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10 Fast Food Desserts That Make Their Food Even Better


Have you ever craved something really badly or had a feeling of nostalgia when picking up some drive thru treats? Are your favorite fast food sweets the classics or the limited editions that bring back fond munchie memories? Whichever the case, here is our list of the top 10 fast food desserts Chocolate Chip Soft Baked Cookie – McDonald’s What better way to finish off your Big Mac than with a little sweetness – maybe a chocolate chip cookie? The most classic American cookie is served at the most classic fast food joint, the one with the golden arches

Who knew that Ronald would be serving some of the most delicious baked treats? The batter in these cookies is the perfect combination of chewy and sweet and however they do it, they always seem to have the perfect ratio of chocolate chips to cookie batter Isn’t that the worst when the cookie either has too many or not enough chocolate chips? McDonald’s will not disappoint Ever since McCafe was introduced, it seems like McDonald’s is coming out with fantastic baked goods similar to their café competitors and these chocolate chip cookies are the best McCafe also offers brownies, muffins and croissants but the cookies are definitely the standout Another thing going for these cookies is that they are just small enough, so you can probably get away with having one or ten

maybe 20? Who’s really keeping count anyways? Chocolate Frosty – Wendy’s Nothing says road trip like salty fries dipped in chocolate frosty goodness Is it a milkshake? Is it ice cream? Is it a smoothie? It’s probably none of the above but it’s the most delicious frozen chocolate concoction to gulp down after (or during) your Baconator lunch at Wendy’s There’s no better feeling than finishing the fries and then diving in to drink whatever liquid is left at the bottom of that paper cup

So straw or spoon, whether you enjoy your Frosty on its own or with your salty fries, there’s a good chance that Wendy’s will be serving up this classic chocolate dessert for years to come This is truly a staple for the fry-frosty dippers of the world And if you’re craving a frosty, you’re craving Wendy’s You’re craving the nostalgia of those square burgers So whether it be the chocolate or vanilla Frosty, Wendy’s definitely knows what keeps their loyal customers coming back – this frozen dessert classic

And if you can’t make up your mind between chocolate or vanilla, why not ask for both and make it a twisty Frosty? Cake Pop – Starbucks Ok, so Starbucks is known for being a great American coffee shop, but ironically, they also make what is arguably the most unique dessert available at any fast food restaurant What menu item are we talking about? The infamous Starbucks Cake pops of course! Yes, they are exactly what they sound like, essentially cake, in lollipop form There are many flavours to choose from on the menu currently, including: Chocolate, Strawberry, Frosted Doughnut and yes, there's even a Birthday Cake flavor Some may argue that other Starbucks sweets may be more deserving of a spot on this list, but that’s probably because they haven’t tried these cake pops yet! While yes, we know the idea of a cake lollipop may sound a little weird, trust us Once you bite into the hard candy chocolate exterior of one these pops and make it to that chewy inner cake layer, you'll forget however weird it may have seemed, as you'll be enjoying one of the best fast food desserts currently available

So next time your at Starbucks, still stuck trying to decide what treat to grab to go along with that Frappucino, give the Cake Pops a try, your tastebuds will not be disappointed! Marbled Brownie Cookie – Domino’s The marbled brownie cookie from Domino’s is exactly that – a brownie and a cookie You don’t have to decide between the two and for those who hate making decisions on what to eat or what to order, this is the most wonderful choice for your post-pizza munchies We’ve all been out with a friend and wanted to share a dessert but were unable to decide what to order Well this dessert should definitely please everyone That being said, if you’re sharing this dessert, you might need to call dibs on which piece you want

Depending if you’re craving more brownie or more cookie Either way, this dessert tops all pizza joint sweets If you want even more decadence, either warm it up and/or add some vanilla ice cream This is one of the few desserts that would probably be just as good the next day as leftovers (like there’s any chance of there being leftovers to take home)! Just pop those suckers into the oven or microwave and heat them up That is, if you don’t eat them all in one sitting of course

They’re fantastic for sharing if you’re hanging out with friends or just as good if you eat them yourself The best part about this dessert is that Domino’s cuts it up into squares, just like they pre-slice your pizza They’re so thoughtful! The pieces are pretty even too so hopefully you won’t be fighting with your friends over a slice of this fast food dessert Cinnamon Twists – Taco Bell A cult classic that has lasted throughout the ages, these airy, sugary twists will bring you back to your 1990s Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal eating glory days These light, crunchy and fluffy cinnamon sugar twists are the perfect balance of sweetness and spice without being too overwhelming

The familiar cinnamon crunch will put a smile on the face of any cinnamon lover Whether ordered on their own or eaten after chowing down your favorite burrito, it’s the best way to get a light sweet dessert without the food coma (the same can’t be promised if you’ve just had the crunch wrap and fries supreme though) What makes this dessert choice so great is that it is nothing like other fast food sweets So if you’re looking for something a little unique, and maybe a little lighter, Taco Bell has you covered If you have a sweet tooth but aren’t feeling very hungry they’re also a fantastic choice

The Cinnamon Twists are as much of a crunchy snack as they are a dessert So if you want to eat them at 8am on your way to work with a coffee or at 10pm while binging on Netflix, anytime is the right time for Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell! Hershey’s Pie – Burger King Although Burger King may not be the king of fast food desserts, they do have some pretty delicious pies If you haven’t tried the Hershey’s pie from Burger King, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a craving for some artificially flavored, creamy milk chocolatey goodness, this is the pie for you This sweet, creamy pie is probably comparable to a chocolate mousse, but sweeter, if that’s possible, and in a pie shape There’s a chocolate layer and white chocolate layer of cream on top of a chocolatey crust topped with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge and whipped cream

