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    The Phoenix Fights Addiction With Fitness And Community—And They're Winning | Stand Together


    (soft music) – David is the epitome of what recovery can look like When I first met him, he was living in a shelter and had nothing

    – [David] For me, pills turned into heroin My first Phoenix event was at the rock climbing gym I met Kaley and Todd that night To be able to relate to somebody and know that they've been through some of the same things that you have, kind of makes you have a connection to that person – [Kaley} Eight years ago, I couldn't get a needle out of my arm

    And today, like, a have a rope with someone else's life on the end of it (inspirational music) – Have fun – Let's do it! Ah, climbing – Climb on – There you go, nice! (Kaley grunting) Did you think six months ago you were gonna be doing this? – I know, I know

    This is, (Kaley giggling) A little scraped up, but this is an incredible moment for me – [Kaley] Phoenix has shown me that we get close to people through sharing their struggle

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