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    – [Jennifer] Hey guys, Jennifer here with The Family Fudge, and welcome back to Bunches of Lunches This week, fall break is over, and the kids are headed back to school, so I'm excited to make them some really fun lunches this week with really fun themes

    And one of the lunches is going to include totally new foods that the kids have never tried before Now, hit that red subscribe button, give this video a big thumbs up, and let's get started Hey guys, and welcome to Monday For today's lunch, I'm going to be using our Bentgo boxes And as you might be able to tell by these Baby Shark napkins, I'm going with kind of an ocean theme for today's lunch

    I have a couple different sandwich cutters to choose from, and I've dug out all of my ocean themed food picks, as well So for the main course of today's lunch, I'm going to making a delicious sandwich Inside the sandwich I'm going to add slices of honey ham and Colby jack cheese I think these turned out super cute, especially since I went ahead and added these little eye picks in here, as well So now that the main course is done, I'm gonna go ahead and move on to the sweet treat

    For this, I'm gonna start by preparing some vanilla jello pudding To save time, I'm using instant pudding All I had to do was add milk and chill for five minutes And I decided to make this pudding a little bit on the thicker side So now that the pudding is ready to go, I'm gonna go ahead and set it to the side, and I'm going to bring back the lunch boxes

    And that's because I'm going to layer the dessert directly in the lunch boxes For my first layer, I'm going to start with some cookies Today, I'm just using some of these Lorna Doone cookies These claimed to be shortbread cookies, but these definitely don't taste like a traditional Scottish shortbread cookie at all To me, they're more just like a vanilla cookie

    But I do like that these cookies are square so they fit really well in the lunchbox For my next layer, I'm going to need a banana This banana is perfectly ripe, not too green, but not too spotty either Now I'm guessing a lot of you can probably already tell what I'm making, and if you guessed banana pudding, you would be correct If you've never had banana pudding before, it is definitely an old-time classic

    In fact, this always reminds me of my grandmother Although, she made her's a little bit differently So basically, I'm just taking this one banana, and I'm slicing it directly into the lunchbox I want a nice sort of thick layer of banana in here And now for my next layer, I'm going to add about three tablespoons of the vanilla pudding

    I think this is such a delicious combination And I'm going to use my spoon to make sure that the vanilla pudding gets spread out nice and evenly It's going to help trap those bananas in the center, and that's really gonna help them not turn brown in the lunch box Next, I took the rest of the shortbread cookies and I crumbled them up, that way it kind of looks like sand that you might find on a beach near the ocean Now, just for fun, I'm also gonna stick a cute little umbrella pick into each lunchbox, just like an umbrella that you might use at the beach

    And then last but not least, I'm gonna top off this sweet treat by adding one single Swedish Fish directly on top And even though it doesn't make a lot of sense for that fish to be on top of the sand necessarily, I'm gonna go ahead and add them anyway Next, I'm gonna go ahead and prepare some veggies And for the kids lunches today, I thought it would be really fun to use this teeny tiny dolphin shaped cutter to stamp out pieces of cucumber and carrots This is actually really easy to do

    And to make it look extra cool, I did go ahead and swap out the center of the carrot and the center of the cucumber To go along with the veggies, I'm going to add in a little container of ranch dressing It looks like I have just enough space right over here Now so far, I think these lunches are looking awesome, and it looks like I have just enough space to add in a snack To keep the snack separate from the sandwich, I'm going to add a star-shaped silicone liner into each of these sections

    Now instead of using just regular Goldfish crackers for our ocean themed lunch today, I thought it'd be really fun to add these cheddar Whales instead Now I found these cheddar Whales at Walmart In fact, that's the only place I've ever seen these crackers They are pretty similar in taste to a Goldfish cracker, but they're not identical I'd say they're not quite as cheesy as Goldfish crackers, but they're still really tasty

