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    hello friends I hope everybody is having an amazing day today i got invitation from Barns Healthy Taste and one of the representative from Health Barns he's with me Mr Najeeb so let's meet him assalamualaikum our one is healthy concept and we never use ajinomoto preservatives any chemical nothing not chemical based based ingredients we are using ok and we are having one store in Aziziyah and one in Olaya is coming in next month very good that's amazing yeah exactly and this is Yarmouk? Yeah we opened 3 stores ins 2 years ok ok what's your specialities in this ? actually our one is healthy concept we never use i told you we not use any chemical actually once you eat our food you will not feel very thirsty ohhhh because of fast food you want more water pepsi and drinks so also whatever paste for the broast we made all same so what taste you get outside same taste you get inside also keep the same yeah this is true you can notice when you eat okay okay so let's go and explore the restaurant and the food so they give me a grilled chicken and broasted or they say this is the best item broasted and the grilled item so I'm gonna try this broasted and actually I tried already and it's taste is really unique it's different mmm it's really yummy and also they provided me a grilled chicken and it's different and it's taste is unique so and ummmm it's really tasty this grilled chicken it's a very tender from inside and it's very well cooked and I cannot find any red red color meat or something in this so it's really tasty after eating the broast few points i notice okay it's not ahhhh oily it's very tender and it's very juicy Barns is the first-of-its-kind initiative by the well-established three generation-old restaurant group in Malaysia The unique flavour offered at BARNS is matchless and par excellence than those offered by the leading multinational food chains actually the oven we are using this one for cooking our grilled products actually we are using a combination oven COMBI OVEN if you look by using steam and hot air okay they're not using any fire or or any charcoal to do the grill okay we are using broaster you will see handy pandy pressure fryer from America ahan actually here is our breading station use coating all bring here and here is our burger station okay this is what it's called ? burgers, burgers station okay okay this one here we are doing french fries and other fries here BARNS Healthy Chicken brings to you the spicy, tangy taste of Crispy Chicken Delicacies that tantalises your taste buds! With a host of delicious chicken varieties that ranges from regular healthy chicken, juicy spicy to crispy healthy chicken At BARNS, we take special care while selecting ingredients for each and every recipe served at our restaurant counters

    Our hot ‘n’ crispy chicken is always prepared fresh daily and the succulent pieces are marinated to bring flavour right into the cores of the bone BARNS healthy Chicken delivers what the consumer desires- convenience quality, value and spicy Indian taste culture with a difference! We select best the best ingredients for our menu items and use proven equipment and techniques ensuring consistent taste and presentation okay so we are done with the kitchen tour so let's go and explore more actually they provide me two kinds of sandwiches so one is called sub grilled sandwich so I'm gonna try this thing and if this sandwich is huge as you can see this is that like a gigantic sandwich so I'm gonna try this sandwich I hope you people will love this when you try this sandwich so open the wrap you see the packing is very amazing they give a double wrap so this is like a super cool and okay let's try the sandwich and you can see the you can see the they filled a chicken very well and it looks very yummy to me so okay I'm gonna try this mmm this is really good okay and they are also using jalapeno in this so this makes the sandwich so unique and it's so tasty they are using some honey items in it and ofcourse they're using jalapeno so that makes it's taste so unique so yummy whatever the items they are including it's a it's a restaurant made items it's not taken from somewhere in the market it's called Mexican wrap and see the wrap very different okay different from the other wraps so let's go and try this thing again they are doing the same double wrap I believe in they're putting a double wrap so I'm going to open this one see that the filling is something which has it has some some kind of sauces of course it's a chicken sandwich or some kind of Mexican sauces inside and the chicken inside so let's see and i am gonna try this very tasty ofcourse different from the other sandwich it's very creamy it's very creamy and juicy and it's not spicy it's very good the people who are health conscious they are not looking for spicy food this sandwich is made for them so it's a best sandwich so guys actually i show you the kitchen i hope you like the kitchen and the review and i will show you some of the paste is missing so I hope you are enjoying my video so let's continue Hummus is made of chickpeasits so creamy, delicious and healthy Garlic sauce is made from lot of egg whites and garlicit’s a real treat for garlic lovers so guys i just show you how the make the garlic sauce so actually the as you see they are preparing everything from the restaurant so they are not taking anything from the market so this is very healthy for the for the customers so guys I just reviewed the restaurant food and I show you the kitchen and the sauces and many other things so I show you I hope you like my video so don't forget to subscribe my channel

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