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– It's a push day with cardio and strength Grab your dumbbells and let's go

(cheerful music) All right Killer Bs, let's get movin' and groovin' Have your dumbbells completely out of the way for right now We're gonna get started with some arms circles and high knees you guys You guys, are you ready for this one? I am not (laughing) Welcome to the workout

I'm Pahla B, I'm your best middle-aged fitness friend And around here, we are all about making peace with your menopausal body And sometimes, sometimes that means doing something you don't want to do (laughing) Now here's the thing I love push day workouts, I love them

I also love moderate day workouts And sometimes when it's pushed day on my calendar, I don't feel like pushing And some day when it's moderate day on my calendar, I don't feel like moderating But here's the dealio, this is why This is why this is such a good timing for me to be able to record this for you today

Sometimes when you don't feel like doing the right thing, you need to remind yourself why you're doing the right thing I personally find it usually harder to moderate on a day when I feel amazing But today just happens to be a day when I would rather moderate (laughing) And it's time to push The fact is no matter what is on your calendar, no matter what is on your schedule, sometimes you don't want to do the right thing

And today we are talking about doing the right thing to get your results, to be healthy, to do what's right for your fitness Let's go ahead and do some arm crossers with booty kickers And I will tell you that what is almost always right for your fitness, it's occasionally doing something that you don't really wanna do It's occasionally pushing when you don't wanna push or moderating when you don't wanna moderate But it's almost always getting a really good, thorough full body workout, like we are today

(laughing) Here's the thing I'm actually really excited about the workout itself It's just the commitment that push day brings And we're gonna talk about that while we're pushing But the workout itself super, super fun I've got generous intervals here on this handy-dandy Gymboss

I've got it set for 40 seconds, four zero And none of those is rest, by the way (laughing) So think about that I mean, that's the thing, even on a push day, you don't want to push past your limits You want to push to your limits and that's with a long interval like this, we're gonna be pushing to our limits, even if we're not going so fast that you can't handle it, it still might feel almost like a moderate pace for some of the exercises, but overall I'm gonna be pushing

I've got cardio, I've got strength, then I've got cardio again I've got some circuits, I've got some really long intervals I've got my heaviest dumbbells that I know that I can use with good form If today happens to be a moderate day for you, this is very easily moderateable I mean just use lighter dumbbells and go slower

I mean you can always, always, always moderate a push day workout And you can almost always push a moderate day workout (laughing) Let's go ahead and do some welcome to my homes But here's the thing, once you decide it is decided, and that is the thing that I need to remind myself And I'm gonna need to continue to remind myself while we're doing this workout

When today is a push day, you push the entire workout You push rather than fizzling out, and you don't get halfway through it and decide that you'd like to be doing something else When we decide to push we're pushing So here we go (laughing) Here's what it is

I've got a cardio circuit for us first, it's actually kind of an extended warmup So I'm gonna raise my heart rate more than this, but I don't have to jump right into it Even though we are pushing, we're still careful of our own limits At this age hopefully you know kind of where your limits are I mean it's always an exploration of what today's limit is

But I'm gonna start off with something not too crazy It's non-jumping jacks And by the way, we have no jumping today, like at all It's kinda nice We're gonna be doing non-jumping jacks, which means your hands are doing jumping jacks and your feet are not

(laughing) Let's go ahead and get going I've got my handy-dandy Gymboss (timer beeps) There we go Got my handy-dandy Gymboss here up on my shoulder, which means I know, I know that's loud for you and I do apologize, 'cause it is right next to my microphone, but because we're already doing long intervals today, (laughing) I really didn't want to accidentally miss one, you know? I mean I mean, you know Anyways when it beeps again, we're gonna be doing windmill tap backs That means that we're gonna have our hands nice and wide, our feet nice and wide, we're gonna be reaching our opposite hand down towards our opposite foot Now here's the thing

We are not jumping today And I know that sometimes, sometimes people confuse low impact, which is no jumping with low intensity And I know that today has all the intensity (timer beeps) you could possibly need Here we are with windmill tap backs So hands up nice and wide, reaching down towards our opposite foot, as quickly as you can go, for such a long interval with no rest periods