    And I do think that that whale shape is just so cute I'm gonna go ahead and add a scoop into each lunch box And then for the kids drink today, they're just gonna be taking their water bottles After the kids get home today, I'll show you what they ate First up, we have– – Lily! – Lily's lunch

    What'd you think, babe? – [Lily] It was pretty good – [Jennifer] Pretty good Looks like you ate most of it What was your favorite part? – [Lily] Hmm, the vegetables – [Jennifer] The vegetables, really? Who are you? (laughs) Next up we have Jackson's

    What'd you think, bud? – [Jackson] It's really good – [Jennifer] Oh, you did a good job I still see some vegetables What was your favorite part? – [Jackson] My favorite part was the pudding and the sandwich – [Jennifer] Oh yeah, cool

    All right, and last but not least we have– – Mckenzie! – Mckenzie What'd you think? – [Mckenzie] I liked it – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [Mckenzie] My favorite part was probably the banana pudding – [Jennifer] Yeah – [Mckenzie] See you tomorrow! – [Jennifer] Good morning, guys, and happy Tuesday

    Today's lunch is inspired by Care Bears My friends over at Good to Grow recently sent me these ultra-rare Care Bear toppers, and I am totally in love with them So I'm going to try to add as many bear-themed items into today's lunch as I can And that means I am bringing out my bear snack containers Now I've actually had these guys for a long time

    These little containers came from a Dollar Tree It was many years ago, so I'm not quite sure they still have them For the main course I'm going to make a good old PB&J, and to make them I'm going to use this bear shaped sandwich cutter Now I actually found this guy on Amazon, and it actually came in a kit that also included a cat shape, a pig shape, and a frog shape And it also came with this handy tool that is perfect for getting small details out of the cutter

    So if a little piece of bread gets stuck in here, I can easily pop it out So for these sandwiches, I'm starting with some good old white bread I'm going to go ahead and use this Jif whipped peanut butter And for our bear-themed lunch, I'm gonna go ahead and use this blueberry jam Now sometimes with sandwich cutters I like to build the sandwich first and then cut it out, but for this type of sandwich I think it works a lot better to go out and cut the bread out first and then add the filling

    So once I've removed the crust from the bread, I'm going to take this next piece and I'll go ahead and press it into the bread to create the bear shape And then for this particular cutter, I make the PB&Js a little bit differently Normally, I would put peanut butter on one piece of the bread and jelly on the other, but since I just made a bunch of holes in the other slice of bread, you know, where the bear's eyes and nose are, I'm gonna go ahead and spread out the peanut butter layer first, then I'm going to add the blueberry jam layer directly on top of it Now I'm going to try to spread this out as evenly as I can Making sandwiches like this really are cute and super fun, but I have to say this sandwich ends up being kind of a dainty sandwich

    So if your kid's a really big eater, you might want to make two of these But since I'm gonna be adding a lot of other things to the lunchboxes today, I'm just gonna make one sandwich per kid I think the sandwiches turned out so cute They definitely put a smile on my face To go along with these sandwiches, I'm also gonna be adding in some strawberry Greek yogurt, and I'm going to top each yogurt with a strawberry that I cut into a heart shape

    Now I definitely want to go ahead and add more fruit into today's lunchbox So in the back section I'm gonna go ahead and add a handful of blueberries And I am gonna go ahead and add one of these cute little bear picks into each lunchbox And then next to the blueberries, I'm going to add a few whole strawberries, as well And then in this other section, I'm just gonna add a handful of baby carrots

    Those don't really go with the bear theme at all, but I did want to give my kids some sort of veggie, so carrots it is Now to go along with the carrots, I'm adding a small container of ranch Of course, I found the containers with the little bears on the top And I think if I move the sandwich over just a bit, I'll be able to fit this container right in here Okay guys, now don't think I forgot about those bear-shaped snack containers

    In those containers, I'm going to add some Teddy Grahams My kids love Teddy Grahams And since these little graham cracker cookies are already in a bear shape, they are perfect for today's lunch To complete these lunches today, I let each kid pick out their own drink Mckenzie picked fruit and veggie juice, Lily picked grape juice, and Jackson chose fruit punch

