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– We are Sorted, a group of foodies from London who today are way out of our comfort zone – Feel like I need some moral support

– [Narrator] We've been sent to Tokyo in Japan and tasked with cooking up a food and sake pairing menu for some locals – I'm so nervous – [Narrator] So, first job is to immerse ourselves in the culture, food, and sake, to work out how we achieve probably our biggest challenge yet – This might be the hardest thing we've ever done – Hello, I'm Jaime, this is Ben, and this is Fridge Cam

– We've spent over 10 years cooking together and yet I think this was perhaps our most challenging challenge ever – [Narrator] Previously on Sorted Our five protagonists have spent the last 48 hours in Tokyo experiencing extraordinary new food, restaurants, and sake – Wow – [Narrator] They have sought the wisdom of brewery presidents, master chef, sake experts, and this wonderful man

– [Jaime] One shot, one shot! – [Narrator] And have learned the lessons of 1000 winters but one lesson stands above all others – Sake with seafood, the tool that allows your tongue to taste in three dimensions – Such an incredible expression on the palate – That is incredible – [Narrator] They have designed their menu with this in mind but with standards and expectations so high, will they succeed in their challenge

(upbeat rock music) – James and I have a rough plan and we're trying to work through a list of things that need doing in a certain order to get where we need The guys are helping every which way but kind of playing to their own skill set Mike, attention to detail, one job that'll take it a while to get it done but he does like to sit – One of the amazing things about Japanese food is the amount of care they take in prepping and making and the attention to detail It does not help when you're in a rush

– [Ben] Barry was put in charge of styling and dressing the restaurant – So I've now just got to lay the table, get this all set, make sure we got all the crockery ready to go – [Ben] And Jaime was helping James and I out in the kitchen – I might be peering into the future here but if we fail this challenge, there's gonna be one reason for that – One of the stand out lessons from our trip was that sake really accentuates the taste of umami when paired with the right food

So our first dish would consist of a Japanese take on an Italian dish that is normally made with pasta in a broth except we were gonna swap out the pasta for kishimen noodles and then make a daishi broth with konbu and bonito flakes Now comes the seasoning We're gonna use some of our sake in the daishi broth to season it with salt and mirin – I'm makin' the pickles We're using a recipe from, an old recipe, which was bread and butter pickles

– [Jaime] But with added mushrooms and daikon and the pickling liquid was made with rice wine vinigar and shichimi seasoning – He's saying words to me in Japanese and I don't understand Teaspoon, tablespoon, it's the same thing right? – And mushrooms sauteed with chestnuts, sesame oil and shiso leaves on toast – All paired with a rich, full-bodied sake from the Misumi brewery that we'd picked a day earlier, hoping to replicate some of that seafood and sake combination that'd we'd experienced at so many points throughout the trip – Wow

– I just realized we forgot to buy salt Luckily the place that we're in has salt and they've very kindly given it to us – They don't use salt in Japan, they use soy and mirin – You've been here five minutes – Time is currently not a concept for me

I'm just getting on with what I'm doing I'm not really sure how long I've got to go or what I've got to do left I'm just trying to get it done (upbeat rock music) – [Jaime] And for our main courses, charred prawn and tempura battered whitebait with Japanese dips – So the prawns have been shelled and now I am butterflying them

This is a job that I'd probably take two hours to do and need to be done in about 20 minutes – [Jaime] And daishi poached salmon with vanilla, burnt leeks, and Japanese pear – Tad more sugar Umeboshi which is like a sour plum That's gonna go in a sauce

Look how sour it is (bleeps) – An hour and 25 minutes to go Mike is still butterflying prawns – I'm being hurried I know I'm being slow so I'm trying to speed this up but it is a bit fiddly

Trying to make them look good and still do them quickly (clock ticking) (upbeat rock music) – I'm waiting to be given a new job – Teriyaki mayonnaise It's very, very simple – Delicious

– Still here – Moved to the salmon which we bought as filets and thought we're pretty much good to go Take 'em out of the packaging They definitely need deboning We don't have tweezers

It's a very time consuming job – [Ben] To ensure our guests have an authentic experience, Jaime and I tried out some Japanese (speaking in Japanese) – Welcome (speaking in Japanese) I was saying ida chai earlier and apparently that's what babies say because they can't pronounce sh so I just sounded like a toddler This is hard

– Some gorgeous flowers We'll just use one or two petals here and there (man mumbles) – Oh my god (clock ticking) – People are gonna start walking through that door probably in about 20 minutes Ben and James are puttin' the finishing touches to prepping so that they have hot food when they sit down

– I've been gettin' all the plates ready, settin' the scene, been working on the ambiance No, the Feng Shui – I don't think that's offensive but it could be – 20 minutes to go (upbeat rock music) – [Ben] And 10 minutes before guests were due to arrive, James hit a snag

– I almost burnt my caramelized Panko breadcrumbs – [Ben] Mate, that's not just a bit burnt That's ruined their pan – That hob, quite hot One batch of mushrooms burnt

