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10 Costco Food Court Secrets Only Employees Know About (Part 2)


The Costco Food court is the most inexpensive and convenient place to grab some grub after shopping, after all their tagline is” Simplifying Home and Life” It not only manages to bring you cheap food but it still turns a profit

Here are 10 Costco Food Court Secrets that only employees know about Costco makes its own Hot Dogs They say that the Costco food court is not a goldmine It only turns a small profit annually from the sales of food items because there has been relatively no price increase in the past 30 years Since their debut in 1985, Costco has been selling their hot dog and soda combo for $150 and the pizza combo for only $1

99 Meanwhile, hot dogs are 10% bigger and the sodas have also increased in size, with free refills to boot A fantastic deal, you could say! No one offers you something like that these days How do they do it? Aside from Costco selling over 100 million hot dogs a year, which is four times more than what is sold at any ballpark in a season, the low price is one of the reasons it’s so popular and Costco banks on this fact Did you know that the chain does everything in their power to keep the prices down? In 2013, they switched to selling Pepsi products after Coca-Cola increased their prices, and in 2009, they switched from Hebrew National to making their own Kirkland Signature Brand hot dogs in order to avoid raising prices as well

Employees beg to differ when it comes to saying Costco does not make a profit, however small, with 128 million hot dogs sold each year, it equals a whopping $192 million dollars in revenue Plus all those happy shoppers are roaming around the store after a cheap lunch and buying plenty of other things that the company will make money on Largest Pizza Chain Costco is known for many great things, but one would never guess that it is also known for being a top pizza chain With about 400 locations situated in the US

alone, and only a few of those actually selling pizza, it is ranked the 14th largest pizza chain in America It is also one of the cheapest among all the pizza other chains, at a cost of $199 per slice or a full pizza for $999 It’s been reported that Costco compared to Pizza Hut or Domino's, has some pretty impressive statistics for a warehouse store

They may lack in option and variations, but Costco food court pizzas are available in three of the most popular options Plain pizza which comes topped with 1 lb of mixed mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, pepperoni, and a combination topped with vegetables You have the option of purchasing a slice or a whole pizza which measures 16 inches in diameter The pizzas are great for the price point value, they claim to be perfectly cooked, with loads of cheese and a crispy crust

Costco works hard to make sure their pizza is practically perfect every time Order Ahead / Take-out Here are a few more secrets and tips that you may not know about when ordering Pizza at the Costco food court As one of the largest Pizza chains, they also have some of the same services as other pizza franchises Did you know you can call in your order ahead of time? You can't order online as of yet, but you can pick up at the food court whether or not you're shopping there Costco prefers the latter, as the food court is a perk for those with memberships, but they will allow non-members too

But please don’t call during peak times Unfortunately, the drawback is that they don’t deliver, so you will have to get up off the couch and go pick it up yourself Let’s hope the nearest Costco is not miles away It may not be the perfect scenario for some, but it’s great if you are nearby or often shop at Costco It’s probably cheaper than other local pizza joints, unless they are having a two for one deal

if your choice is to eat in the food court and you don’t finish your pizza, you can always ask for a take-out box and bring the rest home for later A little bite of weird trivia, do you know exactly how many pepperoni slices are on top of a pepperoni pizza at Costco? According to the Costco Connection, all pepperoni pizza pies are topped with 60 slices of "US-made" pepperoni not one more or less, even if you ask for it Magical Mystery Robot There’s a method to Costco madness, when it comes to making pizza Ever wonder why the pizzas at Costco are always on point with the sauce-to-cheese ratio? It’s because they’ve got the pizza-making down to a science with a little help from a pizza robot that ensure their pizzas are perfect every time The hypnotic pizza robot evenly distributes a delicious layer of sauce onto every pizza

The pizza robot is actually mesmerizing to watch, it’ll will put you in such a trance that it will make you crave a slice within minutes First, they make sure that the dough has completely risen, then they press it into perfectly even shaped pies After that they add the sauce, your favorite toppings, and freshly grated cheese, they are baked in a 600 degree oven which cooks the pizzas evenly in just 6 minutes That makes a whole lot of pies! Pizza that isn’t sold within an hour gets replaced with another fresh one straight out the oven Costco has streamlined their pizza process to make it as efficient and cost effective as possible and they never skimp on ingredients

Everything is measured to a standard and you will have a perfectly delicious pizza every time Pay n Go Every one loves the Food court, especially because the food is so cheap and you don’t want to miss out on another deal But you can see that the line-ups are long and there are a couple of empty tables left at the food court You are tired and don’t feel like standing in line waiting for food What do you do! Going home and cooking is not an option, it’s late, you’re tired and plus you have those groceries to unpack when you get home

