ASMR Tteokbokki&Gimbap&fried food 신전떡볶이 치즈떡볶이&신전김밥&모듬튀김 리얼사운드 먹방 eating sound mukbang

Hi Today's food is tteokbokki, gimbap, and fried food

It's a little spicy It was really spicy when I ate it before I think I ate more spicy than this~ This is not too spicy and delicious! gimbap It's a familiar taste:) There is fried kimchi and tuna inside It's delicious The cheese is a little hard

please subscribe like and comment~ fried dumpling There's glass noodles in it It's really good to dip it in the sauce~ Gimmari This is my favorite fried food It goes well with tteokbok and it's delicious The rice cake is soft and chewy japchae mari a soft and chubby figure

It's fishcake on the outside, and it has glass noodles and meat inside I heated it up in the microwave~ Now the cheese stretches well fried fishcake It's just fried fishcake It's delicious Thank you for watching my video!