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    We already did our evaluation tests and will proceed with a perception of which areas are the most tense We felt in our evaluation that this was the most tense area right? Do you feel it tight on this side? Yeah Relax Does it irradiate to somewhere? Yes this side We always have to do a full evaluation not only to her sport routine but also to her professional life, her job demands a lot of sitting time and this neck problematic is very usual in this type of professional activity and this problematic is not going to help her reach sport success or her sport routine in any way Ready? Relax your shoulders Turn to the side What happens a lot, specially with girls, and something we can't forget is that at the beginning they started to only train legs and then turned to shoulders and back areas but they forgot something if we start training more those areas and less the chest one what happens is that we end up with a bigger muscle on the back and shoulder area which almost feels like it wants to swallow us and to fix that the chest area also needs to be worked so that balance can be reached because if the back area gets bigger we are going to be unbalanced I just want you to do this So we finished our treatment the routine exercises and the correction ones that I do here and can be done at home or during training and we saw that it is always something that can improve How was it? How do you feel? To start I always leave feeling lighter and calmer also It's also important for you to realize realize that our physique can influence our psychological tenser the body, more agitated we get from it so we need some balance and relief Was it painful? A little bit But it's her muscles fault not everybody suffers who trains more suffers more Most of all at the lumbar and dorsal

    We found some low range motions there were movements that had a lower range that it should and those low range motions can imply that sometimes she won't be isolating the muscles that she would like We did our job we will return to the routine without any restrictions and we will be monitoring session by session what we will need to do Her social media are Follow her she has great content that can help you understand what kind of training she does Check it out because It's a good motivation source for who´s starting now or even for those who already do it for a while now it´s always good to have some models to follow So I wish you the best and thank you Thank you!

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