look pretty similar don't they in this case the chocolate version is definitely better don't buy too hard there Lana here you can use my wrench from earlier well at least it's good for something so good how thing about chocolate you can never take your eyes off it for a second think this could work as a ring well looks like in this round Lana and Lily are both winners what is the fairy princess going to think up next how does she even come up with this stuff Oh looks like it's chocolate o'clock on Kevin's plate wow it really does look like a gold watch doesn't it oh don't think you're going to hear any ticking coming from that thing the only thing left to do is to give it a taste you gonna take a bite to Vicky next I'm wearing my treat that's great but I gotta say I'm pretty excited to bite into this thing yeah that's what time it is see that looks pretty good no snap out of it look at this gorgeous watch you got let's see what should I pick next yep this will not do it let's make this more fun and open each other's okay one two three go Oh fancy perfumes this one may not be as fancy but boy does it smell fantastic yes I won the chocolate again wow that's a massive block of sugary goodness Vicky I'm not gonna wait I'm digging in just as good as I thought it would be I wonder how this smells good that went right into my eyes you okay Oh check it out oh wow that smells like a meadow breathe it all in Vicky breathe it all in so okay that's it this is officially the best day ever yeah as if I'd let Prince Charming in after texting me that are you two ready to face the next round Hey look a white dove leave it to Kevin to do the old switcheroo hey not so fast buddy you get what you get and you don't get upset all right here goes nothing called an egg and another golden egg whoa you think that's real gold on there I wonder which one is the fake no I'm pretty sure mine's the real gold eh well I think let's bite on the count of three one two three go I got the chocolate egg I got the chocolate egg oh man I haven't got a real egg all right too bad no one bothered to cook it first quick somebody grab this guy a pail oh I'm sorry keV here wash it down with some of my chocolate you two have been very naughty so I've decided to punish you with this let's see what we're dealing with here chocolate snails hey those look pretty good let's give one a try shall we hmm pretty good so what are you waiting for hello anybody in there come on Kevin the suspense is killing us just open it already rose that's got to be the biggest slug I've ever seen mwah hey Nick wanna meet my new friend jeez is that a slug on steroids Kevin don't even think about it no Kevin please I'm a good person I don't deserve this Vickie don't make any sudden movements that slug is gonna eat your face somebody get this funny thing off me oh hey ladies have you picked out your colors yet hey you looking good let's do this thing go on girls open them up orange candy finally something on my plate that I actually want to eat whoa check out Vicki's plate of sweets now this is a green meal I can get on board with all right mr macaroon get into my pie hole this instant man that's good how's yours Lana this is a far cry from raw onion let me tell ya Wow didn't this challenge have a happy ending or what uh girls don't eat too many they'll give herself an epic stomachache from all that sugar what's up guys hey something tells me we have another 24-hour one color food challenge coming our way what oh yeah it's on Korra Bella she has no idea what's coming to her Peck no I'm not eating that thing all right this next rounds all you wanna cheetos and orange soda how did you know this was my all-time favorite snack I don't think I've ever been so happy to see this stuff you're the best Nick hey what do you need that blender for oh wait I like this stuff as it is we don't need to blend it hand it over unless you want to see it come right back up we don't advise making this at home well there's no denying this is one big orange meal boy this is not going to be pretty if I didn't know any better I think that was a big glass of orange juice it's all yours onna it smells exactly like how you think she'd Oh juice would taste watch out people she's gonna blow yikes I hope they didn't taste as bad as it looked

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