When it beeps again, we're gonna be doing V reaches, which is basically a nice deep squat We're gonna be reaching up to one side, down into a squat, and then up to the other side, forming a nice big V with our hands in the air Now today's workout, today's workout is gonna be a push no matter, no matter how you slice it (laughing) I mean here's the thing, I know I'm gonna be pushing because of the weights that I've chosen and because of some of (timer beeps) the exercises So here we go with the V reaches V reaches really specifically is what made me think about this

We do have some squatting, some lunging today We do have some exercises that are kind of traditionally more difficult We don't have any transitions to the ground I wanted to make this very accessible, even for a puss (giggling) When it beeps again, we're gonna be doing booty kicker jacks

Now here's the thing, this is actually sort of a mini circuit of cardio work, which means that I've just got a handful of exercises here and we're gonna go through them twice So if you find one that you don't love (laughing) or don't want to do with the second time, be kind of thinking to yourself, (timer beeps) here we go with booty kicker jacks, be kind of thinking to yourself about how you might do it on the second round It's a repeating no repeat, meaning that we're only gonna do two circuits of this, and then we'll be moving on to strength work I can already tell (laughing) that my heart rate has come up, feeling good, already into that push groove You guys when it beeps again, we're doing letter Ks

Both hands are gonna be up in the air, gonna reach one hand down towards it's same kicking foot, out to the side, on one side you're gonna be forming the letter K, And on the other side you are not (exhaling) Now here's the thing, I notice that I got out of the gate pretty fast (timer beeps) Here we go with our letter Ks And sometimes, sometimes that's okay And sometimes you kind of need to figure out where your push is

I intended for this to feel like sort of an extended warmup, but then, but then in spite of all my mumbling and grumbling (laughing) kinda got going fast I want you to know that no matter, no matter what pace you're going, you're always in charge of your pace You're always in charge of what your workout does When it beeps again, we're doing starbursts, we're getting a little and getting big It's basically a single leg squat on one side

You're welcome to have the other foot down, I likely will Because it's cardio I wanna make sure that I'm going fast enough, (timer beeps) which means that I would probably get down and get big here In fact I'm gonna go ahead and keep both feet on the ground (laughing) for the getting down part, because that's definitely gonna make me able to go faster When it beeps again, this was the circuit So we're coming back around with those non-jumping jacks when it beeps

Awesome job (exhaling) If I had to guess, I would guess that there were two exercises in this circuit, that you might modify the second time around (laughing) and that's totally okay The thing is modifying an exercise doesn't mean that you are moderating the workout You can push on anything, no matter how, (timer beeps) here we go with non-jumping jacks, no matter how you do the exercises, there's a way to be intense with it And that's kind of what I was saying about the low impact versus low intensity

Just 'cause we're not jumping, I know you already feel it, just 'cause we're not jumping, doesn't mean that our heart rate is not up, up, up, up, up This is intended to be intense today This is intended to be the one workout that you do this week, that really pushes your limits And then, and then my friends, oh my gosh, tomorrow should likely be a recovery day When it beeps again we're doing windmill tap backs by the way

And then the day after that, (timer beeps) you can do something totally moderate Here we go down into the windmill tap backs And this is actually how I program the mini challenge, which is my free weekly workout schedule that I send out I don't know if you are aware of that If you are new to the Pahla B Fitness Channel

In the description box of every single video, there are links to literally everything Come on over to my website and find the mini challenge I program these kinds of one day a week, push workouts, when it beeps again by the way, we're doing V reaches, so that you can really get the best results You know, I know that we feel (timer beeps) here we go with V reaches, I know you feel like you have to push every single day, or if you are not new to my channel, you might feel like you have to be moderate every day The fact is there's a time and a place, depending on your goal, depending on your current fitness level, depending on what you want to get out of your workouts, there is a time and a place for pretty much every intensity of workout, that you could imagine When it beeps again, we're doing those booty kicker jacks, for the second and final time (exhaling) Awesome job

