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Big Hero 6: The Series | Food Fight | Episode 4 – Kitty Bunny


PLEASE, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBCRIBE my video! Thank you very much! hey aunt Cass perhaps she has gone to bed Oh Cass yes scanning and Cass is not here oh no she must have gone out to look for me she could be anywhere hey max suit up we gotta find a hook here oh hi hi wait you were out um yes seemed like a big deal do you have any idea what time it is you scared me half to death you are in good physical condition your approximation of a 50% proximity to death is inaccurate yeah so don't be so dramatic I just took another okay you don't even leave a note where were you and why you smell like gummy fish I don't I smell like gummy iguanas no it's late so I I'm going no we're going to talk now fine tell me all about your robot building study group works me night guys she'll uh set an alarm for picking this up tomorrow No Wow Gramercy's now I had good taste of knives yeah I guess uh uh I have another study group tonight so don't worry about me for dinner bye-bye Hiro guess I've got tonight to myself hey they're looking for something well this is cute you really think you can stop me no I can be dangerous especially when thrown Oh see he gets me missed did I lay you're going so the night crappy right tell me it's kind of my big yes one too crazy you boys lasted three seconds longer than I would have thought impressive huh now she can mess with gravity we have to get it back before someone gets hurt okay but that was so cool not again good morning aunt Cass Oh what time is it 8:45 the cafe should be open who are you and what have you done with my egg casts Oh relax thinking wait an extra few minutes for their coffee what's going on you're supposed to be the responsible one there's nothing wrong with going out once in a while to cut loose cut loose what are you doing all night


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