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    Senior Fitness- Seated & Standing Strength Ab Workout for Seniors, Beginners & Limited Mobility


    Hi i'm Melissa owner of Feel Better Fitness Welcome to the Tuesday 12 total body circuit workout from sunny south florida please SUBSCRIBE for new weekly workouts and tips These workouts are great for everyone safe for seniors beginners and people with limited mobility The ladies demonstrate level one beginner chair one round, level two standing supported you could do one to two rounds level three not supported two rounds

    Whatever your level get up and get moving you can do it! Check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program Stay tuned for a bonus to see what friends in our nature preserve visited us this week For this workout water a safe clear area and Hi guys today we're going to be working my original workouts which are so special to Feel Better Fitness We are going to be working with the core stick today I have them on my website this is the lightweight one and this is the heavier one this one's four pounds this one's one and a half pounds or if you don't have that of course you can use a water bottle I sell them on my website it's a feelbetterfitnessprogramcom/equipment so you can get grab those there I also put a link in the description so we do stuff with one hand and two hands in all sorts of grips but you can also do it with the water bottle like that it's not as comfortable and these are a little more challenging

    Here are the ladies okay today, level one is gonna be Cheryl say hi cheryl hi level two is Pam say hi pam i know you love that and then Terry is level 3 she's going for it today We're gonna start with our one to two minute warm up, half jacks, squats hamstring curls and shoulder circles All right let's go and go one two three good four five six try to keep those feet straight seven eight good ten eleven twelve thirteen two more fourteen fifteen march it out we're gonna switch sides all right right arm right leg or two arms like Terry and I go one two nice and tall three push four five six seven eight nine ten five four three two one march it out good job now our squats guys let's get shoulder width apart arms up all right ready and down bend press up one inhale exhale two push back three stretch six seven eight nine ten five four four three exhale alternating let's start with the left one two three kick it up stretch five six seven good guys eight nine ten eleven twelve drop march it out big shoulder circles reach up hold tummy and push back Left foot underneath the chair and your right foot make sure it's wide enough so you have a runway you're going to keep your back leg straight you're going to hinge forward straighten your arms you're going to bend your elbows and you're going to inhale keep tall and then you're going to push and squeeze the back of your arms and then you're going to lower your body inhale exhale push two inhale bend your elbows straighten your elbows inhale bend and straighten keep your shoulders down away from your ears four five six so i'm not moving my leg it's staying bent in the front i'm just hinging my body forward bending my elbows and pressing back inhale exhale and keep your elbows in nice and close this really works those arms and now hold bend two three four and five straight and switch legs bend your front straighten your back push back your sit bones hinge forward nice long line straighten your arms nice and tall press one inhale bend exhale push two keeping the core nice and still three abs pulled in four chin tuck five six smile seven squeeze eight i know i feel it nine ten and twelve hold five four three two and one march it out Exercise two and three starting with the Seated one arm lateral raise on the right side for 12 times then we switch over to two hands with an overhead press and then to the left side back to the ladies

    legs together i want you guys to work your inner thighs, nice and tall we're gonna inhale exhale squeeze up shoulder high squeeze your shoulder blades inhale exhale one inhale exhale two good inhale exhale three inhale exhale four inhale five good six nice and tall seven eight we got twelve nine and eleven and twelve good now we're gonna water bottle or stick and put it into both hands at the side you're gonna flip it up we're gonna do our overhead raises now Pam's gonna just go up a little bit because that would be your modification if you have a shoulder problem now actually Cheryl's gonna do that sorry cheryl's beginner all right so we're gonna inhale exhale press up one inhale exhale two inhale exhale three four five good six seven eight good job smile guys nine you got it ten eleven and twelve now change to your left arm good job these are original workouts guys this is a feel better original workout inhale exhale one inhale exhale two three squeeze those shoulder blades four five six good job seven eight nine ten two more eleven and wow good job now back in those two hands inhale exhale press up one two three everyone smile four five have fun guys hey nine ten two more eleven and twelve good job now if you like you can try the standing version our step outs and our squats version of those two exercises if not follow Cheryl all right ready and go one inhale exhale two good inhale exhale three inhale exhale four beautiful five six seven eight very good nine ten eleven and twelve now we're going here down here exhale press up one inhale exhale two and you're just doing a little Cheryl three good four pound up five push through the heel six seven eight good nine ten eleven and twelve switch good work straight inhale up one inhale out two three four turtle body five six use that core seven eight nine ten eleven and wow good job exercise four we're first going to do the Seated Throw-ups don't really throw up ha ha ha! and then the standing version, don't bend over keep the body so you're just hinging from the hip you're gonna inhale and you're gonna pretend you're gonna throw up and cheryl you're just going up to here keep it low Terry you can go all the way up and when you're up here you're gonna pull your abs in to control that movement right inhale exhale one hinging up two push through those heels three inhale exhale four five six seven eight nine ten two more eleven and twelve march it out roll those shoulders now the squat version you can try it or you can stay with Cheryl okay let's get ready little bend push through the heels and up one inhale exhale tube inhale exhale three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven and twelve good job march it out Exercise five Seated Wood Chops so you're going to chop down pull your abs in without bending over or twisting through your low back keep those abs tight or you can try a standing squat wood chop which i am demonstrating over the right shoulder tummy in and down forward and down chop one two exhale control pulling in that core roll your shoulders put your hands over left side over to the right inhale exhale forward and down chop two three four great job guys now take a cool down stretch and water break and big hugs from all of us! Now for our BONUS friend i call her Sally Isn't she just beautiful SUBSCRIBE for more original feel better workout see you next time!

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