Feelin' that push already, my friends, (timer beeps) here's the great news about a push day workout, we don't have to push every day That's the thing about having the time and the place (laughing) for a push day, it's not every day When we were young, when we were young we could push more, still not great to push every single day, honestly I know some fitness trainers will tell you that you should always bring 100%, but the fact is your body has a natural ebb and flow, when it beeps again, we're doing letter Ks, and honoring that ebb and flow, specifically at our age, a little bit more ebb, a little bit less flow (laughing) It means that you're careful about how and when, (timer beeps) and how much you push

Sorry, I had to think about this, letter Ks, here we go (laughing) One hand reaching down towards that same kicking foot, out to the side You can really get these rocking, if you want to I'm not doing any kind of bounce or jump, absolutely low/almost no impact for me today Plenty of intensity

When it beeps again, you guys we've already made it through the circuit, we're gonna go to those starbursts for the second and final time And then we're gonna pick up heavy things and put them back down again So this is the last of the like, (timer beeps) well almost last, here we go to starbursts, it's the last of our super, super high heart rate for right now But here's the thing, I want you to choose a set of dumbbells that feels like a push, because well honestly, even if all you have is a moderate set, today is gonna be a push When it beeps we're gonna go right down into squats with alternating press ups

But here's how, here's how the strength circuit works Not a circuit (laughing) We're actually gonna do each exercise for two intervals in a row So that means that it's no repeating which is lovely, but it also means that the interval (timer beeps) is significantly longer Grab your dumbbells

We're doing squats with alternating press ups, so weights right here on your shoulder (exhaling) We're coming down into a nice low squat, (inhaling) as we come up, pressing up one hand, it doesn't matter which one, we're gonna get to both of them I promise Now here's the thing, this tempo, this pace is really significantly slower, take a half a second, even on a push day Here's the thing we're pushing because of the weights, we're pushing because these are heavy, and every single rep is gonna be tough Our pace needs to be careful, it needs to be slow and controlled

Pull in your core Think about where your body is (timer beeps) in space and time That's our first beep, we're still doing these But here's the second and final time that we're doing these (laughing) When it beeps again, we're gonna be doing curtsy curls, (exhaling) which is just what it sounds like

We're gonna be coming down into a curtsy lunge, while doing biceps curls These are really complex exercises today, making sure that we really get a lot of bang for our buck You know that's the thing about a push day, you don't have to go super long to push You have to push with intensity with the time that you are given, (exhaling) and you wanna make sure that it's just the right amount of push (timer beeps) So here we go with curtsy curls, lock those elbows right into your waist, do not let your arms swing

All you are doing is coming down into a curtsy lunge of course, (laughing) but also just raising your hands up to your shoulders or well just a little bit like your biceps Wen you swing your arms, you're actually not Well you're still using your biceps, but not in the most efficient manner

I know, I know that you love to work your biceps, (laughing) and here's the thing, generally speaking, I'm not super for that because your biceps are helper muscles Every time you do anything, (timer beeps) you're using your biceps That was the first one Here's our second and final time with these curtsy girls When it beeps again, we're doing bent over rows and flies

So what that means is we're gonna be in a bent over position for the entire interval, which is basically like a half of a deadlift So you're gonna be squeezing your core to keep your back straight, and squeezing your glutes the entire time to keep excellent form If you cannot stand up and pull in your core again, that's totally okay, you can do whatever you need to do without injuring yourself, to make sure that you are pushing the right amount But what we're gonna do has been in a row it up to our armpits (timer beeps) Okay, so here we go

In our bent over position, (exhaling) we're gonna row and then release, and then we're gonna fly, and release, (exhaling) making sure that your core is pulled in super tight If you feel this in your lower back at all, stand up, make sure that you're squeezing your glutes, squeezing your core If you have any trouble at all holding onto a form, I would much rather you do fewer reps with excellent form, then more reps with junk form, that is quite frankly gonna hurt you Specifically this bent over position, your lower back muscles, (timer beeps) that was our first interval, we've got one more, this is it, your lower back muscles are more than happy to volunteer, don't let them When it beeps again, we're gonna to be doing squatted oblique cross-body crunches

What that means we're gonna to be in a semi-squatted position the entire time Yes indeed, more work for your glutes, and specifically your quads is where I always feel that one, that semi-squatted position is tough to maintain We're gonna have your hands up on your shoulders and you're gonna be reaching your opposite elbow towards your opposite knee, and meeting your opposite knee towards your opposite elbow in the middle So you're gonna be standing (timer beeps) on one foot in the middle So we're semi-squatted, we're reaching opposite elbow to opposite knee, (exhaling) and breathing, opposite elbow to opposite knee

