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– And I just thought I'd put this walking tour video together for you if you're looking at coming here and training here at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside (slow music) – [Man] All right, everybody in

(slow music) – Good morning guys, 23rd of October 2019 It is a Wednesday I'm staying here at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside for a week with Robin, my girlfriend That's the carpark area, that's the toilet facilities and then the Muay Thai training is down through there and the basketball court is just there and then you'll see the gym and the MMA area and the or yoga area is right next to each other and blinds If you wanna see more detailed videos of this place, I'm doing a daily video here so I'm showing everyone like what's on the menu, like what we're eating here, you know the room tour video is a separate video if you wanna see all of our facilities in our room, you know and the day the life kind of training here

I'm actually not doing really any training day like the actual Muay Thai classes are pretty much the same like they're just smaller to the main campus So, I've done heaps of videos on the beginner and intermediate and Muay Thai classes that Tiger Muay Thai hosts in separate videos but those videos were shot over at the main campus The biggest difference I've noticed though between the Muay Thai training here at Beachside versus the Muay Thai training of the main campus is the size of the classes Like guys I'm telling you this literally only, I mean 13 people staying in this whole resort and you know and they might only have like seven or eight people training over in the Muay Thai classes which is crazy because the training, I did a couple of those group classes and they were intense, they were really intense and I highly recommend you check I mean like it's it almost feels like a one-on-one session that you're getting here because of the low class volumes

You know like right now I'm having, I'm seeing that there's literally one person to every trainer down there right now So, anyway I hope this is helpful As I said, I'm not paid or sponsored I just do this for fun I make these videos to fun This like a my side passion thing

I've been doing this for a couple of years now, running around the different campus and things like that, shoot some videos So, if you interested in what the training environment is like in other camps or other accommodation facilities or restaurants, places to eat, you could get Thailand as part of your fitness vacation, check out those other videos 'cause I pretty much cover a lot of things Yeah, so I'm just thinking now that I booked this on bookingcom, this place and I got like, I paid like 10 $15 cheaper, I spent 10 $15 less than if I were to do it directly on the Tiger website because I'm a genius member with bookingcom

So, bookingcom gave me like a $10 credit or whatever but it ended up being like $330 for a week, Australian dollars for a week but as I film this now, check Tiger Muay Thai Beachside's website They have like a 30% promotion thing So yeah, I guess if you go through their website you get like a 30% discount or something like that So, I don't know

Maybe they're not, they might have that as you watch this video I'm not sure Yeah, like this place is like brand new, like no one's here Like what the hell? So, yeah, anyway I'm not gonna say like come here or not come here like you make your own decision, you've seen it now I'll spin you around one more time

I mean like that's pretty cool, huh? That's really really nice, really really nice It's actually an overcast day today Okay, so I'll show you, they've actually got, hello, they've actually got, I'm going into the men's change rooms right now I hope there's no like naked, right, okay, it's awkward if that's the case, guy with a camera Anyway, so I'm gonna show you the steam room and the sauna that they have here at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside for both men and women

Hopefully, there's no guys in here Thank you Yeah, there's no one in here, okay great So, you got change, they got lockers here and this is the steam room and the sauna So, when they talk about the steam rooms and suanas at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside this is exactly what they're talking about

They're not turned on at the moment but you get the idea Steam room, sauna, right here You know, great, you've seen it That's it, that's all there is to it All right, let's go and explore more of this place

Tiger Muay Thai Beachside, ride through here That's a strength and conditioning place, that building there The administration building Now, I'm about to walk you down to where Chalong Bay is so when they talk about Tiger Muay Thai Beachside, I guess they're talking about it being like near Chalong Bay, right So, I'll show you what it looks like

We've got the fish market just here Not sure if you can actually eat in there I think it's just a wholesale place, I really don't know, to be honest, I've never been in there but if you come here and stay and you go in there, let me know what it's all about So, I'm walking down here and they're building something here, I'm not sure they're building I know this is getting a little boring for you guys but you know I wanna show you like how far it is to walk from Beachside to the bay

You can actually do this as part of your training You can just jog along here It's a really nice little jog Jog along this path, turn left and go all the way around the bay As you can see, we're coming up to the bay now

And today is really nice because when you come to Thailand, you've never been here before like I know some guys watching this from India and Mexico like really hot climates, I've been to both of those countries amazing, countries too, you won't have an issue with acclimatising to the weather here is 'cause it's so humid in India, it's so humid Mexico, it's so humid, you know Central America is so humid But if you're from you know the Nordics like you know Sweden, Norway or you know the guy watching from New Zealand, I'm from Melbourne Australia, it gets cold there too, you know it takes you at least a week, week and a half just to adapt to the weather here The today is overcast and it's really nice It's really really nice here It's a good change 'cause it's been hot every day here

So, this is Chalong Bay right here So, when you come to Beachside, if you decide to come here, this is what you'll see Raw, uncut, unedited, there it is This is the bay you can jog along there, jog back I don't know what they're building there but you can, I don't know if you can swim in there

Like it doesn't look like you could, I don't know guys, I don't know if you'd wanna swim in there, to be honest with you There's rubbish, all sorts of shit in there, like I don't know Just doesn't look like a, doesn't look like you'd wanna swim in there at all Anyway, that's what it looks like, just the dirty brown, rubbish, plastic So but if there's a beach around here, let me know guys

I'm really curious to know Maybe it's further down there but that's, you know it's quite a distance so I'm not gonna go that far today, not in this video Hello Anyway guys, I'm gonna wrap it up I hope this was super helpful

If you have any questions, let me know I'm not an expert in like all this I just share my fitness and training journey with the world, I love training here, I love fitness obviously and I love sharing the journey and I love meeting you guys that have watched the last set of videos I shot here over the last two years actually They've come out here, you book your flights and it's inspired you to come out here and start your own fitness journey It's it really feels good when I get your emails or I meet you in person

It feels good and that's what motivates me to keep going So, yeah and all I wanna do is I just wanna share no BS, exactly how it is, this is what it is, what you gotta get No marketing bullshit and just exactly how it is, right so there's no surprises when you come out here, have it all in advance And then you can make your own decision about where you wanna train, where you wanna eat you, what wanna do I don't tell people what they should do

I just give you the content and then I let people make their own decisions My job, you know if I'm gonna be creating videos, it's just to shoot authentically as possible This is it man So anyway, if you're coming out here, send me a message, send me an email, Instagram and if I'm here, we can catch up, we can hang out, whatever If not, enjoy your trip here

You'll have a blast This place is definitely life changing, no BS You will meet people that have like just completely changed their lives, reinvented themselves as they say, coming out to these camps, quit their jobs, completely like overhauled their life, lost weight, gotten in the best shape of their life you know like it's just the best part, it's the best environment to meet people from all around the world that you know I get the language barrier thing with you know, you might not speak the same language as other people you're training with both but the same language, the common language is fitness Like we're all here for the same reasons

We all wanna get fit, strong and healthy, blah blah blah Like this is the perfect environment to meet people that are like minded, have the same values, care about the same things Anyway, this is a pep talk I apologise, 25-minute video Thanks for watching and I'll see you in my daily shorter videos

See you guys (slow music)

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