Best South East Asia's Street Food in Penang, Malaysia

Good evening guys Penang's street food is famous in south east asia So today I will bring you to the place name called Gurney Drive Today we will explore the local food and Koy Teow Goreng (Fried Noodles) wil be in our list for today Koy Teow Goreng everyone's favourite here in Malaysia You can see here the people are in line to get their favourite Koy Teoh Goreg ( Local Fried Noodles) Today we cannot get Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) No problem Is it Pack? I think we eat here We are here at Penang's Famous street food Gurney Drive I Ordered for myself Koy Teow Gor eg (Local fried Noodles) My friend is in queue to get the food You can see how big is the queue to get the food For you what did you order? Koy Teow Goreng two koy teow goreng and one nasi goreng can we order one more? yes sure with Chicken and Egg right? Uncle, do you have watermelon juice? One watermelon juice and what else do you have? This is how much? This is 6 Ringgit Malaysia 6 Ringgit Malaysia? yes then I want one one Watermelon & One Coconut Yes with Ice Do you wanna plastic bag or cup? I will have here Ohh she already taken that One watermelon huh? done? Can? yes Can Ohh cannot sit here? No problem my friend is coming & I will go there Ohh is this your place? Yes Cannot sit here? You have to order from here if you wanna sit here Can I sit here right? You did not order drinks from us No No No aunty They said you have to order drinks from them then only can sit here I just ordered from there (different stall) Okay

Thank you!! What the hell is this? I ordered drinks from here I went to other side and they said cannot sit there If you wanna sit there You must order from them If you order drinks from this side You will have to sit here let me show you they have made 2 sections no issues anyways next time i will keep it in my mind This is my Koy teow goreng (local fried noodles) So guys this was the ours Gurney drive tour It was quite crowd today It is going to rain I'll end the video see you in next video till then good night!