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CHICKEN MADHOSH HANDI Recipe | Street Food Boneless Chicken Malai Handi in Restaurant Style


AsSalam Walikum Friend Today we are in FOOD FAMILY Restaurant Here's specialty dish is CHICKEN MADHOOS HANDI, it's famous in area, so we visit here

First we try then let you know how to make it Let’s try Chicken madhoos handi It’s special because they used cheese in this chicken madhood handi Hmmm, excellent… mind-blowing, the taste of cheese in this handi is mouthwatering Totally great in taste

Seriously We had lots of handies in different style but this taste is unique and amazing Can’t control myself to have second bite Lets have Second Bite and I am starving as well Hmmm the taste of cheese in this handi is superb, mind-blowing

PAISAY WASOOL HAI BOSS Assalam 0 Alaikum Today we are going to make chicken madhoos handi, chef is here your name please, Parveez Ahmed Parveez Ahmed please tell us, how much chicken is? Boneless Chicken is almost 400gms 2 table spoon ginger garlic paste


Let mix it well Half table spoon slat Tomato paste almost 3 spoons Cook it well How much time it takes? Cook 7 to 8 mints 1 tab Chop chilies powder 1 tab coconut powder Little bit turmeric powder 1 tab Daniya powder 1 tab Zeera 1 tab Black powder Little bit Salt National Salt Mix it well 1 tab yogurt Fresh cream 1 packet Add MilkPack Cream How many people have it? Almost 2 people can have it easily Add cheese slice Add little bit oil in last handi is ready, now it’s time to taste Add another cheese ? for presentation

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