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Pourquoi tant de mauvais conseils dans le fitness ?


Why is there such bad advice in fitness? Hi it's Antho from AlphaBody, and in the video of the day I want to talk to you of the 4 main reasons why you hear a lot of bad advice concerning fitness, that is to say, we are going to say weight loss, health and muscle gain, basically You should know that the first reason is mainly because fitness it's a huge industry, it's a multi-billion dollar industry around the world and in fact, if the simple advice which made it possible to have objectives were known to all, there are a whole bunch of people who could no longer profit from this industry because if everyone had results, well there would be nothing left to sell

And since this industry sells several billion dollars, there are people who have an interest in not knowing the real methods to be able to continue selling products Products, magazines, methods, a whole bunch of things This is the first point, it's really a huge business, it's one of the three biggest market on the internet, the health market, weight loss, with the “how to make money online” market So the first one is weight loss, health, the second is how to make money online, you have a lot of business on how to make money online and the last one is, sex and wholesale relationships Either how to find a guy or a girl or how to make love better or how to keep your relationship at bay if you have it

These are the three biggest markets that exist The reason number two is that in fact human beings like to give his opinion and he likes to give his opinion even if, and I almost want to say, especially if he doesn't know anything about it The thing is, actually, and you have seen people before, you see they have the stomach and they come to tell you exactly what to do to lose weight, to eat, they say: “no, no, no, actually carbohydrates are not good for health, it makes you fat or it’s not good to eat in the evening ” And the guys give you a lot of advice like that, while obviously, well it's clearly obvious the guy doesn't know anything about it, he knows nothing about it but he gives his opinion It's a bit like, I don't know, I've never played basketball in my life, it’s a bit like saying to me: “nah, nah, nah, nah actually the right way to do it basketball you see it's the ball you didn't make it bounce like that, you made it bounce with the back of your hand what ” No, there’s a moment Antho your face, you know nothing about basketball, you shut your mouth on basketball And that's what I do, I'm not talking about basketball

I never played the piano either, even if I want to do it, so I'm not going to give you advice on how to play the piano On the other hand, on fitness, everyone agrees, more or less trained and which very often is of the great anything This is the second point of why there are so many lies, so many problems in the fitness industry, it's that people give their opinion even if they know nothing about it The third point is that there are actually a whole bunch of actors and it’s related to the first one but there’s a whole bunch of actors who don’t have an interest in your progress, at least not that you progress too quickly This is one of the golden rules of business, it’s actually much more expensive to have, to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer

So actually what does that mean, that means that the majority of magazines, sports coaches, food supplement companies, all they prefer once they have you in their sights It's not you, they don't want you to progress either, but they are going to not seek to make sure that you are all the results you want, nor pass on to you all there is to know in just a few months What is completely possible is what we do in AlphaBody coaching But rather, they will arrange that in 2, 3, 4, 5 years you will still be using their product and giving it to you this time… You see the magazines which say to you: “Han, this time we found! The 28-day program to get concrete abs ”

And then the next month is 28 days for huge arms And suddenly, they always try to make you do new things but in fact you’re not really progressing, and you’re caught in a kind of chain, because if you already had huge arms and you already had concrete abs, well they would have nothing more to sell you They would be forced to go prospecting, advertising, canvassing to find a new client And that’s a lot more boring than keeping one that’s already paying and to arrange it so that it is not too results, and that it stays, and that it stays and that it stays, that is the third problem And the last, the fourth is that in fact human beings like shortcuts Frankly if I tell you listen, if you do my coaching, in 6 months, maybe go one year maximum depending on your starting weight, you could almost have the same physique as me

You are going to tell me: “yeah, ok, that's… yeah why not but it's long anyway” If I tell you: "wait, in 14 days, you can have that!" Direct there, 95% of people will say ok cool! Me in 14 days, I take it Except that in fact it is impossible, well it depends on your starting point If you’re ready, obviously it’s possible but if you have several dozen pounds to lose, well you know what, it will take you a lot more than 14 days

And in fact, the majority of people want shortcuts I think there's something in the back of their heads who knows it's a bit wrong, you know, that there is …… there is an eel under the rock But people still say to themselves: "No, I want it to go fast" We live in a consumer society where we favor the short term rather than the long term We prefer to make little effort and have a lot of results now rather than doing things, long-term efforts to finally achieve something viable, solid, over several years

And so these 4 effects, the fact that it's a huge industry, the fact that people give their opinions on everything and nothing, the fact that the players in this market have no real interest in your progressing too quickly, and the fact that most people who are consumers of fitness programs, food supplements, magazines, whatever you want They want very, very short-term results and they want us to sell them dreams, they ask for dreams If I give you the solution that works safely, systematically 100% over a year You’ll prefer to take the powder in the eyes that will supposedly work in 14 days, and that's the problem And that's why you make a combination of these 4 factors and you get the number immeasurable bullshit that we can have today on the internet, on fitness

There, in the video of the day, I wanted to show you that, so it depicts a portrait a little bit dark but at the same time, there’s not even any judgment on my part when I say that, it’s just facts Well, it's a big industry, we give our opinion on everything and nothing, myself it must happen to me to give my opinion on things for which I have none, no competence, it turns out that in fitness, I have a skill so I have the right to open my mouth Third point is that well yeah there are plenty of actors and it can even be unconsciously We have never seen a consultant who goes to a company and who says: "And that's good, you guys don't need advice" We always find something, when our wages for that, the human psyche makes us will find a justification to ensure that our client does not go too fast and everything

What most people do anyway when you are not aware of it, and there are a lot of players in fitness who do that And finally, it is also the bias of the human being that makes us want everything, immediately You mix it all up and it makes you crazy, completely messy and that's exactly what we're fighting with AlphaBody And that's why we give advice that sometimes is not dreaming, we're going to tell you: "yeah, we're going to have to learn to eat, we're going to have to do sports, regularly, in the long term, you will have results but it will take a year can be depending on your starting point ” And that, there are only 5% of people who are ready to hear it but it suits me since all the others I know that maybe one day after being ripped off by a whole bunch of quick fixes

They will watch the videos again and they will say to themselves: "Fuck, shit, the idiots, they were not lying to us, they were right, everything else we tried doesn't work ” Kisses

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