Big Hero 6: The Series | Food Fight | Episode 5 – Kitty Bunny

PLEASE, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBCRIBE my video! Thank you very much! where do you go uh the movies her work she has no idea what it's like to deal with someone who's obviously lying to you what's she doing in good luck Ali this place is dangerous what is going on the whole thing this time was it ever in doubt one anti-graft device with a 70 meter range radius fine I will pay you double actually things have changed I'm selling it on the black market to the highest bidder delicious the top Singh gets a real kick take him home then give him the antidote eventually these are bandits new fighter undefeated not fool I detect aunt Cass in the spotlight hey Cass Cass yeah what are you doing here what are you doing here um winning and now back in the ring to defend her title you know her as a champion mmm she's good know she's bad really bad you've got to get out of here I will here just as soon as I crush her and take her knives oh wait you don't want to get near her knives say it's inappropriate to mess with the fighters Go Go I found my Mikasa and you are not gonna believe this let me guess I'll cook it some nothing cafe you probably put cute animal faces in your cappuccino foam you wish you could make a panda Chino like mine tonight's championship challenge speed sushi sharpen your knife skills chefs this could get dangerous okay you aren't going down wow I never knew cooking could be so tense I am never gonna look at a sandwich the same way baymax scan the building for the gravity thing gravity destructor located let's go it is in this room nice this is gonna be easier than I thought you are not as good as you think you just have to be better than you huh we'll see that what this looks bad Cass she needs to get her dish to the judges before time runs out to qualify I'll be back to collect your knives even a net in here there are no graphene blades but they do the trick just fine but it's mine really cuz you stole it so you really shouldn't be that offended cuz you know it's not yours at all I'm okay

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