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    ちゃんこ鍋「赤い毒霧」風-"Chanko nabe"-Japanese food【江戸長火鉢 105杯目】


    Chanko nabe "Red poison(Asian) mist" Japanese pub “Kabuki with Family” in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Asian mist highball Red and green Note: Because other people's voice is included, the sound is low Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) "THE ORIENTAL MYSTERY" Chanko Nabe "Red Poison mist" It's a Pork and kimchi flavor The remaining soup with rice and eggs This pub is

    This is a pub for the former professional wrestler "The Great Kabuki" He is “The Great Kabuki” Inside the pub Make a Japanese-style kimchi Chili pepper Apple Salted Squid Salted and fermented bonito offal Dashi (Dried bonito soup) Did not add, but often add garlic and ginger Napa cabbage dried for a day and sprinkled with salt on it Put the sauce between the leaves Chinese chive Put it in the refrigerator 3 days later Japanese-style lightly pickled kimchi There is dashi (dried bonito soup) in the pot Tofu, enoki mushroom, shimeji mushroom, onion, pork offal, sprouts, green onion This pork offal were boiled and washed Reproduce the dishes based on the memories of eating at the pub White miso Garlic slices Kimchi Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) "THE ORIENTAL MYSTERY" Brought home because shochu remained The Great Kabuki autograph Because dish is a red poison(asian) mist, drink shochu using red Umeboshi (pickled plums/apricot) cheers! The name is “red poison mist” but the color is not red But in the old days it was red And it was very hot Napa cabbage White taste o is a little sweet and the hot taste of chilli pepper comes later Pork offal It used to be pork meat, but it seems to have been changed to pork offal to suit the taste The color of the dishes is light but the taste is hot Add Umeboshi (pickled plums/apricot) Let's make the final dish Steamed rice Reduce soup and add a little salt Put the beaten egg in it Green onion Zo-sui (The last dish of hot pot dishes) Delicious taste of hot pot ingredients And then comes a hot taste The red poison mist was delicious Umeboshi left in the glass I'm full! Please look forward to the next

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