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치매, 뇌졸중을 예방하는 음식에 대한 책 Brain Food 리뷰


Hello, this is Kim Kyung-ryul, a Busan doctor Today we will talk about a book called brain food

Scientific knowledge of foods good for our brain that can help prevent dementia The contents are listed Hongik Publishing contacted me and sent me this book You talked about paid reviews like manuscripts, but I'm just a book I told you to send me Once you get the money, you can't shoot the video at will There are a lot of con artists in your health market

Similar scientists, self-proclaimed experts, there are so many books When I was first offered, I didn't win right away I've looked The author is Lisa Mosco, a neurologist, nutritionist, He also contributed a lot to the paper So I decided to get a book based on the author's biography I have read this book and it will help me to improve my eating habits

I think it was And I don't agree with every part of this book Most of the book was similar to the ideas I had in my life Thinking about milk thinking about chocolate I know everyone who has watched the chocolate video And what the author said is particularly good for the heart is good for the brain If you've watched my videos, you know, but I also think that I think and synthesize neurotransmitters like serotonin Healthy protein intake because amino acids are needed Is important And in the middle of the book is there a diet for brain health? There is a questionnaire that you can test yourself

Came out with something you didn't I need some improvement in real life And because the author is a woman, the recipe for brain-healthy dishes There are a lot of details in there, so if you are cooking yourself, I think it will be good In fact, because the author is a mainstream scientist, the book itself is the mainstream medicine or nutrition It doesn't get too far from Extreme to induce the use of ketones generated in the process of fat metabolism Stance and extreme vegetarianism So it's hard to get essential amino acids for the vegan diet I'm saying that I'm losing a diet I don't insist


Just eating organic foods that are good for brain health It is universal, but the process of deriving such universal truth is convincing It seemed to be good If it was a little different than I thought it was about coffee I would recommend more Presso or Americano Caffe Stole in Espresso and Americano Boosts Cholesterol It's long, but in small quantities it may help to improve brain function Anyway, at first I didn't expect much, but I read it quite interesting It was a chance to reflect on my eating habits

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