Weedsport Fitness Center

I never thought we'd have something quite like this Almost like a small college type of atmosphere

Whenever we're not in school I'll be in here This is really cool We did not have any of this before Even the racks caught my eye 'cause the racks are top-of-the-line too I thought it was just gonna be an open room, you know with nice equipment, but the branding and all that it was really impressive

These bikes are state-of-the-art bikes that will allow not only racing amongst the four of them, they could also lock in with somebody else from afar over the Internet I couldn't get that anywhere else really I'd have to go to Champions for Life in Auburn, but now it's right here It's definitely a lot nicer than our old weight room Basically, it was the weight room that Rocky Balboa would workout in

We're, you know, cutting wood and punching meat and stuff Weights were rusty Rusty It was really rusty Old

Definitely not, there were only three machines that actually worked The versatility of the room just wasn't there So here, it's everything this is a total fitness center This will serve , football players, this will serve 85-year-old, you know, heart attack survivors The school district has become the center point of the community and as a result of that when the voters came in to vote, we wanted to give them something where they could see that they're getting something out of this as well

It's good they're gonna get to come in here and use it with us now They'll walk in here and know right away that they have a place that they can go It serves a fitness function It serves an educational function, but also it's a you know it's a gathering place in the community They'll meet here before and after work every day

I think it'll be very popular We're gonna be faster, stronger, better prepared, to play Better equipment and it would most likely translate to better results You feel good You feel prideful about it

It's gonna make you want to come back, We're looking at a long-term gain and we want better health and improved wellness for our staff and our students and the community