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    Growing up I was never hugely competitive I wasn't really into sports and fitness but now I can't imagine my life without it Hey guys I'm Alice Klomp

    You guys probably follow me on instagram at Pineapple Brat So I grew up in a small town called Fraser, Michigan and I tried every sport growing up volleyball, track, basketball, even cheerleading and I just could not find my confidence in those So before I ever got into lifting I actually worked at a really fancy gym I worked there because the membership was $80 a month and I wanted a free membership but I never got into lifting I did try to go to the gym but I never really knew what I was doing

    I would go in and do the same routine, didn't really have a set schedule or anything So after that I moved onto Michigan State University, where I studied Graphic Design and Advertising and along with those two degrees I juggled a job as a leasing agent and then a job as a teachers assitant So during that time I was really focused on self improvement and that's when I started going to the gym I was really struggling with self confidence Not only physically but also mentally so I just really wanted to work on myself and improve in any way that I could So then it was great timing

    I met my now boyfriend Alex He wrote me a plan and I finally had the resources to know what I'm doing and get into my fitness journey So in the beginning I had a lot of people around me that were dedicated to the gym like my mom, my boyfriend and all my cousins and there was some people online that were also inspiring like Bret Contreras, Katy Hearn and Cass Martin So meeting Cass Martin was actually a real surreal experience because I went from being a fan to actually working with her and my mum was actually messaging me like 'Oh my god, what is she like?', 'I'm so excited', 'Tell Cass I love her' and stuff like that and I actually got a picture with Cass and sent it to my mum for that reason So my Instagram account started growing after I posted a single transformation picture after like 3 months of working out and it really popped off and I had an overwhelming amount of likes and I really just posted it because I was proud of myself for like sticking to it for 3 months and being a beginner with that amount of followers and that many people looking up to me was really overhwhelming and I wanted to make sure I was giving the right advice to people

    So I got my personal training certification, so I could help as many people as possible Being a female in the fitness industry is a lot of different things It's fun, exciting, overwhelming, scary and it's a blessing but most of all it's rewarding because just one post I can put together can significantly impact someone that is struggling So the question I get asked the most why is your username Pineapple Brat? Before it was Pineapple Princess because I really like this song but I put random x's so it could fit the name Then one of my friends on Twitter said 'You should change it to Pineapple Brat because you're a brat' and I was like not a bad idea

    So I never saw Instagram as an opportunity to like make a career out of it My parents were really supportive and it was kind of an easy decision to just roll with it So something I do to relax or unwind or to get my mind of things I get into the car and go for a drive and I just sing, at full blast I'm there for it

    I just turn up the volume and my mind shuts off So one of the bands I like to listen to is Grouplove I know all the words to all their songs I actually have some songs recorded on SoundCloud Yeah shameless plug From like 3 years ago but you can go listent to that if you're really interested

    The best advice I could give for women trying to get into fitness transform it into something positive for yourself Instead of making it about comparison and how your body looks, you should make it about conquering your personal feats

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