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    Hi guys <3333 rip carpet lmao and and and and so the konnyaku ended up hardening at the tip but I figured it out yummm I probably could add alcohol to all of this how fun would Jello vodka syringes be??? or maybe I already did add vodka to these lmao jk guys it's just gatorade time for my dentist's favorite why does the rock candy actually have to be as hard as rock? lmao rip jaw got some glass chips on me these are earth jellys that I covered in coloring powder mmm I love the filling in these this one I colored purple 😀 legit fire these earth jellys are so fresh UFO time lets get a debate going in the comments>>> do aliens exist??? ET is my homie mmmmm sugar coated sugar 😀 time for captain robot the little guys just lost their leader yup, he's gone these are made with white chocolate buttons and food coloring goodbye mr lego sorry I had to bite you in half I'll stop at your feet no one wants stinky lego man feet hehe this is called what again???? ???? wow that's crunchy the texture is super weird it completely dissolves once it's in your mouth ummm ya not sure if this tastes right nerd ropes are my homies just chilling with ET and my nerd ropes I think I could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner so fire time for baby lego man mmm they're almost too cute to eat almost I like that you can 2 bite these 😀 bobas are my homies too so just chillin with ET, nerd ropes and my bobas what you sayin? you kinda have to intentionally chew each one of these little guys to release the sugary center mmmm and once you're done, eat the spoon 😀 love the contrast in flavors and textures for this one I love when they give you a chocolate spoon with your coffee Hi, can I get 5 chocolate spoons and a glass of milk? barista: are you 5? sheet jelly time mmm, konnyaku is my favorite jelly I really like that it's vegan sprinkle me imagine pulling a packet of sprinkles out of your purse while you're at a fancy restaurant probably not the best thing to do huh? asking for a friend

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