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    Hey everyone this is Levi with Between Two Lines Tune in next week

    I'm gonna take some time to talk about those weird moments where your blood sugar just Rises for no reason The beginning of an aerobic exercises, working out, lifting weights, or in the morning when you get up You haven't even eaten but you got dressed and your blood sugar's already on the way up At dawn phenomenon or liver dump some people will call it Let's talk about what it is so you know what it is and you can start addressing it and improve that portion of your diabetes because when you don't it's a problem and it's paying the rear

    Today- part 2 of sports fitness and type 1 diabetes Let's get right into it So last week we talked about playing sports and working out with high blood sugar The frustrations that come along with it, some of the dangers that come along with it Today I promised to talk about the hours leading up to the game or to the event or the gym

    How to arrive at the starting line with your blood sugar not only in check and level, but stable I spent a lot of time on a plane this week and thought about it and like with most things with type 1 diabetes the more time spending on it the more complex it got So in order to maximize what I think you can get out of the video you really need to put yourself into 1 or 2 categories and don't read into it too much just watch the video, figure out which one seems like more you and try to apply some of the things that I've used and it had results with The categories are and I've tried to boil them down but competitive and non-competitive Your competition athletes and then your non-competition people who are your weight lifters, your powerlifters, your runners, your 5k people, exercisers, all aerobic activities

    If you put yourself in one of those two categories, that will help a lot Don't take offense to them One's not better than the other They're just different and both of them require maximum effort One's not harder than the other but their goals are different and if you'll figure out which one you are and address your diabetes accordingly, you'll have better results

    That brings us full circle to arriving at whatever this event may be with a level inline and stable blood sugar Let's start with the competitive athletes These people have goals and they really all share the same goal: win Whether it's a team sport or individual sport- everything they do is about getting maximum performance out of their bodies to help their team or to get closer to victory All the workouts, all the mental training, all the physical training

    They're trying to get faster They want to throw further They want to kick harder They want to swim further All these things are not for the fun of it, it's so that they can become a better version of themselves and a better athlete to win

    The way you prepare for that is different – as a diabetic you've done all this work You've done all this prep work You're gonna have to do the same with your diabetes You need to eat a meal, a complex meal that's going to give your body the maximum amount of fuel to carry into this sporting event Think about the precision with which you do everything else in your sport

    You need to take that same precision to the way you pregame your meal It needs to be a high carb complex carb meal that you're eating three to four hours before the game That you- here's the kicker- that you know exactly how to dose for You can't just introduce another variable You've already got the other team to worry about

    You've already got the weather to worry about You've already got any injury you may be dealing with There's enough variables already Don't make what you eat one of them It needs to be something familiar with that you've eaten several times and then figured out, "Hey I know when I eat this, I give X amount of insulin and it nails it

    Six hours later I'm always level I'm always perfect" That's gonna take some work You're not just gonna be able to guess at it even the more tenured diabetic still can admit, "Yeah that's gonna take a little preparation I'll have to eat that meal six, seven, eight, nine, ten times before I really have dialed it in perfectly

    " To give yourself the highest chance of winning, you need to have the most fuel in your tank, the most glycogen available to your muscles, and you need to have dispersed the right amount of insulin That way when the game arrives your blood sugars not only within range, it's level and it's stable and by stable I mean it's still metabolizing the food so more and more glycogen is becoming available as the game goes on and you don't just run out of gas in the second period, second inning, second quarter, whatever and have your blood sugar starts dropping You need that fuel to be a slow trickle of fuel, hence complex carbs Now let's look at the other side, your non-competitive athletes These people are working just as hard

    Your efforts just as high, this is not a comment about effort but your goals are different Why do people exercise? Why do people workout? Most people have got a goal in mind I want to lose ten pounds I want to build muscle I want to cut fat

    I want to run a marathon My doctor said I'm getting fat and I need to get healthy Whatever your reason is, what you take into that workouts different as well You don't go into these workouts trying to get the maximum amount of performance you can out of that workout What you're looking to do is get the maximum amount of results from the work out

    The way you lead up to is different as well You're not going to eat a humungous bowl of spaghetti every single day before you go to the gym for your workout when you're trying to lose 10 pounds What you want to do is handle this the same exact way as a competitive athlete but instead of giving yourself the maximum amount of fuel, you need to find out what's the minimum So you're gonna instead of having a meal, you're gonna have a snack It's a snack, it's smaller, you're gonna eat it closer to when you start working out

    Or you start running and even though it's less its metabolizing the same way while you're working out and providing you glycogen as you go Too much and there's some leftover It's still gotta go somewhere A lot of times it gets stored That's what you don't want

    You want to give yourself enough to fuel and go through the workout or run or race without any leftover That also requires just as much precision You've got to know that snack like the back of your hand you have to have eaten it a million times and know exactly how much insulin to give Now both of these events can introduce at the start of them the liver dump, the thing I alluded to at the beginning Next week I'm going to talk on that

    I've kind of avoided it intentionally but the takeaways from this week are if you want to perform at the highest level, athletes Or you want to achieve the maximum amount of results from the work you're putting in, you have to start off at hours before you even get there Prep your body by eating correctly As much preparation and work goes into that as the workout or the game itself It's frustrating but it's part of who we are

    You're a type 1 diabetic If you own it and you handle it, it's gonna be a non-factor If you haven't already subscribed and you like the channel, please do it and please share it I can't tell how many times someone said that they shared it and their buddy said they had diabetes too or someone they knew through Facebook or Instagram There's a lot of us out there that just lurk and aren't doing anything but we're starting to lurk and that's step one is watching

    Share it Try to get some of those people hooked on stuff like this video I'm not that great but it means that they're interested and they're interested in doing better and I think we all are So we can all do our part, share this video, and let's keep this thing rolling Next week we'll talk about those abnormal and kind of phenomenal highs that come out of nowhere

    In the meantime, good luck keeping it between the lines My name's Levi

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