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Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) SM-R140NZKAXAR Bluetooth Cord-free Fitness Earbuds


Samsung Gear IconX Review The Gear IconX can last for 5 hours with Bluetooth streaming or 7 hours with local music playback, Samsung claims

That's up from 90 minutes of streaming and 3 to 4 hours of local music playback in the older, more expensive model This and other changes make the IconX a solid improvement over its predecessor, though it's still not perfect We tried out the new features and found the equalizer tools were by far the most useful The Dynamic setting is the best for most songs Bass Boost is great for running to a beat

The new wireless transfer feature, which lets you send multiple songs from a Galaxy smartphone to the Gear IconX earphones, was streamlined as I had hope The Samsung Gear IconX earbuds work with both iOS and Android devices, though, as you might expect, you'll get more out of the earphones if you pair them with a Samsung Galaxy phone With an iPhone, the Gear IconX works just like any other pair of Bluetooth headphones However, pairing these earphones with a Galaxy device unlocks a suite of features Like the first-gen Gear IconX, the updated model comes with an oval-shaped charging case that juices up the buds when you're not using them

The case on the version has a bigger, 340-mAh battery than the 315-mAh battery in the original, which means it can also last longer on a charge The Gear IconX is the rare pair of cord-free headphones that offers expansive local storage for MP3s — 4GB, or enough for up to 1,000 songs — and can also track your walking and running workouts thanks to an accelerometer Like the original model, the new Gear IconX features a voice coach for workouts, which you can activate by long-pressing the designated exercise earphone The Gear IconX earphones excel when it comes to wearability I took the Gear IconX on a run one blustery October morning and never felt the buds move, not even when my ponytail blew wildly against my ears


The audio quality is also impressive for a pair of Bluetooth earphones I couldn't hear any ambient noise as I ran, which felt a little dangerous, but Samsung offers an ambient-noise setting in the Gear Manager app that amplifies environmental noise for situations like that If you have a Mac, transferring music is a little tougher, but you can connect the earphones directly to your Mac and then move song files from your iTunes folder to the Gear IconX folder that pops up on your desktop It's not a sophisticated process, but it gets the job done With improved battery life, Samsung's upgraded Gear IconX is a solid pair of wire-free fitness earphones

The buds fit perfectly, sound great and now can last for a few days' worth of workouts on a charge The deep Galaxy smartphone integration is a bonus for Galaxy owners The IconX's fitness-tracking features leave a lot to be desired Kindly see the description for this Amazon product link Thanks for watching this product review video

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