Razones para practicar CALISTENIA | es la nueva era | Fitness Evolucion STREET WORKOUT

greetings my people today we are going to talk a little bit about why start in calisthenics First of all I know that it may seem to many that calisthenics is a new discipline but the reality is that it is already something old great armies of the antiquity already used this philosophy as a form of training now when He started all this fitness and bodybuilding movements from the 80s with the invention of steroid drugs and so on to get great results without much effort the calisthenics if it didn't shine so brightly more however today there are many more who practice it and change their life forever so I will give you a few reasons to take a step forward in beginning in this beautiful discipline and how many of us haven't visited a gym for the first time and we see these people who look like rocks and feel that they can't even scratch the back because in calisthenics there are a variety of exercises that they require a wide range of flexibility and by practicing them every day they will go increasing your flexibility so it will not only be strong but also flexible With calisthenics you can no longer say that you have no place to exercise because you can truly practice wherever and whenever you want in a park or at home without paying any kind of monthly payment although good if you want to train a gym calisthenics obviously you can also that It's a thing of every time but there are no excuses it certainly will not appear inflated but it will give the feeling of having a lot of strength and it is like that as you move forward you need more resistance and favors sarcomeric hypertrophy which helps us have denser muscle fibers which generate more contraction and therefore more strength the muscles more important to strengthen are those of the back responsible for maintaining our spine in good position and thus avoid backaches and injuries strengthening the core for our balance and strength when it comes to walking and run different studies have shown that women are more attracted to men with a slender figure with apparent good health and strength than by simply muscular men and disproportionate calisthenics has a fantastic effect which is that the more the practices the more you fall in love with her and at see results in strength in a relatively short time of 1 to 2 months you feel more inspired to continue without frustration as usually happens in gyms where you spend a lot of time and if a good workout you don't notice any difference if you have already reached this part of the video let me tell you that you are a very intelligent person because they recognize good information when you see it now please invite you to subscribe because you can't leave without subscribing so no more my brother leaves your subscription there that costs nothing please and please and if you are a person who already trains calisthenics I would like to know your opinion on what do you think is better to train Calisthenics in parks or in a gym leave me your comment that helps me a lot see you in a next video