Hello Hongsi Today is! I have a variety of rainbow desserts Twinkle twinkle rainbow jelly ~ ✧ Oh ~ It's heavy Pretty first to Hong Shi ~ ♡ If you eat strawberry and orange together, It's not hard It's soft with the outside Slack off It looks so beautiful even if there are only three colors like this It's funny because the teeth look bigger every time I eat jelly This is grape flavor Mmm ~ It's so delicious ⌯'▾'⌯ I'll eat the rest later Straw Jelly Vidal Sour Collar Straw It's a straw jelly It's not very chewy for the first time The white powder tastes sour Expected a strong sour taste but it's not sour Sweetie Star Candy It's too bad to eat one It's the sweet taste we know There are four colors of straw jelly Actually it's all strawberry flavor! I wish there was sour white powder inside Odook Totodok Pastel Rainbow Meringue Cookie It tastes like crispy cotton candy I like to eat many It's chewy and melts right in your mouth Eating Gem Jelly The outside is so crispy and inside It looks like a gemstone with a broken cross section Green tastes melon, blue tastes blueberry It's a soft and moist texture It's not a chewy texture Voila ~ ★ Rainbow Popping Boba º (ºΔº) 〣 Be careful because it's too clumping Poppingboba is my favorite dessert I feel like the juice is popping up It's too crunchy so I can't chew Now let's eat rainbow jelly more deliciously It's my favorite way It looks yummy already ㅠ ♥ Ah ~ please I should eat too soon It's so delicious, I'm dizzy ~ ꧁⍢⃝꧂ It tastes good, but this texture makes me happy 꺅 ~ Maybe you'll love Hongsi too Giant rabbit teeth ㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ It's fun because it's chewy and transparent The sprinkles aren't good for Fanta (◕౪◕✿) Hmm ~ This sprinkle melts softly This is popping candy mania? What is the collaboration between poppingboba and popping candy? Exhilarating taste popping up! The sound is delicious I'll spray it on the jewel jelly Oh yeah ~ ♪ It's crunchy This irritating taste

♡ Sprinkle with peach popping candy Popping candy is a combination of honey I feel so good ~ ლ (´ ❥ `ლ) Sagraxa Salag ~ It melts quickly and it tastes good It's amazing how you make these cookies with egg whites and sugar Put it all in your mouth ~ Pop it !! ✧✧✧ Illu and Jonseok Last bite My mouth is popping candy ~ I will confess I love it (ꃋ ​​ิ ꎴꃋ ิ) Hi ~ See you next time, bye ~!