    Now before I close up these lunch boxes, I definitely want to go ahead and snap a picture of these lunches I just love how colorful they turned out, and I want to be able to post this over on The Family Fudge Instagram Definitely come follow me over there I share lots of our everyday activities and some behind-the-scenes pictures And of course, when the kids get back home today, I'll show you what they ate

    – [Mckenzie] We're back home now – [Lily] And here's– – [Jackson] What we ate – [Jennifer] All right, let's start with Jackson's today What'd you think, Jack? – [Jackson] It's really good – [Jennifer] You did pretty good

    What was wrong with the blueberries? [Jackson] I never tasted blueberries in a while, and they tasted weird – [Jennifer] What was your favorite, Jack? – [Jackson] My favorite was the carrots and the yogurt – [Jennifer] Carrots and the yogurt? – Mm-hmm – Good job Should we check Kenzie's next? – [Mckenzie] Yep

    – [Jennifer] Okay Pretty good What was your favorite part? – [Mckenzie] My favorite part was the sandwich – [Jennifer] And last we have– – [Lily] Lily! – [Jennifer] Lily's Ooh, your box got messy, huh? – [Lily] Yeah

    – [Jennifer] Ooh, that berry got a little bit juicy in there, huh? – [Lily] Mm-hmm – [Jennifer] Well, what was your favorite part? – [Lily] The carrots, I ate all of them – [Jennifer] Carrots are your new favorite? – [Lily] Ah-hmm – [Jennifer] Oh, that's good I like that

    – [Mckenzie] And we'll– – [Lily] See you– – [Mckenzie] Tomorrow! – [Kids] Bye, bye! – [Jennifer] Hey guys, happy Wednesday For today's lunch, I'm going with a Star Wars theme Instead of starting with the main course first, I'm actually gonna start by making the dessert So for the dessert today, I'm going to bake up some of these Star Wars sugar cookies Now so far I've only ever seen these at one store, and that store is Aldi

    I've never seen them anywhere else And I find it really interesting that this box says right on here that these are holiday shaped cookies So when I see holiday cookies, I'm thinking like a snowman shape or a Christmas tree, not necessarily Star Wars But even though that's a little bit strange, that's not gonna affect how they taste at all I'm gonna go ahead and cook these on a parchment-lined cookie sheet

    And I'm pretty sure that these cookies won't get much bigger, so I'm gonna place them pretty close together on my cookie sheet So while those are in the oven, it's time to make some sandwiches So I'm gonna take several slices of our favorite Wonder Bread, and before I start filling these sandwiches, I'm going to cut off all of the crusts Now for my next step, instead of adding mayonnaise to these sandwiches, I'm going to be adding some cream cheese And this is the kids' favorite flavor, which is garden vegetable

    I'm going to add a thin layer to each slice of bread Next, I'm adding a couple of slices of smoked turkey to each sandwich, and then I'm going to close them up These turkey cream cheese sandwiches are super simple, but my kids love them I want to go ahead and use my Star Wars shaped cookie cutters Today I'm using this Yoda shaped one

    And after I punch this through the sandwich, I'm actually gonna leave it just like this, that way the kids can actually eat the entire sandwich, but it's still gonna look really cool And then for these other two sandwiches, I'm going to do the exact same thing For this one I'm using the Darth Vader shaped cutter, which honestly I think kind of looks like a Christmas Bell Don't you guys think it looks like a bell? And then in this other sandwich, I'm using the R2-D2 shape Now I'm going to put these sandwiches in the lunchboxes just as they are, but if you're worried that your kids might lose your cookie cutters, I probably wouldn't send them

    And check it out, you guys, our cookies are done I'm pretty proud of myself for not burning these These little cookies cook super fast, and I know from experience they don't taste very good if you overcook them So now it's time to quickly get everything into the lunchboxes Now because I've made several Star Wars themed lunches before, I actually have quite a lot of accessories, including these miniature lightsaber food picks