(exhaling) I knew this one was gonna be tough I knew I was gonna have a lot of grunting, if you need to, in fact I can already feel, (groaning) that I'm actually gonna be standing on just about every rep, because my quads are already totally burning That is the magic of today's workout, we are pushing the entire time This is about when (groaning) I expected to not want to be pushing anymore (laughing) That's exactly why (timer beeps) we set our intention

There's the first interval done, trying really hard to maintain excellent form See if you can stay semi-squatted the entire time (exhaling) When we get like halfway, two thirds of the way through, we don't want to push anymore Your body's like, "No thank you "I'm gonna to go ahead and take a rest here

"I'm gonna to go ahead and back off a little bit" This is where your mind needs to overcome some of that monkey brain, some of that chatter When it beeps again, we're gonna to be doing sidekick delt raises, we get to stand up, thank goodness Palms are facing your body, you're gonna have your palms, or your arms nice and relaxed, when we get started You're gonna to pull your hands with your palms, (timer beeps) facing your body, (exhaling) up to your armpits

While you're doing that, you're gonna to sidekick out to one side Now we frequently do this as a cardio move, (laughing) but here's what I want you to think about, pulling in your core super, super, super tight As you are standing on one leg, that standing kee is soft but strong, you're squeezing from your glutes, you're squeezing your abs to be able to pull your elbows up over your shoulders These are tiny muscles, those delt muscles, oh they're not really tiny They're not a woman's most well-developed muscle, let's put it that way

We don't do a lot of this kind of work, (timer beeps) which means that it feels tough You might be tempted to shrug your way into this, by the way that was our first interval, this is our second one But when you pull in your core and really think about pulling from the muscles, rather than shrugging and using momentum, it's a very different feel, very different work When it beeps again, we're gonna do dead lifts with side raises Dead lift, I know you know how to do those, your back stays super duper straight

You're gonna push your hips back behind you, and then you're gonna pull your hips forward Dead lifts come 100% from your glutes and hamstrings If you feel it in your lower back, you need to pull your core in more Your lower back (timer beeps) will volunteer for everything, if you let it Push your hips back, back, back, pull your hips forward, forward, forward, and then raise, oh my gosh, those dumbbells out to the side

(laughing) Oh, I knew this was gonna be tough Oh, mama All right All right, that's cool That's cool, We can do this for two intervals

(laughing) You guys, this ha this is the magic of push This is also our last strength exercise

This is a strength sandwich today, (exhaling) which is why it was such a chunky bit of meat in the middle We've got cardio on both ends, (timer beeps) which is still a push, but it's not, (exhaling) oh my gosh, I am making the ugliest faces, I apologize But it's not quite as difficult, (groaning) oh my gosh, as doing really good strength work for really long intervals When it beeps, we're putting our dumbbells down, but not all the way away, and yes that is foreshadowing, down but out of your way, because we're going right back into cardio

Sorry, I was thinking about what we're doing next We're doing rainbow jacks, which means that we're gonna have our hands flying up overhead like a rainbow, (groaning) bringing up one knee at a time, basically you know, an oblique crunch on one side, getting some more ab work in here today, because why not get some bonus work, (timer beeps) (exhaling) whoo doggies, on a push day All right so you guys, here we go with rainbow jacks Now we're still pushing (laughing) This is still push, I know I'm excited too, but we're it at a much faster speed, I mean not faster than we were before, but faster than we were doing when we were doing strength

But it's only one interval per, which is gonna seem so short Now when it beeps again, we're doing punch down tap outs, which is exactly what it sounds like and exactly why I told you to get your dumbbells completely out of the way, but not put away (laughing) because I don't want you to accidentally smack your little tootsies What it means we're gonna be punching down while tapping out that same foot, we're moving in a nice fast pace, (timer beeps) that happens to be one of the exercises that you can really get a jump into, if you want to I'm keeping it completely low impact, whoo doggies, but plenty of intensity today I am drenched in sweat and it's not just because it's hot today

