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Hola guys How are you? Welcome to this new video The fact is that lately I've been eating too many Potatoes (Launch) Keep taxing Keep taxing(more serious) Yes, a ok, the factor is that lately I've been eating too many potatoes And I said This can't go on like this! And then I have put A challenge and it is the following Today (epic music) From today(epic music) Until the Christmas holidays are over 2 weeks left I'm going to do A training routine An abdominal based routine Push ups and squats What are the Arms, abdomen and legs OK, I don't know they are But it will also be for you in case you want to follow it And if you see that it has no effect on me, do not follow it But it sure won't work for you Let's go there Good evening, although it really is day I have several things to say The first is this I think to put This basket thing, I think to put I plan to put it here The fact is that I think I paste it on the wall On the Beatiful wall And decorate it with lights or whatever This has nothing to do with the video but I say it In fact (laughs) I have a ball To make good triples Before playing the game this evil night Emm I will See, se tutorials Ok And so know to play And not be a noop How to spend Evil Nun in easy mode Let's see if's true Oouu shit, I'm scared of music OK about the car I need something Holy God I need a video I'm going to sit for a moment I need a video That explain it to me better I mean talking Because if I don't have to get everything I haven't played, I don't know the functions Blah blah this not How to pass evil nun (the nun) WTF! Evil Nun means "the Nun" Leave it in the comments I'll look at the translator E-vil Evil Nun Monja malvada( Evil Nun) The game is called evil Nun Noo No the Nun But it's ok The truth is ok Here I show my great level of English I will never do that again Well, let's go to another video Let's see if anyone explains it Best When I understand it, I will make a video for everyone who doesn't And you wanted to know I found video called How to pass Evil Nun? (The Nun) That is not called the Nun I'm going to turn down the volume We continue – And for those who don't know Here is a secret door You have to press his And then eheh We press that "little button" And there will be a new room I'm allucinating There is a type of bag that you will speak and there is a bomb 5 hours What is this And what happens if 5 hours explode? Explain to me friend if you don't express yourself What is this? What is all this?! But we'll this game that has!? But good what fear, what is it? I'm hallucinating I mean it, I'm hallucinating! I'm hallucinating There is like a tunnel with many paintings Can you imagine it coming out of the box ( he denies it) It would be great you make a game in which the painting moves I will spy on you like that You understand, imagine you're walking like this You are walking very quiet Very happy And you start running and you say " I hope the Nun doesn't catch me" And is she in a picture like that I'm the movies happens a lot Emm this bastard is using hacks I don't know if do this too He's not teaching how to pass it on, but with hacks So anyone FRIEND!! I understand that this is explaining where a simpler way But man Ler's see Neither is it a tramp at a very high level But is a A little bit of scam smells A little bone either This will depend on you He won't tell you how to move, how to hide This will depend on your reflexes and you What I'm going to do first is What we must do first is assemble the mannequin We look 4 minutes of video ANd he told us what to do first Assemble a mannequin I don't know first you have to deactivate the pump to open that I guess it is not necessary

Come on Aim this not? We are going to Let's put here Evil Nun And the steps Evil Nun Yes, this crap is my letter Step 1-Assemble the mannequin Assemble the Mannequin We continue Wow, there it is The crank This is going to be used, also to arm To arm the doll Explosive :v Let's see I'm very confused Having said that the first step is to assemble the Mannequin But now he found a crank, which is used to arm the doll What do you mean by doll?! With something else, or is the Mannequin Please if you are seeing this (does weird stuff) Comment below Let's see, it's not for offending or anything But (EMm

) I don't know anything about the game "Then" don't talk to me as I knew As if he were an expert here This is to arm the doll, this to soul the Mannequin I didn't even know there was a mannequin I didn't even know there was a doll, or maybe it's the same, And simply You called him what you wanted Quiet, nothing happens It's okay Em

I won't point it out I will point it mentally xd Maybe when I edit this video Crank The crank is For the doll or For the Mannequin, it's is not well known We continue I am confused, is this mobile game? Or the computer? Nahúm, then install it and try it I've already done it, but Here things are appearing, which do not appear to me on the mobile They don't appear to me! by the way In the game I dare not even leave the havitation It's scary, it's scary, it's, scary OK guys we have A king of card To give a green switch What is it for it open And mu doubt if when

WOW They open quite a lot It's okay I have heard dogs? Now you have to look for a scissor I think I won't be able to pass it Big scissors(surprised) They look like those of a gardener The nun with that cuts you huh Cut your neck Fuck! That is from Gansters OK the scissors Are to cut a kind of wires Wow sounds of excitement Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow :V OK we have to look for a goat hunt Emm this house is too big This is normal? I know it's a game based on Granny Emm but it's too big no? ( I get scared) A skeleton, and we put it to the skeleton, as if it were And also It's all super creepy You are going to tell me that picking up a blanket and putting it on a skeleton is not creepy It's like me picking up now(I have no idea if the translation is OK) A big bear to give me And put it in bed And I put a sheet to sleep That's what my cousin does She's crazy Some problem with putting a blanket on my bear? Ok I do not understand what's happening What's going on? Oh my God Let's see, with the nonsense I've only pointed Evil Nun 1 Assemble the Mannequin What a crap tutorial is this please This someone who has already played 20 times It's going to say good because it's great, but it's just that I I do not get it Now we take one and we take it Dynamite! What is this come on man Well guys, here's the video today I hope you learned something I have sincerely understood everything But for now, the only thing Is that the only thing I have pointed out is the first step What to do in the game, is to arm A mannequin is the only thing I have signed up and the only thing I Know I also understand that you have to build a skeleton and all this I don't know what it will be for But I will review the tutorial Emm several times And well if you watch this video and know something about the game Comment emm Something you know about the game, something important Or send videos and links Pass me links right here on YouTube below in the comments And they are a tutorial that is really Not good because this one was a good but really Easy for dummies (for me) I need it And well here the video today I hope you liked it, you can leave like You can subscribe, you can subs Suscribe I was going to say again You can hit the bell and nothing See you at the next one Video Game I don't if it AH NO in the next Game Video Goodbye Well come on CHAO until later to take for Fuck I don't want to eat anymore I'm obsessed with is potatoes I swore never again I would eat potatoes That Ruffles would never eat again Eating Ruffles is that I can stand it Have to save it You have to start the routine, okay guys I haven't called you gay, it's guys in English

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