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    hope everybody is doing well we are in a greek restaurant today the restuarnat is not that far from downtown toronto danforth avenue, where we have greek town of Toronto we have chosen one from the hundreds of restaurants in this area we are in this restaurant today because it is famous for its gyro so our specialty today will be greek gyro meat the restaurant is pretty popular, we had to wait a bit for getting a table looks like lot of greek people eat here, which is a good sign we have came here several times we came last time for a food festival, where we tried lots of different food items we did a video on that, please click on this card to view the video We cannot believe the restaurant is so full at 2 pm The inside decoration is so good, takes you to a different place We have dined in a different greek restaurant here, there aslo the decoration was pretty good By the way, we have reached 500 subscribers in our channel we really appreciate all of your support and please keep watching our videos Please keep watching our videos, please keep supporitng our channel We have a surprise to clebrate this 500 subscribers One of the items we ordered is called Tiropita this thing is filled with cheese inside they have a different version of this, which is filled with spinach we have ordered the cheese version of the pastry I will try the gyro pizza now We do not like the tomato sauce in the pizza, both of us We told them about our restriction and therefore they were so accomodating so they filled this up with mayonnaise and ketchup the classic pizza tomato sauce tastes different than ketchup Lot of cheese on top, we have pita bread at the crust lets see if we can do the pull here they have olive in here but this thing is packed with gyro meat ketchup adds such a sweet flavour to the pizza that complements so well the salty cheese they have green bell pepper here it is adding such a crunchy and tangy taste to it and the gyro meat is unimaginable We have to mention that there is lot of meat on the table today we have plate of meat, souvlaki stick, and lot of meat in the pizza I could not imagine there will be so much meat, and good tasty meat now its my research time the pizza is already tasting good with mayonnaise, but I will try to make it more GREEK I will take some of their tzaziki sauce The tzaziki sauce is made from greek yogurt, added are probably cucumber and some spices that is why the sauce is very healthy and tasty lets see how the tzaziki sauce goes in pizza they have given us two big containers of tzaziki sauce, such a mixed taste we have sourness form the ketchup spicy meat in there and the added refreshing taste from the tzaziki let me add quite a bit of tzaziki sauce here the tzaziki suace in this restaurant is so good the chicken souvlaki itself may taste a bit dry therefore if you come here dip your chicken in the tzaziki sauce and have it look how much suce they give for $2 Because you can add tzaziki sauce to pretty much everything and it will taste good Now Iwill try out the meat platter here I have one plate full of just meat I really appreciate them giving the onion, as I am big fan of onion greek item is one of the places they serve onion with the meat I have not seen raw onion used in other european cuisine they also gave onion in the pizza definitely it was baked with the pizza, but it added a good flavour to the pizza let me take a piece of chicken here a little bit of fatty gyro meat i am just speechless the souvlaki meat was so big chunk, but it was still juicy this is gyro meat, therefore no shortage of flavour here as if all the atoms of the meat if covered with flavour the spice is greek so it not too overwhelming the meat is so tender a bit of char and with the onion, it tastes amazing I will take the complementary pita bread I will add a bit of meat to the top let me take a piece with a bit of spice in it I will take some raw onions I will add a bit of tzaziki sauce on top the sauce is quite thick actually the sauce is made with grek yogurt, which is basically thick they strain out the water from the yogurt the gyro meat is so much tastier than the souvlaki meat the spice goes inside the meat the char on the gyro meat is a bit more than the souvlaki meat that is why the char adds a different dimension to the taste I am so proud that I orderd the meat plate Messini did not disappoint us at all If you are ever in greek town, messini is a must come the restaurnat is so budget friendly It is not like the food quality will be bad because it is a cheap restaurant the service was good too the low price is like a cherry on top we loved all the food, adding the tzaziki sauce enhances the flavour today we are ending here hopefully you liked the video, next week we will come with a different cuisine Till then keep watching our videos, subscribe to our channel and share our videos

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