Think Strategically! The easiest way to skip the line at the food court, is to add it to your tab while at the cash register upon checking out? Just politely ask the cashier, then go to the express line at the food court, show your receipt, and your meal will be ready in seconds Of course, you have to be purchasing items from the store for this hack to work, but there is always something you will need from Costco Another way to avoid the line ups is using the digital kiosks to complete your order If you have these machines in your local food court, you just tap in what you want, pay with a card, and head to the pick-up window Food is Fresher with Line-ups You won't have to wait around too long to get your food at the Costco food court, it is fast food after all

The line ups are a different story and can be incredible long at times, as well as quite discouraging, especially during peak shopping hours One of the best things about the line ups, is you know the food is flying off the shelves quickly Therefore your food will be freshly made So don’t walk out the door before getting that bite to eat, because the outcome will outweigh the downside If you leave, not only will you miss out on a good opportunity to pay dirt cheap prices for the same thing elsewhere, you will miss out on better quality food

As per Costco employees, the food is fresher at peak hours during lunch and supper because of the high turnover When it gets really busy, those pizzas are flying out of the oven in no time The food is not sitting under heat lamps drying out, even though they do switch out the pizzas every hour But in case you come at the 1/2 hr mark, the pizza has had enough time to sit there and get very oily with all that cheese The same goes for the hot dogs or other menu items

They whip up more hot dogs during the rush, estimating they will have more clients They have everything ready-made and raring to go in seconds Fast service is a highlight of the experience, andunchtime is always a safe bet" As one Costco food court employee put it “when the lines are long, the churros are good" Employees are Big Food Court Fans You know a place is good when employees vouch for it

Costco employees are the food courts biggest fans They should know, they work and eat there every day, so they have some great insider tips They know what is good, and a what is a great deal One of the  most popular food court items among store employees, is the pizza One store employee vowed on social media that he eats there more than he should

He believes the "Pizza Crust is yummy, the toppings are of good quality" and after eating a slice of pizza, he goes for his second favorite, the pistachio gelato Other employee prefer the pepperoni pizza, because of the crispy pepperoni and cheesy consistency Most employees would rather eat there after work than anywhere else They know what goes into the food and trust the quality of Costco products Costco employees what their favorite Costco food court was and most answered that the pizza was by far the winner and the most popular, with hot dogs coming in second

Another popular food court contender with the employees was the berry smoothie at $150 They all thought this was a good healthy option, especially for breakfast Nutritional Information We all know by now that most food courts don’t offer very healthy food options usually Costco is no exception, although their in store products leave a good mark, the exact opposite can be said about the food court

If you are worried about what goes into your lean fit body and are a fanatic about daily healthy eating, you can ask for a list of nutritional information regarding items on the menu at the food court This way you can actually gauge on what would be a healthier food alternative for you Although one must say, the Costco food court has few choices for those healthy eaters It does have some options, although limited, even their Caesar Chicken Salad packs lots of calories The Acai bowls or the fruit smoothies may sound boring, but can do the trick

Don't fret, one day of cheating won’t kill you If you are really worried about how much damage it will do, just ask for nutritional information sheets Employees have them readily available at the food court and keep them under the counter They may not like you doing this on busy times, but they are available if you must have one one Rotating Menu Items Depending on the location of your Costco, the food court will have one open slot on their menu for a rotating menu item

This means that while all the mainstays you expect to find at the Coscto food court will always be there, you're also likely to find a fresh new menu item when you visit the Costco food court Of course, the menu changes are based on local tastes and are not exactly the same from region to region and in other countriesSo yes, don't worry, you will always find menu favorites like the Chicken Bake, Acai Bowls, Pizza, Berry Smoothies, Hot Dogs, Moche Latte Freeze, Chicken Caesar Salads, and Churros, to name a few But you'll also find a rotating menu item that always changing These have included things like a Turkey Wraps, Carne Asada Bake, Hot Turkey and Provolone, and Barbecue Beef Brisket Sandwiches

When you see one of these on the menu make sure to scoop it up as they are only available while supplies last and may be replaced by another rotating menu item next time you visit your local Costco food court The Secret to Chicken Bake is Caesar Dressing Costco shoppers and employees just love the chicken bakes sold at Costco’s food court A cross between, a calzone or pizza pocket and a chicken Caesar salad, these tender morsels are a big fan favorite Exclusive to Costco, they are pretty addictive The Costco chef's secret aside from being made fresh from scratch daily, is their secret Caesar sauce

 They use the same pizza dough for their pizzas, but smother the top of them with Caesar dressing instead of tomato sauce, then they add grilled and sliced chicken breasts, mozzarella, bacon, and onions The y then roll them up, top it with some more Caesar dressing and shredded Parmesan cheese, and pop them in the ovens to get baked, not fried The Caesar dressing gives it that salty, creamy kick that just oozes goodness It’s the same dressing used for their Chicken Caesar salad You can ask for a pack if you want extra sauce

Food court Chicken bakes are far more superior than the frozen in-store brand, but if you want to try making them yourself, you can find the recipe online Find more great videos right here Just tap that screen New to our channel and don’t want to miss out? Then show us some love and hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad

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