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Welcome to this video, Today's part of the Fitness Academy will focus on women and their protein intake Dear ladies, you will learn why you do not have to worry about protein consumption, and why you should include them in your diet

Women, like men, need protein intake Just as the body requires carbohydrates and fats to replenish energy, it also needs proteins that contribute to the formation and regeneration of muscle tissue as well as other biological functions Especially women practicing need to get enough protein in the diet, but he doesn't have to worry about supplements At every workout, proteins break down in the muscles their regeneration and growth takes place outside the gym In order to recover and regenerate the muscles, it is necessary to take enough protein from a quality source

Proteins are composed of amino acids We know 20 amino acids, 9 of which are essential, and the body cannot produce them by itself In the absence of protein, your body may begin to break down its own muscle tissue to obtain the necessary amino acids Consequently, you could lose muscle mass and slow down your metabolism We assume that you don't want to get into this situation, therefore, you should ensure your body has an optimal protein dose every day

The daily dose of protein should be at least 08 g per kilogram of weight However, this is the minimum recommended amount for sedentary people, which serves to prevent muscle loss Active adult women and sportswomen should take around 10-1

5 g of protein per kilogram of weight If you do sports while trying to reduce weight, you can increase protein consumption to 15 to 22 grams per kilogram of weight For example, if we marry a 60 kilogram woman who has a sedentary profession and does not her daily protein intake should be 48 grams

An active woman of equal weight can take from 60 to 90 grams of protein and a sportswoman trying to reduce fat should supplement 90 to 132 g of protein per day You can get enough protein from lean meat, poultry, fish, dairy, nuts, seeds, pulses, soya products or protein supplements Yes, dear ladies, you can also have a protein bar or drink Your concern about being too muscular or too bulky after drinking a protein shake, they are unfounded The only thing that can cause volume in women is excess calories in combination with rigorous and intense training

Protein powder itself, as well as training itself, will not make you a female version of Hulka The myth that more protein causes more muscle is based on that protein powder was once associated and sold only to male bodybuilders However, men have more testosterone and are therefore able to develop muscle mass more than women Women simply do not have enough testosterone to quickly gain bulky muscle mass This means that proteins generally do not cause bulkiness in women

If possible, even sedentary women who eat a lot of meat, eggs or dairy products looked like bodybuilders Therefore, you can fully enjoy any protein foods and nutritional supplements They will help you maintain muscle mass, feed you, and in combination with healthy eating, A regular sleep and workout plan will help you feel good and look even better But what proteins are suitable for women? I may surprise or disappoint you, but there is no special protein for women Protein powders for men and women are made from the same protein sources, who normally consume both sexes

Whey proteins and casein come from milk, Egg Albumin from egg whites, soy, pea or hemp protein are from plant sources However, when you buy protein, you may encounter products that are labeled specifically for women These products are often enriched with substances that positively affect the female organism For example, one of these proteins is our Yum Yum protein It is whey protein, but it is supplemented with digestive enzymes that make the product digestible as well as a mixture of vitamins and minerals important for women

It also contains natural fiber inulin, natural L-carnitine burner, conjugated linoleic acid or CLA and MCT oil, which effectively promote fat burning and serve as an energy source For women, however, other types of proteins that are universally effective are also suitable However, please be sure to read the product composition to be sure We believe we have provided you with all the important information about protein consumption for women In the comments below, write us if you are in some way guarding proteins and if you give protein, what is your favorite

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