Afghan Street Food – Kabuli Pulao Turkmani | دیگدان و تنور – قابلی پلو ترکمنی

Greetings everyone and welcome to this episode of Degdan wa Tanoor and do you know where am I today? Today I am at Shahr-e Naw, Kabul the place where most people visit and is a very beautiful place and you can find different kinds of national and international foods here and do you know what I have come here to eat? You may or may not know I have come here to eat Qibli Palaw Qibli Palaw is one of the most popular foods in Afghanistan It is also eaten and is a well-known food outside Afghanistan This tasty food originally came from the Turkmens of Afghanistan and has gradually found its place among other ethnics of Afghanistan Today, this tasty food is eaten and is well-known among the people of Afghanistan and the world Friends, we are now at Andkhoy Resturant, a very popular restaurant located in Shahr-e Naw and we have a friend here next to me who will cook us Qabili Palaw His name Saifullah

Dear Saifullah, please let us know from which province of Afghanistan you are Saifullah: I am from Andkhoy district of Fareyb province Mitra: You are from Andkhoy district of Faryab province; that's great Mitra: Can you tell us what are the ingredients of Qabili Palaw? Saifullah: The ingredients are Sesame oil, onion, meat, chopped carrot, raisin, rice and salt Mitra: Cooking Qabili Palaw is not easy and is really a tough job And now let us know, where do you start from? Saifullah: I wake up at 4:30am and come here for cooking

Mitra: Do you directly come for cooking or you do prayers first? Safiullah: No, I do prayers at 4am Mitra: Ok great Tell us like this so that we know you also do the prayers Saifullah: Then we add the Sesame oil for about 5 to 10 minutes until it is hot Then we add and fry the onions to an extent and then add the meat We fry the meat for about 10 minutes and add boiled water

We then boil it for one to one and a half hour until the meat is well cooked Mitra: Saifullah, why are you keeping them separate? Is there anything we don't know? Saifullah: Keeping it this way makes it easier for us If someone asks for more carrots or raisins, it will be easier to add Saifullah: We have now added the boiled water and salt We will boil it for 20 to 25 minutes until the water is evaporated Mitra: Ok Saifullah: I will now go to increase the level o heat on the stove Mitra: The cooking is almost complete

It is currently in the boiling process for 20 minutes until the rice is softened We will also wait for 20 more minutes until the rice is softened Saifullah: Now, the rice has boiled and water is evaporated we will now put the lid on and cook it for two hours Mitra: Two years? Saifullah: Two hours Mitra: I thought you said two years, and I can't wait that long

Two hours Saifullah: I also can't wait for two years Mitra: Two hours Saifullah has done his job I need to wait for two hours until the rice is cooked and ready so that I can eat and try Qabili Palaw

I need to wait for two hours now and until then, let me give you a tour of Shahr-e Naw Stay with us Shahr-e Naw park is one of the oldest parks in Kabul where tens of people visit for picnic and tourism And also one of the oldest cinemas in Kabul is located in Shahr-e Naw park wherein the past Indian and sometimes Afghani movies were being played The Flower Street is one of the oldest places in Kabul where one can find fresh and different kinds of flowers

And I should not forget to mention that Shahr-e Naw has a historic square named Haji Yaqob Haji Yaqob square is named after the oldest mosques in Shahr-e Naw, Kabul, "Haji Yaqob" mosque Haji Yaqob mosque was founded and built in 1958 during the kingdom of Mohammed Zahir Shah Well Now, Saifullah opened the pot and you can see that Qabili is ready I wanted to go inside and help Saifullah, but the space is too small and you can also see that he is so chubby and has taken more space Saifullah: [Talking in Turkmeni] Mitra: Did you see? Friends, I was going to tell you that he is our Turkmen citizen and talk the Turkmen language very sweet I don't know how much he has been gossiping about us Tell us in Turkmen that dear Mitra the food is ready, come and eat

Saifullah: [Talking in Turkmen] Mitra: [Talking in Turkmen] and I will tell you [Talking in Turkmen] Now, prepare some Qabili with meat for me It has been two hours I am waiting since early morning to now Saifullah: Ok, please have a seat Mitra: This is an injustice Mitra: No, I won't set, I will take it myself It is very hot It looks very tasty

Not tasty, it smells very good I think that it must be very tasty Friends, I am now sitting in a great place where people come to sit and eat Qabili And I keep looking at Qabili and thinking when I can eat it I have never seen such a Qabili before

Such a great smell I will tell about its taste to the viewers too I have Haji Saheb with me, he will introduce himself to you, that who are they and he might also have something to tell us Please introduce yourself Haji Saheb Mukhtar: My name is Haji Mukhtar from Andkhoy district of Faryab province

Mitra: Can you tell us about the history of Qabili Palaw? How did the people start cooking Qabili Palaw? Mukhtar: The history of Qabili goes back to the past during the wars Mitra: In the past old days Mukhtar: Yes, in the past There was a war going on and the king asked the chef to cook something that can keep our soldiers full because the soldiers are not able to have meals two or three times Mitra: Means to keep them full Mukhtar: Yes, to keep them full Then the chef cooked food with 8 ingredients

When the king and his seniors ate that food they found that it is tasty and full of energy and noticed that it avoids hunger for an entire day Mitra: Everyone was feeling full Mukhtar: Then the king named this food as Turkmen Qabili or Turkmen Palaw And to now, it is being called Turkmen Qabili or Turkmen Palaw Mitra: This means that Qabili Palaw is from Afghanistan and from the Turkmen provinces Is it so? Mukhtar: Yes, exactly

Thank you very much Haji Saheb for the tea Here Haji Saheb, come and eat with me Friends here is our mixed salad It was prepared by our friends here This is the beans You can have it with Qabili And this is Molong (meat with its bone marrow), the one I asked Saifullah to give me

Here is the entire Qabili with the meat, raisins, carrots, and rice It looks very tasty Let's eat it now I said that I have never eaten such Qabili before, it is so true now It is tasty friends Very tasty

I am eating it without you, friends I will try to eat your shares too Some of my friends tell me that do not eat too much else you will become chubby Haji Saheb, won't you eat such a great and tasty Qabili? You will ignore becoming chubby and will eat it Don't blame me now, friends

Yes And here is the bone marrow, it is very tasty Do you also want to eat Haji Saheb? Please, have some Haji Saheb

Here, it is the bone marrow It is very tasty and beneficial and most people love to eat it Very tasty, thank you Haji Saheb Mukhtar: You are welcome Friends Thank you for watching the Degdan wa Tanoor show and thank you for your comments

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