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Rogue Record Breakers: Part 1 | 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic


It's the strongman capital of the world The Greater Columbus Convention Center here in Columbus Ohio

Home to the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic competition But now we shift slightly to a new phase That is the Rogue Record Breakers Now this is something that is unique here to this style of event It's not just the elite athletes that are competing for the overall crown

But a few other athletes mixing in They're not exactly every man or every woman by any stretch of the imagination But they get a chance to come here on the big stage here in the Rogue Record Breakers Yes they do they have to qualify to be here These are terrific events

This gives athletes a chance to be on this stage and get recognition But it's also about this is a sports festival and that really speaks to that Even though we have elite super elite competitions like the Arnold Strongman Classic We also have other athletes that have a chance to come out, men and women We've got a lot of people that are involved with strength athletics now

Launched in 2016 Rogue Record Breakers is a unique strength challenge to showcase amazing accomplishments of modern strength across all disciplines They represent a different level of competition With some of the world's greatest strength athletes attempting to raise the bar of human accomplishment Athletes that set a new Rogue Record are rewarded with cash prizes As well as having their name etched into strength history

Past events have included some now iconic feats Including Hafthor Bjornsson's 474 kilogram Elephant Bar Deadlift Martins Licis 565 pound Milo Rockover Squat Brian Shaw's 560 pound Manhood Stone lift And Kristen Rhodes Max Overhead Monster Bell lift of 175 pounds

The Rogue Record Breaker competition has provided many of the recent can't miss moments at the Annual Arnold Sports Classic Rogue Invitational and more These challenges have up until this point been an invitation only competition But for 2020 an online qualifying system was created Giving everyone a fair opportunity to punch their ticket to the Arnold Sports Classic in Columbus

For a shot at doing something no one has done before The final competitors list for each event at the Arnold Sports Classic Will host a mix of qualified athletes and invited athletes competing to set new Rogue Records This is one of the biggest sporting events in the world But in 2020 the State of Ohio has issued a health order to protect against the spread of the coronavirus

This means the Arnold Fitness Expo has been canceled As well as general spectators from watching the event It'll certainly have an impact on some of the environment surrounding these athletes But what they're able to accomplish on the competition floor should not be affected Just about ready to get the competition underway

Our first Rogue Record Breaker is the Manhood Stone Good name for a strongman event I would say The Scottish term for this was the "Clach cuid fir" The great round of stones that we saw in early strongman competitions back in the early 80's That was from Scotland

The beginning stone – the entry level is 565 Anyone who's able to put that one up and over Moves on to 600 Again we're back to stretching the limits of human capability And that's one of the visions of Terry Todd with this competition

What can human beings do? How far can we stretch this thing? 565 stone is unbelievable And now it's the entry point here before you can try the 602 pound stone Today's athletes will use Atlas Stones made by Slater's Hardware of Lancaster, Ohio Which have appeared in multiple Arnold Strongman Classic competitions 24-inch diameter molds are filled with concrete to form the historic circular shape

In 2016 the Rogue Record was set by Brian Shaw With a then astounding 555 pounds over a 48-inch bar In 2017 Shaw broke his own record with an impressive 560 pound lift In 2018 the women got their shot at the Womanhood Stones Multiple competitors lifted successfully over the 44-inch bar

And ultimately the Rogue Record was set by Donna Moore Able to do two reps with the 324 pound stone in two minutes Then in 2019 Donna Moore returned and demolished her previous mark Moore lifted the 324 pound stone five times in just 90 seconds This year the Atlas Stone for Men is bigger than ever before

The starting weight of 565 pounds is a record in and of itself If you can get it over the 48-inch bar It's 5 pounds more than Brian Shaw's record lift from 2017 But this year the Slaters have made an even heavier Atlas Stone A 602 pound behemoth

Nearly 50 pounds heavier than what the world record lift was just four short years ago It looks like Tom Stoltman will be first up Trey Mitchell will follow And Wesley Clayborne will be third up Tom Stoltman's from the far North of Scotland up in Caithness and Allness

He's got great height He's a very tremendous stone lifter And i think he's gonna show us how to do the 565 We've got a lot of our competitors in the Arnold Strongman Classic Hanging out around the perimeter

They want to see this too I do! [chuckles] I want to see the 600 pound as well – Announcer – This could be a record 565! – He makes it look easy! A record in its own right! He's warming up for the 600 pound stone Wow! Can you make the rest of us not feel so bad – – and just strain a little bit buddy? Trey Mitchell III from Lumberton, Texas is next – grunts- He wants to get this

It's a Push Luke – I want to see somebody Push Luke A Push Tom I mean Right in his fingertips you just can't get the stone

