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    Témoignage de Michelle et Julie à Orizon Fitness


    Me my goals it was more a mass gain Me it was to feel good in my body and in my head I spent a year in a gym It's not necessarily concrete follow-ups, I needed more

    I was in a room that girls, with lots of mirrors and suddenly I did not feel comfortable and there were no coaches in the room My trigger was that it was not just CrossTraining, there is a bit of everything Me I join a little Michelle, on all courses they offer I did not know what to do and it helped me know what I liked In addition to that, as it is courses where the coach is there, it also allows to see the evolution Me it will be a month that I started here and frankly I see a little evolution! I'm happy It's not huge, but I see that in a month my body changes

    Above all, it's the mind Go to the gym with a smile, be it not a strain and also feel good in my body I have a piece of advice: it's a room that's really open It's nothing but we say hello, everyone is on the same level If it scares you, frankly, come, try, do a test session, see how the atmosphere is, it really changes everything Yes I join Michelle, it's the first time we see each other and we have the impression of having done several courses together What changes from other rooms is this very family side where you feel very good

    What really matters to me is that we really work in a small group: We are about 10 people All coaches adapt to us at our level and this is what has struck me the most

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