I hope you are feeling good with this push This last final cardio section is exactly like the first, it's two times through this circuit When it beeps again, we're doing reach across crunch, I've got lots of bonus abs for us today, by the way, because I don't have really an abs section I wanted to make sure we got plenty of standing abs, reach across crunch is exactly what it sounds like, gonna reach across your body, and then swing your hand up overhead and crunch (timer beeps) So reach across crunch, reach across crunch

It's a little bit It's almost hard to find your rhythm on this one, I know, there's like a little extra tap in there, but you can really get rocking with it because it's such a big motion with your hands and a big motion with one leg at a time Do you feel? When you think about it, do you feel the work on your inner and outer thighs on the sides of your glutes, as you're pulling your leg up and out

Bonus toning work, even while we're doing cardio When it beeps again, we're doin' toy soldiers Both hands up overhead, making sure our heart rate is nice and high, reaching your opposite hand (timer beeps) down towards your opposite kicking foot, whoo having those hands up overhead, gonna to raise your heart rate In fact, it already was, but gonna keep your heart rate nice and high Reaching across your body like this, while kicking means that you really want to make sure you're engaging your core muscles, pull in your core, even yes while we're doing cardio

My friends there is never a time when you don't want to pull in your core Anytime you're moving, your core should be pulled in When it beeps again, we're doing twisting high knees, exactly what it sounds like We're twisting while bringing up one high knee at a time, we're twisting into the knee, which means that we're really (timer beeps) using our abs and obliques (exhaling) it's cardio so I'm gonna go ahead and get one hand moving at a time too, doing actually almost more of a kick than a high knee here

The opposite hand going up, while the other hand is going back behind you, (exhaling) really gets the heart rate nice and intense Nice and push When it beeps again, we're doing disco dancers (laughing) One of my favorites this one, (laughing) that's why I chose it for the last one in this circuit I just wanted something fun for us today, to kind of look forward to on a push day

Disco dancers, it's like John Travolta seriously, that's the only way (timer beeps) I can describe it So we're reaching over and out, while tapping our opposite foot out in the other direction It's almost like you're making the letter X one side at a time, honestly, but it just reminds me (laughing) of disco dancing It reminds me Did you have the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, when you were a kid, like I did on vinyl, and there was that picture of John Travolta in his white suit, making this exact pose

(laughing) That's Why I call them this When it beeps again, this is the end of our circuit We're going back to those rainbow jacks, hands going up overhead like a rainbow, whoo bringing up one oblique crunch at a time, (timer beeping) our hands come down to your knee, while your knee comes up to your hands Oh my goodness Hey, where do you feel this? I, this time around feelin' it in my shoulders, (laughing) all this cardio work, all this low impact high intensity means that we've had our hands up a lot today and that means that you're gonna feel this workout in places that you don't expect to

That's the great thing about a push day (laughing) You're pushing just about every single muscle and that is why we can get such a great workout in not a ton of time, because we're doing everything When it beeps again, punch down tap outs (timer beeps) Whoo, bring our hands down (laughing) Thank goodness, I did that on purpose Sometimes I can think ahead and imagine what it's gonna feel like to have my hands up overhead for so many intervals in a row, and so I make sure that I throw in one of these reaching down kind of intervals, because we can move faster, whoo but the heart rate stays up because of that, without having our hands up overhead

When it beeps again, doing that reach across crunch, really thinking about abs and obliques, getting all kinds of really good ab work in this final cardio section Makin' sure that we're staying healthy and on our feet for years to come (timer beeps) So reach across crunch, reach across crunch You guys, I feel like I'm slowing down, so I'm gonna remind myself (exhaling) that we are pushing the entire time, pick up a pace that you can sustain for the end of our workout here It's not a whole lot longer, I know you have a timer on screen

I'm just guessing that we've got a couple more minutes and I know that you can push, I know that you can dig deep and find that thing inside you, that's doing what's right for today When it beeps again, doing toy soldiers, hands up overhead, opposite hand towards your opposite kicking foot (exhaling) And I tell you what, (timer beeps) here's what I notice about this push, here's our toy soldiers, I was reluctant, (laughing) as I shared with you, and yet, and yet here near the end, totally feeling that endorphin rush, totally feeling like, oh my gosh, I was really able to bring 100% today And there's a little bit of relief knowing, (laughing) as I know that once we've pushed for the week, your other days are easy They're moderate, or they're active rest, or actual rest

