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15 Famous Food Brands that Have SHOCKINGLY Different Names Around the World!!!


Many well-known brand names that we see every day are international companies Because of this, a lot of products that we know and love actually have different names around the world

See how many brand names you can guess as we look through 15 Famous Food Brand Names That Are Different Abroad Dr Oetker – Cameo (Italy) We all remember that famous scene in Pulp Fiction in which John Travolta's character goes into detail about McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese Because of the metric system in France, they call the Quarter Pounder a Royale with Cheese A classic movie moment that is still quoted to this day and a similar reason to why Dr

Oetker's frozen pizzas are known by Cameo in Italy Once Dr Oetker had established itself as a big frozen pizza company, they wanted to expand their brand around the world and where better to go to than Italy It is the home of pizza after all Wanting to fit in with the local culture and language, Dr

Oetker changed its name to Cameo in order to sound more Italian An advertising tool that a lot of companies have used to conquer the international market Hellmann's – Best Foods (Asia, Australia, And New Zealand) When it comes to condiments, especially mayo, many people's go-to brand is Hellman's The rich and creamy mayonnaise goes with all our favorite meats and treats For a big chunk of the world, including the UK, Europe, and most of the US, this famous mayo brand is known as Hellmann's

However, if you were to venture to Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand, and states west of the Rockies Then you wouldn't find Hellmann's on the shelf as the company is called Best Foods in that part of the world You'll be forgiven if you don't notice that right away as both mayos are packaged exactly the same way with the same colors and designs Burger King – Hungry Jack's (Australia) We all love a Whopper from time to time However, if you happen to find yourself in Australia, then you won't be able to order the famous burger in a Burger King fast-food restaurant

In fact, you won't even be able to find a Burger King When Burger King was looking to expand its franchise into the southern hemisphere, it ran into a bit of a problem as the name Burger King was already trademarked in Australia Because of this, the fast-food Burger King couldn't use their name and had to come up with something else The name Hungry Jack's was settled upon That famous Burger King logo and great tasting burgers are the same, it's just the name that's different

Dove – Galaxy (UK) During the 1960s the UK released a velvety smooth chocolate bar called Galaxy The chocolate proved to be a huge success, so much so that it soon caught the eye of the Mars Corporation Mars bought the rights to the chocolate in the 1980s and rebranded it as Dove in the U

S but rather than change the name in the UK, they chose to keep the name Galaxy to please the chocolate die-hard fans Galaxy is still a bar of popular chocolate in the UK and is often voted in their top 10 most love candies Smarties – Rockets (U

K/Australia/Canada) There are certain candies that instantly remind us of our youth and Smarties are one of them This multicolored candy always puts a smile on those that eat them However, it may be interesting to know that a large part of the world doesn't call them Smarties and they are known as Rockets instead The reason for this is quite a simple one as the UK, Canada and Australia already have a candy called Smarties, so to avoid confusion these little treats are called Rockets

A little fun fact for all candy lovers out there; the 'Smarties' that these countries have are little candy covered chocolates that were actually the inspiration for the original M&M's Kraft Mac & Cheese – Kraft Dinner (Canada) Mac and Cheese has been delighting so many people for so many years, and a lot of people's favorite brand is Kraft Mac & Cheese Once upon a time, Kraft Mac & Cheese was known as Kraft Dinner, however, in the US Kraft rebranded it as Kraft Mac & Cheese but not in Canada In Canada, this dish is still called Kraft Dinner, or KD for short, and they actually love this comfort food much more than the US

In fact, Canadians buy over 50% more per year than Americans Doritos Cool Ranch – Cool American (Europe) What goes together better than Ranch dressing and Doritos? However, if you were to cross the pond and ask for Cool Ranch Doritos, you will be met with a bemused stare rather than a tasty bag of chips There are a few reasons for this but the main one is probably because Ranch dressing isn't really that popular in Europe So, instead, these tasty corn chips are known as Cool American Doritos In the U

K they go even further as these Doritos are known as Cool Original Doritos Good Humor – Wall's (UK) Good Humor is a brand that has become synonymous with great comfort food However, if you're looking for an ice cream fix in the UK then Good Humor won't do as this brand is known as Wall's

In fact, most of the world actually knows this brand as something completely different In Asia it's known as Kwality Walls, in Bolivia it's Breslers, In Mexico it's called Holanda, and in the Phillippines it is called Selecta The reason for this is that Good Humor is owned by Unilever who like to buy up local ice cream companies and rebrand them with their famous heart logo Dannon – Danone (Europe) This famous yogurt brand is known across the country as Dannon but for most of the world, it's Danone Danone was created at the beginning of the 20th century when doctor Isaac Carasso began producing yogurt


