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    Грушёвый соус / Pear sauce / the most delicious food in the world


    Hello, friends ! Welcome to the KITCHEN! Today we with you we will prepare a delicious, very spicy pear the sauce For this we need a pear, varieties – forest beauty

    Actually, you can cook from any pears this sauce We will prepare the sauce in thick-walled pot We clean the pears as much how much will take half a saucepan, even a little more – a little more than half Cut the core in pears, chop knife on the combine and place in a saucepan Pear chopped combine knife to such a pasty state

    Now put in a saucepan and set on low heat and we will so languish for 30-40 minutes, stirring occasionally But do not forget – over low heat! Almost passed half an hour and in this pear sauce needed: parsley, 3 medium onions Now we will process it with a combine, so we take chop the parsley with a knife No need to separate from the stalk a cut the onions into 3 – 4 parts Immerse in the combine and chop with a knife

    It turned out so beautiful green gruel Greens and onions slightly decreased in volume Nothing scary, they will give their taste of this sauce Add to the saucepan and so will languish for another half hour For these half an hour until the pear languished over low heat, it also slightly decreased in volume and acquired a little brownish shade

    Add greens with onions and weary also half an hour Friends are now the third stage of cooking sauce: we need 1 teaspoon of salt From spices I choose rosemary today Half the packaging for such a volume The fragrance will be simple magical

    And also need one pack of CHILE ketchup Add to the saucepan and simmer another 15 minutes Not forget to stir occasionally How wonderful greens and onions are already stewed, wonderful ! Now pour the salt, half an hour is already approximately gone 30-40 minutes

    Now half this bag turkish razmarin What aromas will be, what aromas That is, not only the taste will be pleasant, spicy and it will also be very nice smell like a rosemary

    Now you need to mix The pear is already starting to thicken very well Sauce doesn't have to be thick, it has to be medium consistency Very tasty, just very and very great, now add here CHILE ketchup, the whole package is 300 grams, let it be very spicy, tasty, appetizing! How cool it is, love you know everything sharp mix and leave for another minutes by 10 by 15 by low heat

    Actually fire from the start how small he was – so you don’t change him, from from the very beginning to the end of cooking the sauce After ketchup CHILE we add literally 50 milliliters of vegetable oil, pour his and about the same nine percent vinegar And now we mix everything well and the sauce is still will languish for 10-15 minutes on low heat This pear sauce is not the most spicy but he is one of the most delicious ! This sauce can be well preserved for the winter Sterilize jars traditionally preserve and it saturates you all winter

    Have a nice Your appetite and see you soon at KITCHEN!

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