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Σάλτσα για όλα τα Φαγητά μας – Sauce for all our Food // Stella Love Cook


Hello my friends ! Welcome to 💞 Stella Love Cook 💞 Today we will make a perfect – excellent – delicious Sauce in jars – Sauce for all our Food – Foods That Want Tomato – Let's start We picked up a nice organic tomato from our garden – I use tomato Pomodoro or else tomato Rome // What we need to do is – As a start= we get the tomatoes one by one / From the bottom we make a cross / This makes it easy for us to clean the tomatoes properly/ so will all the tomatoes Put in a saucepan water and let boil / when ready add tomatoes to warm water // Now we are ready (Leave them in warm water for 1-2 minutes and then put them in a large baking pan) Take the tomatoes one by one / and start peeling / Look how nice they clean – As we said our tomatoes are organic / Clean them properly Now we will do a meticulous process – we will remove the seeds / Squeeze the tomato / Try to remove as many seeds as possible We finished the process and cleaned our tomatoes / I use pomodoro roma tomato – because it has more flesh and less water – So the amount I make is much higher – if you look good my tomato has very few seeds on top / the quantity we removed was large / we don't mind having few seeds What we are going to do now is to cut the tomatoes in a mixer – we want to cut fine(chopped) So we want our tomatoes to be chopped This broth is the juice of tomato / came out of the tomato when we pressed it / to get the seeds – You will not throw away this broth because we need it – because we have to add this broth to the tomato before it boils the roma tomato is not very moist / so it will not boil properly / we need to add liquids – This water is pure tomato – So we need this broth / Look at how many seeds we have removed Look at the sauce how thick it is – If we leave the sauce that way we will win = 1)As a start It will stick us on the bottom of the saucepan 2) It is never going to boil properly // So all our fatigue is lost, because it is not going to be right So I use the water I just passed through the strainer / I have two saucepan/ I'll add the whole broth to both saucepan // we add all the broth //I will tell you again / You will not throw away this broth / we need it to boil Boil our sauce for about 1 hour / Because we want the tomato – to be fluid and not to be viscous / With this spoon, we mix it in small intervals to avoid sticking to it Look how much red foam / Don't remove it is pure tomato – is all the sweetness of our tomato // We already boil for 3/4 of an hour (Videlicet 45 minutes) // and add 2 tablespoons thick salt Our sauce is ready // When you see blisters flying like that up / It means the tomato we can store them directly in the jars – So we want our sauce fluid and juicy I have not turned off the fire / I have my jars ready – While the sauce boils I pour directly into the jars – I pour directly into the jars // Why I don't sterilize my jars / This way the jars sterilization will take place and my sauce won't spoil – Let's fill the jars I have put my tomato in glass jars of one kg (In these 12 kg I have put 2 tablespoons of thick salt) This sauce you see – it's just one pot – of the two I made //Now we are ready to add 1cm olive oil from the top Why do I put extra virgin olive oil over my tomato?? The reason is the following = The tomato can no longer get air – So my tomato is not going to spoil // We catch the jar with a towel because it burns too much and we close it directly with a lid Leave it where the tomato is – Let the tomato cool very well // You won't turn it upside down – You will just leave it as you see it // When it cools down very well you will put it in the fridge If you want to store it in the freezer – let it cool very well In the saucepan – I've shown you again – Pour the tomato into the sachet // Close it properly // Save the freezer If you want to keep them out of the fridge, the right way is = or put it in a cool place like the basement or under the cabinet that is the sink (where we wash the dishes)Don't put your tomato on high – we want moisture – we want a cool place // Otherwise it will spoil A sauce you should definitely make // My friends Don't forget to like – Subscribe to my channel – Share the video – But also write me your comments ! // Have fun // Many kisses my girlfriend // Bye-Bye! //


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