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    Chicago's Best Comfort Food: Lola’s Coney Island


    (upbeat instrumental music) Hot dogs are one of our favorite things to feature on the show, but we haven't featured any Coneys They're the quintessential comfort food, too

    It's beef and pork inside the dog Lola's Coney Island does theirs Detroit style Don't know what that is? Let's go find out (crowd chatters in background) So when you were opening Lola's, were you trying to duplicate the exact taste of Coney Island from Detroit? – Absolutely, as far as the Coney goes, 100% Anybody that's a transplant from Michigan out here, the nostalgia of a Coney dog, and to be able to get it in Chicago is probably one of the best things that ever happened to them

    (upbeat instrumental music) – I'm from Detroit I grew up on these things They're very authentic – And sometimes people confused a Coney Island dog and a chili dog – It's completely different

    First of all, there's no beans on a Coney dog It's a sauce, more than it is a hearty chili – The chili is what makes the Detroit Coney dog It's a beanless chili that has kind of a smoky flavor to it – And to keep everything authentic, you actually bring in your sauce from Detroit

    – Yup, sausages come from Detroit Chili comes from Detroit It's all coming from Michigan, from Detroit Burger and fries Is that yours? (bell dings) – You're making it as authentic as possible

    People want their Midwest Coney fix – One-hundred percent, and that's the best feeling in the world when I get a lot of Michigan transplants here, and as soon as they take a bite, I've gotten hugs, I've gotten high fives (funky instrumental music) – Anybody that's from Michigan is familiar with the Sanders Bumpy Cakes We put that into the shake – There's cake in the shake

    – Yes – It tastes like you're eating just, a straight up piece of cake – It's like a cake in a glass A drinkable cake – It's very much comfort food, but it's better than your average fast food place

    – Sanders Bumpy Cake Shake, another Lola's Coney Island exclusive – Whoa (upbeat instrumental music) Those are some good looking Coneys – [Jesse] That's a perfect Coney – [Marley] This will be our Coney, then

    – [Jesse] Yeah – We just picked them – There you go – We have a winner (Marley claps) Steamed buns, all right, in she comes, and we're coming over here to top

    – And the goods Here are the goods – Sauce is on, time to top – Sauce is on – [Marley] Onions

    – Very important You gotta add the yellow mustard – [Marley] Okay – [Jesse] That's key, right over there – Oh, a lowercase cursive L

    That is cute – Yeah If you want, you put the shredded cheese on there, and there you go That's your Coney – And that's it

    – Time for Bumpy Cake – Yes – [Jesse] The pride of Michigan (upbeat instrumental music) – Turn her around (blender roars) – [Jesse] This is the best hot fudge on the planet

    – [Marley] And you have everything Sanders You brought it all in from Detroit – [Jesse] Oh, yeah, 100% – Pour it in? – Yeah, pour it in – [All] Oh

    – I love that it folds – [Jesse] So what we do is, we take half, like this – [Marley] Okay – As our garnish – [Marley] So they get another piece of cake? – [Jesse] Absolutely

    Ta da! Sanders Bumpy Cake Shake – It was so lovely to meet you Bye (Jesse laughs) (upbeat instrumental music) – Let's go – All right, let's go

    – Dig in? – I like your attitude, dig in – All right – The chili sauce is so much better than a chili dog – [Jesse] It's sauce That's exactly it

    It's not really a chili It's not as hearty, so it works well with the dog – And I gotta get to my Bumpy Cake The best milkshake I've ever had – I haven't seen it anywhere

    The Bumpy Cake inside the shake (upbeat instrumental music) This is the only place you can get a Coney, a real, authentic Coney When Chicago meets Detroit, that's it That's what you come here for now – All right, I think it's best that we close this out on a bump, because– – A bump, here you go

    – [All] Bump of the Bumpy Cakes – [Marley] I'm gonna need another one of these before I go – [Jesse] Okay

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