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    What ?! Bulls! Hi, you know what taurine connects with bull glands, and why is it added to energy drinks? Check out this part of the Fitness Academy and find out all the interesting facts about taurine and its effects Taurine is a sulfur-containing organic acid found in most tissues, such as the brain, of the retina, heart, or muscle

    Taurine got its name from the Latin word Taurus, which means bull, because it was first discovered in the bull gland But do not worry, nutritional supplements and supplements are given industrially produced taurine, so that vegetarians and vegans can also receive these products Athletes have liked taurine for its many positive effects, to regenerate muscles and relieve strained muscles According to research, the combination of taurine and BCAA is the most effective in combating muscle damage, compared to single BCAA, taurine or placebo You will feel the effect of taurine on muscle regeneration especially if you are exposed to intense and demanding workouts

    Another benefit of taurine is its effect on better aerobic performance A dose of 1 g taurine 2 hours before exercise can help you a lot This was confirmed by a test on a group of athletes who, thanks to taurine, ran 3 km track 17% faster, without significantly affecting the heart rhythm or the amount of oxygen received Taurine is also beneficial in weight loss

    This is confirmed by a study of obese undergraduates who received 3 g of taurine per day After 7 weeks, they significantly improved their fat profile and reduced weight Taurine has the ability to reduce extra kilograms by increasing fat consumption as a source of energy This claim was also proved by a study on professional cyclists They consumed taurine an hour before the 90-minute route and then burned 16% more fat than usual

    Taurine has many indispensable functions for human health Supports overall immunity, reduces inflammation, prevents infections, contributes to healthy heart activity, regulates cholesterol, affects the amount and quality of sperm and many other benefits You can find them all in our taurine blog, which you can read by clicking on the link below the video The positive effects of taurine are really a lot However, our body produces it only in small quantities, and therefore taurine is referred to as an essential acid

    It is formed in the pancreas and, in men, in the testes An interesting fact is that newborns do not yet have the ability to synthesize taurine, and therefore receive it through breast milk Since taurine is minimal in our body, we need to supplement it with diet or supplements The main sources of taurine include meat, seafood such as oysters, mussels, shrimp and seaweed This suggests that vegetarians and vegans in particular suffer from taurine deficiency

    Statistics show that the average person who consumes meat receives 123 mg of taurine per day, vegetarian about 17 mg taurine and vegan almost no taurine The recommended dose of this substance ranges from 500 to 2000 mg, which is why vegans, vegetarians, but also athletes who want to benefit from the benefits of taurine, consider supplementing it Pregnant women and people with bipolar disorder should consult a doctor about taking taurine Finally one more interesting thing You may have encountered some known energy drinks containing taurine

    People mistakenly think it's a harmful stimulant, but it's not true Taurine is added to the energy content because that it can mitigate the negative effects of large amounts of caffeine such as palpitations, nervousness and anxiety At the same time, taurine promotes the effects of caffeine on suppressing fatigue However, the high caffeine and sugar content in energy drinks reduces the health benefits of taurine, therefore, generally, energy is not a healthy way to replenish energy Have you been surprised by the effects of taurine, or have you already known about them? Tell us about your experience with taurine and how you recharge your energy after training

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