If you don't get break it off the ground You're not going to lift it Some of these athletes over here, that's tacky – some resin He is really applying that Stone lifting without tacky is very different

But it's accepted that for certain competitions that you can use some tacky He'll make a second attempt Trying hard to get under it It's just not going to happen It's just not happening today for him

Good attempt Tom Stoltman able to get it up with ease Yes So there has been a record set already And just where will the bar be placed

Wesley Clayborne is an American who we saw at Santa Monica He's a bit of a minimalist He's just gonna walk out and make his attempts He also has the world's record in lifting a keg Over a bar

And that's over 550 pounds So he's got a shot at this obviously Wes Claiborne from Georgia Gets it to his knees Wow – right off the ground Oh come on! Keep pulling! YES! Wow! Tied! Nice

Oh boy I love it! I told you he is a minimalist He just walked out and put it over the implement and that's it Tom Stoltman has company Now they'll move to 602 – Arena – Here we go folks Tom Stoltman

– Arena – Come on, help him out! – Arena – Already got a record here – Arena – 602! Wow – right off the ground! Wow! 602! Oh my goodness! That was astounding! Wow! Astounding! We got to find bigger stones Tall, he's got a long grip 602 – unbelievable Okay – let's see what

Clayborne can try and match it I guess they split the money if they both get it Because they both have broken or tied the record

Whoa! Off the ground that's fantastic – that's actually a great lift in itself Magnus is on the stage He's quite impressed by the fact he just broke it off the floor I feel pretty good just dead lifting what these guys are yanking up as a stone Got it to his knees – He's pushing his feet down trying to get it to his knees and roll it back

I think he's done Tom Stoltman will hold the World Record on his own 602 pounds Fantastic Tom Stoltman establishing and then reestablishing again Here in this Rogue Record Breaker and he is standing by with our Kiki Dickson

Tom you made that look easy you set the record Then you broke your own record What does it mean to you to do that here? Yeah well to do it on the bigger stage in strongman is good But I was confident, I think I've got a 300k plus stone in me you know Everyone's saying I'm the king of the stones and I proved it today

And the first world record I did – I used I do that for three or four reps So I knew the first one was there And then all I need to do was a easy second one Luckily it went over So yeah all good

Incredible – we got to find bigger stones 660 pounds, 700 pounds what's possible is being reimagined each and every year Congratulations to Tom Stoltman Stay with us The women's Bag Over Bar featuring some familiar names and new strongwomen

Is up next right here at the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers Welcome back to the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers here in Columbus, Ohio First record was smashed by Tom Stoltman And now we'll set the bar with the first ever Women's Bag Over Bar, Rogue Record Breaker You could consider it maybe a little bit of the home run derby of this competition In the sense that you have to go over a wall

So there's that home run component to it There's going to be a very entertaining competition Getting a look here at what these competitors are going to tackle It is the women here on Bag Over Bar You're starting on this 15 foot bar

Bags are going to increase round by round It'll be very exciting to see these four women here go after this event What are the keys you're watching for – male or female – when you're trying to throw something over a bar? Well basically it's being able to get your hips down and to get a long arc on the bag Because radius and distance will cause that bag to go higher I want to bring up the implements themselves

Those bags are phenomenal I mean I really love what Rogue has done with those bags They're very durable it gives a new dimension It can do an indoor event that's weight over bar The other thing is the actual apparatus that they throw over is absolutely rock solid

So it'll be able to take a pounding And it's at a set height so you kind of gauge yourself inside of that So i like this event very much Let's get a look at the competitors here in the field Nikita Marzano, Donna Moore, Britta Maggard and Hannah Linzay

They are the four that will be competing here in Bag Over Bar In our Rogue Record Breakers I'm excited to see this Also to have again an opportunity for women This is a vision from Rogue and from Jan Todd to have women involved this level of strength athletics

Got our four competitors taking center stage They choose their starting weight Brita Maggard is up first 25 pound bag Wow Here we see Britta Maggard easily over that 15 foot bar

I think that was a successful throw – Heh, heh – About five feet over the bar She might up it a couple of pounds after that I know Hannah Linszay is next

After I was talking about that's a huge start Let's see 25 pounds Oh doing the suitcase style Very nice Good angle there

So that's a suitcase style Where you point the implement forward as opposed to sideways Here's Nikita very experienced in this event Odd Haugen talking to her Nikita is going to be starting at 30 pounds Philadelphia area and Wilmington, Delaware

Great Highland Games athlete 30 pounds gets it over Excellent throw The only thing about holding it that way I think you actually cut down a little bit of the arc