    These are so cute I'm gonna go ahead and add one into each lunchbox just because I think the kids will get a kick out of it Darth Vader gets the red lightsaber Yoda gets the green lightsaber And even though R2-D2 doesn't have any hands so I don't technically think he can use a lightsaber, I'm gonna give him the blue one

    For the fruit, I'm giving the kids a mandarin orange, and I did go ahead and peel it already, and I added a BB-8 pick, as well And then to go along with this, I'm also adding in some crackers, but I thought it would be really fun to add these star-shaped crackers For the kids snack today, I'm also gonna be adding in a drinkable yogurt I only have three more of these These are the same Star Wars ones I used in last week's lunch

    And then in the last open section of the lunchbox I have just enough space for three of these little cookies And then finally I'm also gonna throw in these really cute Star Wars drinks Since Jackson has a Yoda sandwich, I'll give him the Yoda drink Then since a Lily has Darth Vader sandwich, I'll give her the Darth Vader drink And then I guess Mckenzie gets the stormtrooper

    But wait a minute, I am like 100% positive that I have an R2-D2 juice topper, as well Hang on, you guys, let me go see if I can find it Yay, I did find it, you guys I knew I had to have at least one of these And there you have it, guys

    These Star Wars themed lunches are out of this world And of course, when the kids get back home today, I'll show you what they ate – [Kids] We're back home now, and here's what we ate (laughing) – [Jennifer] One more time – [Kids] We're back home now, and here's what we ate

    – [Jennifer] That's much better (laughs) Okay, who should we start with first? – [Lily] Mine! – [Jennifer] Oh, Lily's, what'd you think, babe? – [Lily] Pretty good – [Jennifer] Pretty good, what was your favorite part? – [Lily] The cookies – [Jennifer] Cookies, of course Should we do Jackson's or Kenzie's? – [Mckenzie] Mine

    – [Jennifer] Kenzie's Good job, what was your favorite part? – [Mckenzie] My favorite part was the sandwich – [Jennifer] Oh, the cream cheese sandwich, yeah And last up we have Jackson – [Jackson] My favorite part was the yogurt drink and the crackers

    – [Jennifer] Good job today, guys! – [Kids] See you tomorrow! – Hey guys, and welcome to Thursday Today's lunch it's gonna be all about trying new things Now of course, you guys know I'm a huge fan of my own Bunches of Lunches lunch kit, which you can find on Amazon I'll link it down below if you want to check it out But now even though I have my own lunch kit, I'm always very eager to try new things

    So this is called the B'wiched lunch kit, which is actually a really clever name because it's mostly sandwich cutters But you guys, these are actually sandwich cutters I've never seen anywhere else before So this kit comes with a few little food picks These are the same ones that come in the Bunches of Lunches kit This also comes with some medium and small shaped cutters

    And check it out, you guys This comes with 10 different sandwich cutters There's this one, which is either a heart or flower shape depending on how you look at it There is a car shaped one, this cute little cupcake shape This one looks like it might be a bear shaped one, which would have been perfect for Tuesday's lunch

    Now I love this little bunny shaped one There is a pig shaped one, a rocket ship, a rainbow one, which you guys know I love Then there's also a pony and a bird shaped one For today's lunch, I'm gonna go with a cupcake Now before I get started on these cupcake shaped sandwiches, I'm very curious to see how will these cutters fit on my bread? You know, sometimes I'll find a really cute sandwich cutter only to find out that it's actually too big for my slices of bread

    Now overall the only cutter that looks like it's too big for my bread is the pony shaped one All of the rest of the cutters actually fit really well They're almost exactly the same size as my bread which means they'll really just end up taking off the crust So far, this kit is getting a thumbs up from me So for these sandwiches today, I'm going to put them together a little bit differently

