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Polar Club | Group Fitness App, Get Started


Polar Club is a heart rate based group training solution for fitness clubs And in this video, we will show you how to: 1

Set up your club account online, 2 How to schedule a class with the iPad 3 How to invite your instructors to take over the class 4 And, how to prepare heart rate sensors for all the class attendees

Setting up your Polar Club account Go to polarcom/club and start your 30-day free trial to create an account Start by checking the availability of Polar Club to your country Sign in with your personal Polar Account or register as an new user

Please note that this personal account will now become the administrator, and only this account can make changes using the Polar Club Enter your club information, and choose your billing method Note that a credit card is only available in select countries and when you pay with invoice you'll subscribe to the annual plan Confirm the order by placing a subscription Congratulations! Polar Club is now registered to your Polar Account

Next, download the Polar Club app to your dedicated iPad device and log in with the same Polar Account you used to set up Polar Club Then let's get started Create a new class template in the Manage Tab Enter your class information, and note that choosing the best matching sport, results in improved training data accuracy Next, schedule a class, in the Schedule tab,go to New Class, and Chose your class from the quick list Choose your instructor, add your class attendance limit if needed and choose the right time

You can also make your class to repeat weekly, and show animated rewards during the class Navigating the calendar In "My Classes" you see all the classes you are assigned to instruct In "All Classes" you see all the classes scheduled in your club In case you need to change the schedule for a particular class, you can do so by editing the class

If you don't see changes immediately, try refreshing the page, by swiping down When needed, delete a class by swiping to the left and tapping the trash bin To invite new instructors, Go to Manage Instructors, tap plus and send them an invitation email Ask your instructor to open the email, click the invitation link and follow the instructions When that's complete, your new instructor should appear on the page

Now you can go back to your class and assign a new instructor Using Polar heart rate sensors during class Not all class attendants will have their own wearable Polar device To equip everyone, your club can borrow heart rate sensors like the Polar OH1 and H10 To prepare your heart rate sensors for a class

Go to -> manage sensors, and add a new device Give your device a sticker with the same sensor number as displayed Then "Search Sensors" to add the Sensor ID automatically Double check that you have the right ID, and save After saving all your sensors like this, you are ready to fill the classrooms

Your club members can sign up for a class in two ways To sign up in the club, place a dedicated iPad on your registration desk to receive sign-ups To prepare your iPad for sign-ups in the club, go to "More" and choose"Customer Sign-in" In this window your customers can sign up using their Polar Account, or the signal from their wearable Polar device To sign-up in the classroom use the instructor's iPad As an instructor, open a class to the preview view, and add participants from the "Add" menu

When someone wants to try the class without sign-in in, you can add them as "Guest" In the class preview, you see all the class attendees with their names & heart rate status Start connecting attendants with the grey heart Borrow a sensor from your prepared sensor list, or change to another device the attendee brought with them This way you will get everyone equipped with a heart rate sensor before the class starts

Check that the heartbeat is received from all the attendees and start the class from the play button To display the training view on your large screen, use a wireless solution like AppleTV & airplay, or use a lighting adapter with an HDMI cable In the training view, everyone has a heart rate in beats per minute and also as a percentage of their maximum heart rate The color of the information box shows the current heart rate zone they are working out in Guide the attendees based on the live heart rates based on the live heart rates you see on the screen

You can boost the team spirit by encouraging Zone time and Calorie trophies After the class, keep the iPad connected to the internet to sync all the training data to Polar Flow From there, the training data will sync to to every participant's personal Polar Account You can also turn ON the Polar Club email, that will send a training summary to all participants after the workout Please note that those who want to receive the summary need to "accept" receiving emails from Polar Flow

After a nice workout you can ask your club members to share their training results in the Polar Flow Community tab, under your Club name and start a discussion Here you can also start a periodical campaign to encourage class attendance Now you know all the basics, have fun and get your class moving with Polar Club

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