When it beeps again, we're doing those twisting high knees I'm gonna to have my one hand flingin' up overhead while we're doing it, makin' sure that we're pushing all the way through (timer beeps) So hands and one high knee twisting into it, oh my gosh, feelin' a little bit dizzy though (laughing) And that's the thing about a push, you gotta make sure that you're not giving yourself vertigo by spinning too fast That's why I've got one hand up, really thinking about excellent form, pulling in my core and trying not to fall over

(laughing) When it beeps again, we're disco dancers, for the final time my friends What a great job you have done pushing today, pushing all the way through, doing what you promised yourself You know, that's the thing that I actually love (timer beeps) about a push day, here we go with disco dancer for the final time When it beeps again my friends, we're done but we're not quite finished We're gonna to grab one dumbbell, that's why I had you leave them out but away, we're doing snatches

It is one interval only, it is strength, but it's gonna feel like cardio It is a strength move that relies on momentum You're gonna come down a little half squat, as you stand up you're gonna snap your hips, squeeze your glutes super, super hard, and because of that momentum, the dumbbell is gonna to go up over your head I promise you, this is not an arm exercise, it looks like it, but it is 100% targeting (timer beeps) your glutes if you do it properly So let's think about good form

You're gonna snatch (exhaling) by squeezing your glutes As you squeeze and stand up quickly, you'll notice your arm, honestly you're not actually lifting this dumbbell It takes more arm work to put it back down than to lift it up Squeeze your glutes every time (exhaling) we're pushing for this final interval The next time it beeps, t's the last time it's going to, we're gonna get the dumbbells completely out of the way

(exhaling) Oh my gosh we're gonna be so proud of ourselves for pushing like we did (timer beeps) Oh my goodness You guys, you guys this is what I was starting to say quite some time ago, (timer beeps) about why I love a push day It teaches you something about what you're capable of doing in your mind We're gonna do some arm circles here and bring our heart rate down, just super gentle, super, super, super slow

I know you've had your hands up a lot today, (laughing) but we're still gonna to do the arm circles because some of those times where we had our arms up, whoo we had something heavy in them, and I'm gonna make sure that your arms and shoulders go through their full range of motion This is actually a stretch, much more so than like just another cardio move, but like a slow cardio move that would bring your heart rate down This is actually a stretch We're making sure that your arm and shoulder and back muscles work all the way through their full range of motion So that those muscles that have been squeezed rather intensely (laughing) for the last 30 minutes can get back, ah the way they're supposed to go

You guys nothin' feels like a push day Am I right? I was reluctant, you heard me, you saw me, but I feel so good to be done and to know you can actually make yourself do anything You know when you think about some of the things that you have to do, some of the things that maybe you don't want to do, some of the things that you don't love to do on your health journey, when you can make yourself push on a day, when you don't want to push, when you can make yourself moderate on a day, when you don't want to moderate, honey you can do anything, like literally anything When you do the right things, in the right order, st the right times, you can get any healthy result you want We worked on heart health today, we worked on bone health, muscle strength, power, balance, core stability

I mean we worked at all We worked at all today Let's go ahead and open up Oh my gosh take a nice, big, deep breath (laughing) Doesn't that I feel amazing to open up your chest like that and then close it up, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, so you can stretch those big back muscles

Give herself a hug and a big pat on the back What a day, oh my goodness, what a great, great, great workout you had Now I know today's a push day and you're like, "Well maybe I should push a little longer" Darling, no you don't need to (laughing) That was intense, no impact but plenty of intensity

I have an extended cool down for you here though, because I mean, if you're like me and you are drenched in sweat, you might like to cool down a little bit more Do something nice and gentle for your muscles tomorrow as well A nice active rest day Maybe some stretching I've actually got a suggestion for that, so that you have something to do tomorrow

My friend thank you so much for working out with me Make sure you click the subscribe button and I'll see you in the next video

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