    On my first three slices of bread instead of adding mayonnaise, I'm going to go ahead and add about half a tablespoon of ranch dressing I know my kids love ranch dressing on things like vegetables and pizza, so I'm hoping that they're going to like this in today's sandwiches, too I'm gonna go ahead and spread out this ranch in a nice thin layer And then on the other three slices of bread I'm going to add just a little bit of mayo, and I do mean a little bit I'm literally scraping the bottom of my mayonnaise jar, so I'm definitely gonna need to pick some more up when I go to the store next time

    Next, I'm gonna add one slice of deli meat into each sandwich Next, I'm adding one slice of Colby jack cheese, and then I'm going to top it all off with a few slices of bacon Basically, I'm going for a chicken, bacon, ranch flavor profile I think this is a super tasty combination, but we usually only have it on pizza And then before I add these sandwiches to the lunch box, I'm going to cut them out with the cupcake shape

    Overall, I'd say this cutter worked out really well Now you guys, since this is the lunch full of new things the kids have never tried, I thought it would be really interesting to add in these guys Now I know these look kind of crazy They almost look like some kind of monster or alien with all those spikes on there When I was at the grocery store, I was looking for some kind of interesting fruit, and when I saw these guys, I thought they would do nicely

    Now I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce these fruits The package says rambutan, something like that These are actually grown in Guatemala, and the package says that they're sweet and juicy with an easy-to-peel exterior So you're not supposed to eat the pokey parts, just what's inside So now I'm gonna go ahead and peel just three of these per lunch since I'm not quite sure if the kids will like them or not

    Now you guys, I just tried one of these things, and they really do have sort of a mild, sweet flavor, but the texture is kind of like a peeled grape If you've ever had a peeled grape, it's kind of like that Next, I'm also gonna be adding in some pretzels Now of course, my kids have had pretzels before, but I've never able to find these round pretzels before, and I really think the round shape makes these perfect to turn into holiday treats For the vegetable I'm going to add in some celery sticks, but instead of filling these celery sticks with peanut butter like you might if you were making ants on a log, I'm gonna go ahead and add some of this garden vegetable cream cheese instead

    So it's more like a savory version of ants on a log I'll go ahead and fit these right into here And then I have just a few more things to add Now because I'm not sure if the kids will like this new kind of fruit, I'm also gonna throw in these little packages of freeze-dried fruit as well And then for the sweet treat, something really special

    I'm gonna be adding a cupcake shaped marshmallow Now I actually found these at Walmart in the baking section They actually had a lot of interesting shaped marshmallows They had these cupcake ones There were also peach shaped ones

    They had cherry shaped ones But to go along with a cupcake shaped sandwich, I think these guys are perfect Then finally for their drink today, the kids are just gonna take their water bottles Okay, time to see how they did Lily, why don't you go first

    Open it up – [Lily] Okay – [Jennifer] What'd you think? – [Lily] Pretty, pretty good – [Jennifer] Pretty good Did you try the special fruit? – [Lily] Kind of

    – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [Lily] My favorite was the pretzels – [Jennifer] Okay, Jackson, you're next Let's see – [Jackson] Okay – [Jennifer] Aw, did you try your fruit? – [Jackson] Yeah, it tasted weird

    It's a ginormous grape That's what it is – [Jennifer] I see a lot of it leftover What was your favorite part? – [Jackson] My favorite part was the sandwich – [Jennifer] And Mckenzie, what was your favorite? – [Mckenzie] My favorite part was probably the cucumber things with like the cream cheese inside, but I stopped eating that because like the things right here they've been getting stuck in my teeth

    – [Jennifer] Oh, I see some celery left in all of your lunches Is celery not your thing now? – Yeah – You don't like it now? What'd you think of the special fruit? – [Mckenzie] I didn't really like it – No – Me either

    – [Jennifer] Next time, I'll just get regular grapes, how about that? – [Jackson] It looked like a mix of a grape and a dragon fruit Like a dragon fruit on the outside, but like a grape– – [Mckenzie] It looks like walnuts with an almond seed – [Jennifer] Yeah, it does look like an almond in the middle You guys did a pretty good job at trying new things – [Kids] See you tomorrow! – [Jennifer] Happy Friday, guys