Is there any real chocolate in this? Not sure Does it have that Hershey’s chocolate taste? Possibly Is it full of sugar? Most definitely Needless to say this is not for the faint hearted, but chocolate lovers will go to heaven when they try it One cool thing about this dessert is that it comes in a cute little triangle shaped box and is quite large compared to those handheld fast food pies

It’s a great way to carry it when you have leftovers, but then again, who would possibly have leftovers? Anyone else guilty of scraping the last bites off the side of the box? Nothing wrong about that Root Beer Float – A&W You can in fact eat your dessert and drink it too! A&W’s root beer float is their branded root beer soda with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top The creamy ice cream melts away and mixes with the top layer of the root beer That being said, the best way to eat (and drink) this dessert would be to mix it all together to have an even mixture of vanilla and root beer yumminess It’s probably recommended to mix it with a spoon since the ice cream is really thick too


You can decide whether the best way to consume this is with a spoon or a straw, but either way there’s no float like an A&W Root Beer float There’s just something about that root beer sweetness added with the vanilla that makes this dessert a sugar fiend’s dream Even though other restaurants may try making floats with other sodas or ice cream flavors, the A&W Root Beer Float is the OG What makes this dessert even better is when you eat it at the restaurant, it gets served in a frosty mug Fast food places aren’t usually known for using glassware but A&W’s signature trick of using a cold, frosted mug makes their root beer that much more refreshing and sweet

Alright, it probably doesn’t make it sweeter but it definitely tastes that much more refreshing from the mug That being said, if you see the frosted mug and are intimidated by the size, there’s nothing that says you can’t share it with a friend! They’d also more than likely put leftovers in a paper cup for after too Pro-tip: put a glass or mug in your freezer at home before using it to get that same frosty coolness If you do decide to make this yourself, just don’t get too excited and give yourself a brain freeze It’s definitely a chilly treat

Dilly Bar – Dairy Queen Some may argue that Dairy Queen is really the royalty of fast food treats and they’re probably right I mean the word queen is right there in the name The dilly bar is probably the most basic dessert on this list, soft serve ice cream dipped in chocolate on a stick That being said, there’s something alluring about its circular shape and the little swirl in the middle that makes it that much more appetizing compared to some other ice cream treats Don’t ask how the shape improves the taste

It just does! The shape is more of a novelty but it’s what Dairy Queen is truly known for Is it the same soft serve ice cream they put in their cones and sundaes? Yes Do they taste the same? Heck No Think about how many desserts were upgraded by simply putting them on a stick: cake, cookies, ice cream, even savory foods seem to taste better when put on a stick

Of all fast food desserts on a stick, this one is the most deserving to be on this top 10 list The Dilly Bar tastes like pure happiness, compared to all the imitators that taste like just regular happiness Don’t you want some pure happiness in your life?! Well the DQ Dilly Bar could be the answer Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake – Domino’s Is there a restaurant you’re thinking of that serves your favorite lava cake? Well believe it or not, you can get lava cake delivered from a pizza joint near you! This chocolate lava crunch cake has such a rich, chocolate flavor you’ll feel like you got delivery from your favorite fancy restaurant The box it comes in is really cute too, it’s like a mini pizza box for your dessert

It’s served warm and when you put a spoon into it, the chocolate lava oozes – insert slow motion shot right here The name is perfect for it because the outer layer is crispy from being baked and the inside is smoother than the butter on your sliced bread in the morning Somehow Domino’s manages to get the perfect crunch-to-smoothness ratio every time How they do it? Who knows If you’re really craving chocolate, like real chocolate and not that artificial milk chocolate flavor, this is your dessert

It’s a very rich cake, and you’ll either get addicted or go straight into a sugar coma (100 percent worth it though) It’s definitely what chocolate dreams are made of This one’s probably the highest quality chocolate dessert in the fast food game, when compared to the competition on this list It is really rich though, so keep that in mind when eating it so you don’t get sick If you love chocolate like Kanye loves Kanye, this is the dessert for you

Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard – Dairy Queen The Almighty Blizzard takes the top spot on this list of fast food desserts Although some may disagree on the flavor choice, there’s no denying how satisfying it is every time the dairy queen worker flips that cup upside down to ensure the ice cream doesn’t budge Although Dairy Queen sells a lot of the soft serve cones and sundaes, the Blizzard is arguably the best fast food ice cream treat out there Worth noting is the fact that there are way too many flavors to choose from (problem? I think not) The Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard is a mixture of Oreo pieces, chocolate chip cookie pieces, and fudge blended with the vanilla soft serve

It’s basically a cookie lover’s dream in a bright blue cup The best part about getting a Blizzard at Dairy Queen is their size choices Since the blizzard is very dense, you can decide whether a mini will satisfy your sweet craving or if you need the large size to really enjoy the Blizzard ice cream experience to the fullest The Blizzard is a staple at Dairy Queen and compared to the novelty Dilly Bar that was mentioned earlier, you get to customize it depending on your mood and taste And really, what’s better than being able to build your own ice cream? Technically it’s not really a build your own since you pick one of the flavors listed but there are so many flavor options and combinations that it feels like you’re creating your own specialty just for you

If the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of choices to add into your Blizzard such as cheesecake, various chocolate bars and brownie pieces If your sweet tooth is especially big, try the Royal Blizzards which have sweet centers like strawberries or peanut butter There’s just no wrong choice when it comes to the Blizzard, the king, or should we say queen, of fast food ice cream We’ve got more than dessert on our menu, so stick around and tap on one of our other great videos And while you’re tapping around, show us some love and tap that subscribe button and that bell to join our notification squad

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