Once his yogurt became popular, Carasso named his new company Danone, which translates to 'Little Daniel,' which was his son Once the company became more popular, Danone looked to sell its products in the US but was worried about the pronunciation problems that Danone might cause so they decided to change the company name to Dannon to avoid any possible confusion Rice Krispies – Rice Bubbles (Australia/New Zealand) Rice Krispies have been many children's staple breakfast for decades However, if you find yourself in the land down under then be sure to ask for Rice Bubbles as that is what they call them

Incidentally, it's not just Australia and New Zealand that have variations on Rice Krispies In the UK, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Greece, and Italy, Cocco Krispies are known as Coco Pops, even with a different mascot Coco the Monkey! It seems that most countries have their own name for this classic cereal and its many variations Diet Coke –  Coca-Cola Light (Some Parts Of The World) You may think that a huge brand name such as Coca-Cola would be on this list

Well, even the kings of the soda world are subject to differences between countries and cultures Diet coke is possibly one of the more famous items that Coca-Cola has ever produced, even more so than the original Coke flavor Americans went crazy for this low sugar version of their favorite drink However, in most parts of the world, you can't order a Diet Coke anywhere That's because it is known as Coca-Cola Light

The reason that Coca-Cola gives for the name change is that a lot of countries around the world don't associate the word 'diet' with low sugar or low calorie drinks So, they switch the name to Coca-Cola Light to avoid confusion DiGiorno – Delissio (Canada) 'It's not delivery, It's DiGiorno' Since the 1990s DiGiorno frozen pizzas have been a favorite in grocery stores across the country Known for its rising crust, DiGiorno is so proud of their pizzas that they say it's just as good as any take-out pizza

However, when DiGiorno wanted to sell their product across the border in Canada, DiGiorno wasn't the name they used Instead, they were sold in Canada under the name Delissio They still have the same pizzas, boxes, and even their advertising slogan, it was just the name that changed Recently Kraft sold the brand to Nestle; and while there may be a new owner for this frozen pizza, it doesn't look like Canada will be getting a new pizza name as they are staying with Delissio Three Musketeers – Milky Way (Europe) Brace yourselves as this entry, is about to get a little complicated

If you've ever had a Three Musketeers chocolate bar then you know how good it is The bar of milk chocolate, covering whipped nougat comes right out of chocolate heaven However, if you take a trip to the UK, you will have to look for a Milky Way instead Both chocolate bars are identical, the only difference is the wrapper

Here is, however, where things get a little complicated If you are still in the UK, maybe seeing the British Miky Way makes you want a US Milky Way, so you start looking over the candy shelves for it But you won't find it

In Britain, a Milky Way is called a Mars Bar That's right, Milky Way is a Mars Bar and a Three Musketeers is a Milky Way but even more than that, all these chocolate bars are owned and manufactured by Mars Incorporated We are sure this is just some big prank designed to mess with us Lays – Walkers (UK) Whether it's as a quick snack or part of lunch, Lays chips have been a winner for both adults and children alike for years

Each year the list of flavors seems to grow and we learn to love Lays more and more Everyone has their favorite flavor of chips, but if you pop across the pond to the UK, then you may be in for a bit of a shock if you try to grab a packet of Lays In the UK, Lays chips are known as Walkers, and chips are known as crisps and French fries are chips

Doubly confusing! The reason that Lays are Walkers in the UK is quite simple; PepsiCo, which owns Lays, bought out the UK company Walkers and added them to their brand While Pepsico did try and re-brand these snacks as Lays, the Walkers' name was already a popular brand in the UK so PepsiCo decided to leave the name alone and stick with Walkers

Everything else about these chips is the same; the packaging, logo and the same great taste KFC – PFK (Quebec) Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and everyone enjoys tucking into this finger-licking good chicken However, if you live in Quebec, Canada then you will find it all a bit different Because of the language laws and restrictions in the French-speaking Canadian province, all businesses have to advertise their companies in French first So, KFC had to change their name to PFK, Poulet Frit Kentucky

But, it may be interesting to know that in France KFC is called KFC It seems like the French speakers from France don't mind using the English name for this famous fried chicken company Treat yourself to more and tap that screen for our next great video! Checking us out for the first time? Then take a second to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad

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