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    Chicago's Best Comfort Food: Firewater Saloon


    (railroad crossing bells chime) (upbeat instrumental music) It's freezing today, and what we need is some comfort food to warm our bellies Thanks to Michelle, Kristy, Diane, and Lisa, we're heading to Firewater Saloon in Edison Park

    Now, I know the name might not sound like they have what we're looking for, but trust us, they do, and maybe we can even get our hands on some Moonshine while we're there (upbeat instrumental music) What kind of firewater can we get here? – You can get just about anything you want (Richard laughs) – Do you have any Moonshine? – We've got Moonshine, yeah – But you guys are also really know for your food – Yes

    (upbeat instrumental music) – We're here for just a good old traditional, named sloppy joe – [Richard] Oh my God, my favorite – My mom used to make Sloppy Joes at home all the time – Who hasn't had that 5,000 times when you were a kid? – You can't have just one scoop You've gotta keep eating it

    It just melts in your mouth – What do you think makes Firewater Saloon Chicago's Best? – The heart and soul that we put into it We love Edison Park We love the people – Good staff, friendly

    They remember your orders when you walk in – It's like hanging out with your friends here – [Male Customer] Everybody's friendly – Everyone is so friendly, This is the first interview I've ever done with my arm around a customer – We're a family

    – I think it's time I meet another member of the family in the kitchen – [Richard] Chef Jesus is fantastic (upbeat instrumental music) – Looks like we've got all our makings right here – Yes, we're gonna start chopping the vegetables and onions – Oh, good, I get to chop an onion today, so everyone's gonna watch me cry

    I'm gonna do my best You're moving at a much faster pace than I am, though How many times a week do you have to make this sloppy joe mixture? – Every other day It's one of our most popular dishes This is the way I do it

    (knife chopping) – Sure, that looks, yup, eyes are burning here just a little We're doing great Oh, the burning is getting worse I'm still crying a little Doc's over on the side giving me napkins for my tears

    I just love my job so much I've made it this far with all my fingers I'm not sure we should test it out, but we're going to Doc's a paramedic, so if all else fails, he's here to stitch me up – [Miguel] Put all the vegetables on, and we're gonna throw some seasoning

    Now, I'm gonna cut the meat – All right, I'm gloved – [Miguel] You can open it – Just hold it in the air – Yeah

    – And then open it– – Yeah, just go inside out There you go – [Marley] Oh – In pieces – Like you're making a lot of tacos

    That's really hard – [Miguel] Use one of them – [Marley] Wow – And just be gentle with it Hold on

    – Yeah, here, go ahead – We're gonna go the other way now – The other way now That doesn't look hard, the way he does it It's very firm meat

    That is such a weird thing to say out loud You know when you wish you could take something back? I wish I could take that back – [Miguel] Now, I have a special tool for this part – I know this one I use this for mashed potatoes

    – Okay We're gonna drain it – I feel like I should've worn a hairnet so I look like the sloppy joe lady – Have some more sloppy joes – Oh, look at all the juice coming out

    So we're all evened out, and now, we've gotta add the secret sloppy joe sauce – Correct – And you already pre made that because we're not telling everybody what's in it – Yes, I did – Yes

    Sorry I'll defer to him on the mixing And then into the oven for a half-hour? – Yes (upbeat instrumental music) – All right, 30 minutes at 350 – Yes

    – And we'll have sloppy joes (upbeat guitar music) Mike, this is a first for me I have never dined with a customer on the show – I feel special – No, I'll really tell everybody what it was

    This bar really supports first responders, and you are a CPD detective – Yes, I am – So first, thank you for your service – Thank you – And now, I think we should dig in

    – What are we waiting for? – All right – [Mike] And it is sloppy Don't be afraid – That's a sharp dish I love it

    It has such a sweetness to it – It's fantastic Your comfort food, especially this time of year It's feel good food It's what your mother made you back when you were a little kid

    That's why it's so good – Some sloppy joes really have that spicy kick, and it's almost like eating a hot chili on a bun Now, I wanna know what's in the secret sauce – I don't even know the recipe and I'm friends with Doc He won't even tell me anything

    – He won't even tell the family, but I– – And you've gotta try the mac and cheese – I never met a mac and cheese I didn't like, and they're so cute in the little skillet Now, this together is the perfect comfort food It's just such nice, creamy, hot mac and cheese in the skillet, keeping it nice and warm – Trust me, everything on the menu's fantastic

    – Well, if it tastes like this, I can't go wrong Let's finish our sloppy joes because there's about six more items on this menu that you're gonna eat with me – Let's dig in – All right, dig in (upbeat guitar music)

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