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    Good morning all Today we wanted to make a special solidarity video and present the concrete actions that the Freestyle club team will implement at the end of the confinement As you know, we are going through an unprecedented health crisis

    We are all confined to our homes Thousands of businesses will go bankrupt with the dramatic consequences will have on the jobs they generate But that is not the worst of course Every day in France, thousands of people get sick, and hundreds of people die More than ever, it is in these difficult times that we must stand together and protect those at risk of disappearing due to this crisis

    I am thinking in particular of the elderly who are alone at home or in houses of retirement These elderly people are our grandparents, our parents, our tatas or uncle but also our brothers and our sisters And in a few years, it will be us! Since the appearance of the virus, these elderly people have been abandoned! Despite ourselves, of course, because we are confined No one can go and see them

    No one can touch them for fear of contaminating and endangering them Of course, for the moment, our room is closed and we are confined to our home Fortunately, this will not always be the case And we have to think about tomorrow Because life must go on

    With a set of fitness clubs and in accordance with our principles of mutual aid, we can make commitments today so that our world will be better tomorrow We can tell all these people today that we don't forget them and that we will soon be there for them And we will even go further Today, we stand in solidarity and we make a promise to them From the end of confinement, whether the room is reopened or not, the whole team from the Freestyle Club will go free to retirement homes or EPAD for organize gentle gym sessions specially adapted for the elderly, games recreational… or just brought them a while comfort

    We will thus help to give them back the joy of living after this difficult ordeal that they will have endured We will help them regain mobility, slowly, gradually Because movement is life I know that you share the same values ​​as us and that you too want to support those who are weakened by this crisis So participate! With your help, we can change the things

    Leave your comments in comments so that we can help each other, whether today or after confinement Or simply share this video if you support this solidarity project towards our seniors! Thank you in advance and see you soon

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