– We got three minutes Three minutes people are outside, people are outside – I was really calm and collected and now it's just hit home what we're doing – You're not their first point of contact I could ruin it before we've even begun


Everyone good? One o'clock, it's go time Here we go Hello, hi, welcome – Mike spent all morning learning Japanese and then every time he's opened the door, he said "hello" (speaking in Japanese) – No one looked disgusted

(speaking in Japanese) Don't do it You, move – I've got the shakes, actually got the shakes (speaking in Japanese) – Panic is in the prep This bit should be okay right? One minute to service

– [Narrator] And then it was time to serve our three appetizers and accompanying sake The first being a Japanese take on a (speaking in Italian) – It's an Italian dish but it's made with a daishi broth, so konbu and bonito flakes, seasoned with sake which we'll come to later on and then it's also finished with some kishimen noodles and a selection of vegetables finished with a few more bonito – It's the first taste If they walk out now we know we've done a bad job

– Just thinking about plating dishes two and three, the two pickled perfect, three our mushrooms on toast We forgot that they're being served with chopsticks That might make dividing it quite difficult The next two plates are some home pickled vegetables and they're served with bread, toast, and butter and a miso mayo A selection of mushrooms cooked in a little bit of miso, sesame, spring onions

– So to celebrate that, our first sake is (speaking in Japanese) from the Misumi Brewery – [Narrator] We hoped our daishi and sake pairing would unlock that amazing elevation of flavors the sake and seafood can deliver but had we picked the right combination? – [Ben] Initial reactions seemed good but with us not being able to speak any Japanese, it was really hard to tell exactly how the diners felt – Hello everyone, I'm just gonna explain the salmon dish We thought this would pair really nicely with the sake so the sake inspired the dish rather than the other way around The sake pairs perfectly with fish

We were inspired by a restaurant that we went to called Sushi M They paired vanilla with prawns so we've paired the vanilla with salmon It's cooked in a broth of ginger, a little bit of daishi, garlic, and vanilla And they're served with burnt leeks, caramelized Panko, and Japanese pear – Just to explain a little more about the sake, as you pointed out it's a sparkling sake, lightly clouded, fermented in the bottle

It's a junmai, pairs beautifully well with fish – And the last plate for you, do tuck in It's the whitebait kakiage with some blow torched prawns and the whole thing is served with two different dips A teriyaki mayonnaise and a sour plum ketchup – Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming

– [Narrator] With the lunch service over, we breathe a sigh of relief The atmosphere in the room seemed mostly positive but in order to get an honest opinion, our guests left the restaurant to give their feedback (speaking in Japanese) – I was surprise abroad people understand daishi, right, 'cause it's really Japanese, you know, traditional things – Fusion usually means the best of two things put together making a mediocre combination but on this lunch I was particularly surprised by the combination of ingredients The pairing of that particular Nagano sake with that salmon was really beautiful

(speaking in Japanese) – The sake elevated it to a new level of scrumptiousness (speaking in Japanese) – And exhale Chefs, the feedback was insane Boys you absolutely smashed it – For however long it's been, the few days that we've been here, we've nailed how much we've learned

Like, we've taken so much in – Japanese food has to look beautiful and I think that's some of the best food that's ever come out of Sorted ever – There were a lot of compliments on all of the elements that you guys made as well so don't give all the credit Pickle, mayonnaise, you know (men laughing) – For 24 hours from when we sat down and tried to hatch a plan and a menu together and what we've been inspired by

I thought it was pretty good goin' – I've definitely had some of the best food of my life in Tokyo but the thing I'll be taking home is just understanding and respect and what that really means Not just for the food but for the people, for everything around the food itself – We did it Well done, well done

– Do we bow at each other? Is that how that, I've not really learnt how this works (speaking in Japanese) (upbeat music) – Or maybe all the diners were just being super polite You guys, you can be honest How do you reckon we got on and perhaps what was your favorite dish that we created on that lunchtime – That whole trip was a completely life changing experience for me and it's all thanks to you guys commenting, and talking to us and telling us that we should go there and experience these kind of things so thank you very much

And also obviously a massive thank you to JFOODO I don't know how else we would've found those experiences otherwise – If you like seeing us out of our comfort zone and hopefully bringing you something that you can learn from too, then make sure you give the video a like The more likes it gets, the more chance we can do more of these in the future – There's only one way that I can now muck this up and that's with a terrible dad joke of the week

What's the best way of getting in touch with a fish? – I have no idea – Just drop him a line Anyway, it's been great Thank you so much – [Ben] You should've quit while you were ahead

– [Jaime] I'll see you, bye bye bye As we mentioned, we don't just make top quality YouTube videos We've built the Sorted Club where we use the best things we've learnt to create stuff that's hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers Check it out if you're interested Thank you for watching and we'll see you in a few days

(beeping) – Everything's too calm Might burn one of these pieces of toast and set the fire alarm off Do you think it'll cause a little bit of (gasps)?

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