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5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight | Food Edition


Hi guys! For today's video we're back for the second part of "5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight / Food Edition" Amberlynn is obsessed with calories, and despite trying different methods for weight loss she always comes back to her favorite: counting calories

You do need a calorie deficit for weight loss I'm not trying to deny that as it would be foolish But how you spend these calories matter! Not only because they can make your diet easier or harder but they also dictate how healthy said diet is When I say that diet isn't as simple as just calories I mean that 400 calories of McDonald's means bad sources of fats, simple carbs, sodium, and poor nutritional value The avalanche of sugar in these meals, when frequent, causes addiction The sodium makes you bloat and retain more water; The poor nutritional value stops you from providing your body with the needed nutrients; But most importantly, by insisting on trying to lose weight eating these meals you are refusing to change your eating habits Which makes you more susceptible to gain all of this weight back

Amberlynn's case is a text book of all of this She claims to be bloated all the time, uses her calories on the wrong types of food, it's sick all the time due to a weak immune system that can be explained by the lack of nutrients consumed She also fails to work on her relationship with food and obviously doesn't get any satisfying results from this method "Fake" health food are the products created to satisfy a demand for modified products They are the light, zero, low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar products; People, including Amberlynn, usually believe that these products are healthy

But sometimes they are not! A low sugar product is for someone who can't eat sugar; low sodium for someone with hypertension, for example They help control one aspect of your diet, but they don't necessarily make it healthier Low fat products, for example, are known to have added sugar to compensate for the lack of fat, in an attempt to improve the taste I'm talking about six times more sugar than their full fat version Amberlynn also really loves frozen meals and ready-to-eat meals

And in my opinion is because she doesn't like cooking and partially because taking a meal out of a box makes her feel like she's not eating homemade food but takeout food Frozen foods are not necessarily unhealthy, But I have two problems with them: One is that they come in a portion and you're most likely going to eat the whole package's content regardless if you're hungry enough or not Second is that the sodium in these products is usually way higher than a fresh meal Also if you work from home and you barely leave the house, do you need to have frozen meals every single day? "Frequency" means the balance between so-called cheat meals and diet meals I am a firm believer that what you do the most is equivalent to the results you will get, and I can say that from experience

This article points out just the same: "Consistency matters! If you are eating out much more than you used to you will likely see some weight gain but it's not going to be after one or two nights out" For Amberlynn, even when she is very restrictive with herself she still eats "cheat meals" three to four times a week That combined with the number of times she eats "fake" healthy meals this becomes the majority of her diet This study claims that one weekend of bad meals can affect your gut health just as much as a consistently bad diet Not to mention that even though Amberlynn always claims that her diet needs to be sustainable and a lifestyle change and that's why she gave up on multiple restrictive diets before, none of her diets includes a large number of vegetables, fruits and fresh food in general So on a scale of one to ten, where one is a very unhealthy meal and ten is the ideal diet plan, Amberlynn is always consuming meals from one to five and therefore her results also remain on that range Amberlynn has stated herself that she doesn't believe that she should control her portion to lose weight, and although I do agree that depending on your diet, portion control should not be a problem

That's not the case for Amberlynn Mainly because of our last point, which was how her meals are not the best options majority of the time When you are on calorie control and you're eating meals that are not the best, at the very least your attention to how much of it you are eating should be a priority Because you see, in Amberlynn's point of view she can lose weight as long as she controls her calories, right? This means that she can do it by eating whatever she wants as long asYes, exactly, as long as she controls her portion

but then in her case, she also doesn't think that she needs to manage how much she eats So although there's the whole debate of weight loss with words like "it's not about what you eat but how much you eat" and vice versa, for Amberlynn what she is doing is basically "It's not about what you eat and neither about how much you eat" It's just a bad combination "Usually when we have an uncontrolled portion, we have an uncontrolled amount of calories available to us, which can be dangerous A reveal published in 2013 stated that larger plates of food can lead to us eating up to 45% more than what our average intake would be

That's a lot! Most data and studies support the claim that we will almost always eat more if we are offered a larger portions" So although portion control becomes a secondary worry for people following a proper diet, for Amberlynn is a necessary part, that she fails to pay attention to Amberlynn has countless mukbang videos on her channel, and the one thing in common in all of them is that she eats extremely fast and swallows her food without chewing The psychological aspects of wanting to eat as fast as you can is similar to food aggression I have watched amberlynn almost look like a different person when she's about to start eating

It just looks like she can't wait, like literally like she physically cannot wait to eat Other than that, not chewing is a known factor that can cause weight gain

"When people eat fast they tend not to feel full and are more likely to overeat Eating fast causes bigger glucose fluctuation, which can lead to insulin resistance" Being so, "slow eaters are less likely to become obese, and less likely to develop metabolic syndrome – a combination of disorders that increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes" I might also add here that a long time at the table doesn't necessarily mean chewing more Amberlynn has said before that eating on camera helps her be more aware of what she's eating

But I don't see it this way She spends her time talking and not paying attention to her meal But when she does take a bite she still fails to chew her food properly So in the end she ends up eating more, since she's not paying any attention, and also eating faster, as she wants to swallow her food quickly to be able to talk That combined with the bad food that she's most likely consuming is a recipe for weight gain

Or at the very least, a recipe to NOT lose weight I could probably do a lot of parts for this series as I can think of at least five more things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight, so do let me know if you want me to post more parts for this series, but for now Thank you for watching this video and I'll see you in my next one


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