Quail Creek Fitness Update February 26, 2020

hey everybody you rob here from the fitness center I'm here with my friend David all we're gonna show you how to check in here at the fitness center here at Coal Creek so you go you want to make sure you see this page running and David's going to take you through the process first thing you do is you put your membership number in crisis okay and then if you're going to do a class you hit class David worked with me in the fitness centers so we're gonna hit the fitness center for David hit enter take it to your next page hello no David we're gonna highlight David we're gonna take off this one, we're checking in now checking in one member with zero guests yes he's checked in thanks a lot right now we're doing a derma climbing it's a procedure that helps exfoliate the dead skin cells as well as gets rid of Bella's hair which is the software that we call peach fuzz so we're using a surgical blade and we go through and we just do a small scraping and we clip the hair in the dead skin cells this helps to the products that they use to penetrate better so they get better results of their products it keeps the skin cleaner helps close the hair follicle so every time a cup goes on smoother so it's a nice procedure to have done most people like to do it about it once every four to six weeks to maintain the health of their skin so and then after we do this we're going to follow up with a chemical peel which will help it's kind of like a little pep talk for the skin to get it to regenerate collagen and elastin and help tighten the skin so it's just beautiful anyway that still getting better more deadness you