It seems this is the prevalent style they decided on Donna Moore from England 30 pounds her starting weight Good launch Had the height

Didn't quite – get – Is she too far away from the bar or? Possibly She just needs to make the – so excuse this term – a parabola

It's a parabola So she needs to get the the peak right there she needs to step back about two feet She needs to hurry, she's gonna be out Even Magnus is kind of giving her some coaching Wow

Donna Moore unable to get the 30 pound bag over the bar She got it higher than the bar But that's not the test here Donna Moore unexpectedly out early We continued at 30 pounds with Brita Maggard And Hannah Linzay both successful then

Nikita Marzano missed on her attempt at 35 pounds Britta Maggard looked very smooth on 25 and 30 pounds Yes 35 next 35 pounds to take the lead

Got it! Nice! Wow! Notice how far back she was able to get that bag Because she had her hands in that forward orientation As opposed to – Side to side as opposed to front and back That front to back orientation cuts off your arc If I were a coach I would recommend that the athletes hold it with their hands side to side to increase the arc

Hannah Linzay is next, she is not listening to you She might just be strong enough to just do it She is Wow! – Heh, heh, heh – So interesting that our two athletes that elected to do what's called a warm-up toss at 25 pounds Are the only two that are able to continue here in the competition

The two that elected to start at 30 didn't go any further To Maggard next at 40 pounds Using that style you were asking for And short of the bar on her first attempt Has that 30 second window

She cut it off She cut it off She didn't completely extend her her hands over Questionable on whether that one was ever high enough But certainly did not have the angle

So Brita Magard 35 is where she is going to stop And now the question is can Hannah Linzay eclipse that? She rushed it a little bit you got to be patient let that bag drop down And set your hips down, and then follow that arc up She rushed it a little bit – on that last bag Now she can just take her time and let that bag swing back

And get that big arc 40 pounds! And step back about two feet and she'll get it It looked like height wise she was there or very close and worse Had the height The check's in the mail Very close

She's got five seconds can she do it? Going to try and give it a throw Ahh! Hannah Linzay! – Yes! – – Arena – New World Record! That's great! I thought it was sort of gonna be a cursory throw And she just said – I'm going to just do this That's fantastic! That was unreal And Hannah Linzay getting that 40 pound bag over the bar

Absolutely incredible! She is standing by with Kiki Dickson Hannah what an incredible performance you just had You were able to pull it out of the bag with five seconds to go How did you do that? I just ripped it, and did as much as I could We swamped it

Yes you did! And what does it mean to you to be competing here on this competition floor and set that record right now? It's a little insight to see what's coming I'm on the uprising, and I have a lot to show the world And I'm ready to do it on this platform And just thank you for everyone that has put this together for us And i want to thank my parents my boyfriend for everything that they do for me

And my coach and everybody that's a part of this Well congratulations we look forward to following your journey Thank y'all Thank you Thank you Kiki

Thank you to Hannah as well That was incredible Are you not entertained? You should be A good preview of what's to come A new Rogue Record is written into history in dramatic fashion

And we are just getting started Coming up next it's the Log Press Here at the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers Welcome back to the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers Here in Columbus, Ohio

Tom Stoltman has amazed us with his Record-shattering 602 pound Atlas Stone lift And Hannah Linzay's Bag Over Bar buzzer beater was a sight to see But we're just warming up With many more events to come Next up one of the toughest records to break

The Overhead Log Press With Zydrunas Savickas record standing at 503 pounds Rogue's partner Slater's Hardware specializes in making these log press implements This solid wood log has neutral hand grip positions Large rope wraps and Rogue's machined Olympic Plates

For the records to be beaten Athletes will need successful presses of 504 pounds for the men And 300 pounds for the women 20 years ago the absolute record was 385 And these guys are going to try a 500 pound log

That's absolutely astounding As we see right now Luke the Highland Oak Stoltman Coming on to the competition floor Eyeing up that 504 pound log Men's Overhead Wooden Log Lift

I'd give you the full order of competition but it's only one It's great to see Scott's having influence again in strongman Stoltman brothers have certainly shown themselves to be great competitors So when you when you press a log A couple of things you want to do, is you want to

get the log efficiently up to your shoulders You don't want to waste any energy that you don't have to Getting up to your shoulders some of that's tilting your wrist forward and pushing it back

The other thing you want to do is be able to push up and back But one of the keys to that is keeping your elbows parallel to the floor 500 pounds – crowd cheering – Got it off his shoulders that's astounding He just wanted another one

That's a real strongman It looked heavy, but i'm gonna try again He got it up to his shoulders really well He's got over a minute on the clock Within which to attempt this