    For today's lunch, I have another interesting sandwich in mind For these sandwiches I'm using some nice soft bread And I'm also going to be using my Pampered Chef sandwich cutter, and this is the one that makes copycat Uncrustables sandwiches So not only does it cut their bread, but it also seals it into a pocket Now I know that normally with an Uncrustables sandwich you're gonna have some kind of nut butter and some flavor of jelly

    But for today's lunch, I'm gonna be making a savory version of the Uncrustables sandwich For these sandwiches, I'm going to start by adding a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese I'm gonna try to fit as much cheese in here as I can, and I'm gonna try to keep all the cheese in the center of the sandwich since the edges are gonna be cut off Next, I'm adding several slices of turkey pepperoni And even though some pizza sauce sounds like it will be really delicious in these, I decided not to add any, and that's because I think pizza sauce in here would make my sandwich really soggy

    So I'm just adding a bit more cheese on top, and then I'm going to close the sandwiches up Okay guys, so now it's time to see whether this going to work or not I might have filled these sandwiches too full I'm really hoping I didn't add too much filling to these sandwiches And check it out, you guys

    This actually did work pretty well, but as you can see, I do have a little bit of a tear right here, which means next time I'll probably put a little less filling So now I added these sandwiches to the lunch boxes, and I decorated the top of them with an extra piece of cheese and an extra pepperoni slice, and that's so that they would kind of look like a pokeball For the fruit I'm adding some green grapes, and for the veggie I'm adding some carrot coins So as you can see I'm adding lots of round and circle shaped things into today's lunch I'm adding in a little container of ranch to go along the carrots, and then I have a few more things I'm hoping will fit around the sides of the sandwich

    For the snack today, I'm adding a little Babybel cheese Now sometimes my son, Jackson, likes these, and sometimes he doesn't, so hopefully he'll be in the mood for this today I did go ahead and take off some of the wax on the outside just so it would look a little bit more like a pokeball, as well Next, I'm gonna fill in this section of the lunch box with more balls These are just little cheese puff balls

    They're kind of like Cheetos And then last but not least, for the special treat today I'm going to add one little bag of Pokemon fruit snacks Oh yes, and they're also having water again for today's lunch (soft relaxing music) – [Kids] We're back home now, and here's what we ate – [Jackson] Hi! – [Jennifer] Okay, whose should we check first? – [Kids] Mine! (laughing) – [Jennifer] Eeny, meeny, miny, moe catch a tiger by the toe

    (mumbling) Okay, Jackson is first Oh, pretty good, Jackson What'd you think? – [Jackson] It was really good – [Jennifer] What was your favorite? – [Jackson] The sandwich – [Jennifer] Oh, did you like the sandwich uncrustable, or was it weird? – [Jackson] It's kind of weird, but it's really good

    – [Jennifer] Here we have Lily's What'd you think, Lily? – [Lily] Pretty good – [Jennifer] Pretty good You ate most of everything And then we have, oh sorry, what was your favorite part? I forgot to ask you

    – [Lily] It was the Babybel cheese – [Jennifer] Babybel cheese And then finally we're gonna check Mckenzie's Ooh, what'd you think, Mckenzie? – [Mckenzie] It was really good – [Jennifer] Yeah, what was your favorite? – [Mckenzie] The cheese balls

    – [Jennifer] The cheese balls? – [Mckenzie] Uh huh, but I got really full, so I didn't eat a lot of them – [Jennifer] Yeah – [Kids] See you tomorrow! (laughing) – [Jackson] Goodbye – [Jennifer] Hey you guys, I'm finding it really hard to decide which lunch of this week was my favorite 'cause I think they all turned out super fun and colorful But you guys let me know out of all of the lunches this week which one was your favorite? Thank you guys so much for watching, and I'll see you in tomorrow's video

    (soft playful music)

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