Hi~ Hongsi♡ For today! I prepared a variety of green desserts Wow ꒰⸝⸝•。•⸝⸝꒱ There's a lot of green colored desserts than I thought Firstly, I give an injector jelly to you Hongsi It tastes like a melon soda It's so soft and slimy that you don't really need to chew, you can just swallow it hehe Sometimes it pops Marshmallow Tanghulu (ว˙∇˙)ง ~♡ Outside is crunchy and inside is fluffy Tastes like eating a roasted marshmallow Mmm~ really delicious (ꈍ﹃ꈍ ) Ta-da~ This candy is a new challenge for me If you open the lid and turn its bottom, the candy comes out And why is it not coming out !(゚o゚ )!(゚o゚)!( ゚o゚) Something went wrong I will just eat it though It's really sticky haha It tastes like an apple It's not coming off from my teeth haha I bought few of these so maybe I will check it out on those hehe Let's refresh our mind with a green rope jelly~(*~▼~) Watermelon taste It looks like a necklace Yellow is a lemon taste Inside has a chewy yellow jelly in it The candies are not too hard but it's crunchy I like fruity taste so when I go to a snack shop I always buy these I'm into rope jelly and marshmallows these days (⁎˃ᆺ˂) (・´з`・) Green tea Chapssal Tteok(rice cake) Inside has a full of nuts and white bean paste The green tea powder on the outside is a little bitter so it helps to reduce the sweetness of Tteok The sweetness is just right It's a soft-chewy texture Today I get a lot of powders on my mouth lol Of course the taste is great~ (。・ω・。)o Hmm~ which one should I eat next Shall we eat the green towel then? Guess what's inside! Ta-da~♬ Actually the towel was a cake full of fresh whipped cream inside hehe Wow~ really sweet and delicious I like whipped cream so I put it in a lot Really fluffy and soft This was my first time making it and I guess it turned out pretty good ♪(⌒∇⌒)ノ"" The cake is made out of butter, flour, eggs and etc Green eyeball gummy I buy eyeball gummy often so I got familiar with the taste haha Even when I see these eyeballs, I started to think it's cute, and it looks delicious It's like a watery jello And it's straight out from the fridge so it's still chill Thumbs up candy The name of this is called 'crazy popping dip' It's that you dip the candy into a popping candy inside of the packet This way is never can't be tasteless hehe It's a very fruity apple taste There were 3 flavors of these But since today is a green day~★ If I keep eating like this, I guess I will eat candy for 30min so I will just break it The fillings are slightly melted since it was outside for too long haha Yes, it was right (T-T) Next time I will have the macarons first Apple flavor jello So soft Don't need for chewing And I will finish off with a last towel cake I wish I could send Hongsi this taste (T¬T) Yes, I get satisfied when I eat cake so roughly haha Feel so good >ω<。 I had a happy time because of the delicious desserts today It's all because of you Hongsi See you guys again next time~ Love you♡