He doesn't have to be in a hurry and he's only got to get it up once Absolutely A little chalk on his chest so he can have a better purchase with the log Notice how he tilts his hands forward Sam That's so that when he gets it into his lap

It'll tilt right back into the position that he needs And have his elbows more parallel to the floor So that he can push back more effectively Brings it up to his chest Can he get the overhead press? – Uh! – Wow – that's a great effort! A limit reached today

One day someone will put it over Just not here in 2020 Yeah Zydrunas he's the record holder The Women's Overhead Wooden Log Lift, is going to be next up for our Rogue Record Breakers A 300 pound log is being prepped

Been getting updates throughout And it sounds like only Kristen Rhodes is going to make an attempt on this Eight times in her strongwoman career She has been America's Strongest Woman And a three-time Strongwoman World Champion

So she is going to give it a go here On the 300 plus pound log You have to prove yourself to be here So she's proven herself So she's probably been somewhere around 15 pounds of this in in log pressing

And training I would imagine To have the ability to come here and have a legitimate run at this Plus you can do a little bit of push pressing get your hips involved It's not just all shoulders Kristin Rhodes also a mother of three

Their kids should have a t-shirt says my Mom is stronger than your Mom and your Dad – and your Dad – heh, heh, heh – 300 pound log Got it up to her chest Right up! She's got her hands in great position! She gets some hips and pushes back, she's got a shot at this Oh! She got it right in position

It was a very strong position Exactly I wouldn't change anything about that piece – Up! – – crowd cheering – You could tell she really wanted that She wants it bad Keeps the amount of energy it takes to – So give it another effort here

Not today Okay, great effort Great effort But there's a woman who's watching right now who's going to break that record It might be Kristin – maybe next year

But somebody's going to do it Unfortunately no new record for the Overhead Log Press today But, stay with us as we speak with our newly crowned Rogue Record Breakers, when we return Welcome back to the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers here in Columbus, Ohio Over the course of three events so far we've seen one previous record beaten

As well as one new record set Let's meet these record holders And find out what drives them to attempt these amazing feats of strength My name is Hannah Linzay I'm originally from Cheneyville, Louisiana I am a professional strongwoman And I just broke the Rogue Record Breaker – Sandbag Over Bar

I grew up playing soccer my entire life I went on and played D1 college soccer i was a goalkeeper After college I continued to lift because I enjoyed it It made me happy, I liked being stronger than all my friends Went to Arnold, finished second – my first year

I decided to make the weight jump, to heavyweight women And I won my pro card at nationals this past year I won nationals first place I know that as long as I put everything into it I can control my own destiny

Because I work harder than everyone else For the Record Breaker we had to do an online qualification system We had to video our whole attempt from how high the bar was Measure the bag, weigh the bag And I qualified with a 40 pound, over 15 foot bar

That I actually matched at contest I knew I could hit 40 I really wanted 45 But given the circumstances 40 was good enough for the win

And that's what i needed to do It was amazing Like the last five seconds pulling it out and just ripping it over And running around, and seeing everybody up and down screaming and yelling for you You know my parents, my boyfriend, all my friends, just yelling and everyone yelling my name

We're just getting started I'm Tom Stockman I'm from Scotland and I'm a professional strongman When I grew up I was kind of doing a lot of potato picking And built my lower back up and built strength up doing that

And then kind of progressed onto building walls And that kind of got me into the different kind of shapes of the stones and got me stronger I was kind of known for lifting the Atlas Stones And had a few records in it before And I kind of got one made in my gym and trained on it

And then yeah here we are today and I ended up loading it Which was a really good, good moment for me So I broke the smaller one which was 5-6-5, 256 kilograms And then the big 600 pound Which was the first ever stone over 600 pound loaded in a competition

So really good feeling I was confident I was going to do it I'm quite lucky because I'm so tall that I kind of don't have to work as hard as the other boys But the way it went up, and I know how easy it looked I thought I got a bit more in the tank as well So if i can get a 300 kilogram still made

Then hopefully this time next year I could come back to the Ohio one And do the Record Breaker again you know and make history once again Because I think a 300 kilogram stone would be up there with one of the best feats strengths ever Thank you for joining us today Congratulations to all the athletes

And especially to our new record holders On part two of our Rogue Record Breakers our challengers will attempt to make history In the Deadlift for Reps The Dennie Stones hold for time And the Women's Monster Dumbbell Press

Don't miss history being made For Dr Bill Crawford and our entire crew I'm Sam Farber It's been a pleasure and a privilege having you with us We'll see you next time at the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers

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