Bebebears – Episode 6 – Real Food vs. Gummy Food – Super ToonsTV

The master chef at work His ancient secret recipe Is a nutritious roadmap to Yummytown!! Oh! Here already? Bwongg

bwongg bwongg bwongg Hi, there! Come on in! Hey! Am I early, Bjorn? Not at all, Buck It's almost ready What'd you make? Well? Pie? Well, it isn't pie No

Then what? Cake? Not cake, no sir Wait and see Is it cupcakes then? It's not cupcakes It's ice cream? Wrong again Well then what? Are we even really going to have something? Behold! Smells so good, right? This is our ancient, northern recipe What’s this stuff? SOUP?! Yeah! Wise bears teach us to eat lots of food that's nutritious before the start of winter And this soup has lots of yummy things

Mushrooms, cabbage and carrots Jussssst stop! You said this wouldn't be some old, dull lunch you promised a feast! "This is a feast where I'm from We call it ""Grand Poobah Chowder”" I opened a can of really special spongy mushrooms for it Thanks a lot, Bjorn, but soup doesn't sound that good to me

I’d rather just stick with my yummy chips here I’m not that hungry If you’re not really hungry, why do you keep eating all those chips, then? They’re bad for you Remember, when summer's over there won't be anything like this soup I sleep all winter long

So summer's never over for me And these chips just couldn't be bad They’re so great! And no cooking required! But the way we did it – back up north “Up north we did this, and we did that” Your ways are so old-fashioned up north With your fungus-weed soup or whatever

But this is modern food… …it was made in a factory! With machines and smart technology! Well, if you don’t like the kind of food that I make, then the next time you can cook Come on, Bjorn… Don’t be upset! Hey, listen, I'll make something that's delicious for you! So good, your taste buds will explode! Genius time!! I'll invent a recipe that's totally new! It'll be Food-tastic!! Behold! Nah

Not good enough yet What else could I use? Ah! Gotta use gummy bears! Nice! Looks so yummy! Oh, I love hot dogs, too! Ooh! And meringue! Chocolate, of course! Burgers! Wait: wiener burgers! Gingerbread! Cookies, yeah!! Now Lots of mayonnaise on top! Ice cream! And cupcakes! It's so beautiful! Super-McDuper! Now that is what I'd call a real feast! I'd better get Bjorn over here before the ice cream melts! Bjorn, you are going to flip! Prepare yourself! You are about to be truly amazed! Oh, wow! Cool sculpture, Bucky! It isn't a sculpture at all

It’s a Super-McDuper dish that I invented! It sure is taller than your regular food It had to be big enough to fit all the flavor! Now then! Board the train to Yummytown! Eat that stuff? You really serious? Trust me! You're gonna be begging for seconds, thirds, tenths

Eww! Disgusting What?! Disgusting? Impossible… Gross, right? You don't look so good, Buck Y'all right, over there? I'm just fine

I've never had yummier food – It's really nutritious as well Bucky Junk food avalanche! Bucky! Run! Nooooo!! My beautiful recipe!! Lost! Gone forever! The food-manity! Why? And I just realized I'm starving! It's alright, Bucky, we’ll clean the whole mess up, and when we're done you can reconstruct your dish

Your modern and high-tech, disgusting, horrible, awful dish Uh, Bjorn, know what? Let’s head to your house! You've got some soup left over there still, right? Make yourself right at home There

Try not to lick the paint off the bowl Yeah! “Grand Poobah Chowder” "They should call it ""Bucky's Bottomless Belly Bisque""! That is literally your tenth helping!" Can I have elevenths? Please?

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