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    Selamun aleyküm fitcevapcom followers I am free mustafa geldeç, today with you together how important the genetics in bodybuilding and fitness sport I hope we will

    First of all, if you look at the bad vidoes of my genetically purse-purse unfortunately, a serious fact in our country, some hoca that your genetics are bad when they cannot benefit their members Unfortunately, 6 out of 10 people have become an event that can be encountered So what do we call genetic? Let's talk about this first What we call friends genetics means everything that has been passed on to you from your ancestors Of these, we are most interested in your height, hormones and body structure Among the hormones, the most important ones are insulin growth factor, testosterone, estrogen

    , thyroid, etc Because these hormones, our, obese, muscular, masculine, corner, weak, etc are the most important hormones that are effective in having us So as a result of our ancestors, our father, our grandfather, etc people, such as sports or predisposition to sports or more of these hormones If so, we would benefit from them in some way

    For example, if you look around, women's basin width is usually from aunt and mother is something Men have big bones, or a person is a corner of his father's uncle etc There is of course a person in the family As a result, you are their mixture that has been in the range until now

    80% of those who go to the Sports Hall are victims due to the indifference of the teachers in the hall If you are one of them, enter fitcevapcom review details and fill out the application form Follow the training and nutrition programs specially designed for your goals, both with pictures and videos, on the PC or on the phone If you have questions on your head, call your teacher by phone, fitcevapcom far away service

    For a better understanding, for example, if you like sports like russia america etc When we look at the countries that give serious importance and look at the Olympic athletes more , the serious athletes who have achieved the degree of tests by marrying each other children who will come to the world of them by doing sportsman in the Olympics serious degree So even this is actually genetics in itself how important it is So in short genetics is very, very important for bodybuilding and fitness is a factor If you want to achieve serious success in this sport, you have a legacy from your ancestors required

    And the reason I'm saying this is because most of you are at bodybuilding competitions or fitness you aim to be like them, but unfortunately most of you don't succeed and when he fails, he is disappointed Actually, the problem here is with your dishonest teachers Unlike a fitness instructor not only to improve your body to draw a way to you has

    It's like saying to a man who has a trade head all his life and you can be a doctor actually this Why would a man with a trade-head poison get up and try to be a doctor? or on the contrary, the head of the poison is focused on studying like a human cause to get up another Try to deal with a profession? That's how it works in bodybuilding To try to play in a sector where your genetics and anatomy do not allow is nothing but suicide, both physically and spiritually So if your genetics are bad, of course, do your sport as much as possible try to develop, but do not upset yourself by establishing empty dreams

    Yes friends Our next video is about bodybuilding and fitness The importance will be about Remember to like videos and subscribe to the channel esselamu aleyküm ve rahmetullah

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