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    Overweight Beginner Fitness Guide: Beginner's DIET and NUTRITION TIPS for Weight Loss|ASK AN EXPERT


    what's up guys Max here so today is the the second episode of Ask An Expert Show where Ricardo and myself will continue to discuss beginners diet and nutrition tips for weight loss if you have not yet watched last week's show I will make sure to insert a card and in the description down below also if you like this type of show format please do smash that like button and leave a comment down below let me know what kind of questions that you have about getting started to your fitness journey I will make sure to collect them and include them in the future Ask An Expert show if you like this type of content make sure to subscribe and turn a notification bell to stay connected all right guys without further ado let the show begin what is your professional recommendation for complete beginners some of the pain free ways they can start easily start first thing like I said is just learning how to eat that's that's the easiest thing and a lot of people like well I need to eat less so I could lose weight no because you you're basically starving your body and your metabolism is slowing down by doing that and it's gonna hold on to foods so a lot of people don't realize that when they eat less foods nobody is Hawks like hold up what are you doing will you see eating like two or three times a day now you eat one time a day no we're not gonna do that so if you're gonna eat one time a day we're gonna hold all this food and they are wondering why in the beginning you're gonna start seeing immediate weight loss but then all a sudden you trot over a quick so maybe two weeks you see the weight loss and then by week three you're plateaued out because your body is conformed like I said in the beginning your body will adapt whatever you do to so by week three you formed a habit and your body's like okay we're used to this habit you're eating only one time a day guess what buddy we're storing this stuff so we're not we know we ain't gonna start you're not gonna starve us and at the same time you losing lean muscle mass so the best way to do is he small meals throughout the day six to eight small meals out today but when you get down to work out get up some protein in your system immediately some void eggs some nuts or something like that or make high protein smoothie one of my old roommate sees dude he's to make all kinds of smoothies but his best one was oatmeal he get oatmeal some basic whey protein some eggs or whatever get some other nuts whatever and he mix it all in there and then that would be his smoothie and here drink that in the mornings having different fruits and vegetables throughout the day having small snacks like finger foods the best fast food you can have bananas apples grapes you know anything any fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat those all day and they're quick you keep keeping me a fridge um I watched this show called unsupervised me and that super-sized me but I'm supersize me with his lady went on a journey and she wasn't me becoming a vegan but she lost over a hundred pounds in one year and she did it because she changed that prayer eating habit her trainer who was a former ex-con but he learned about nutrition and dieting and all of that he literally used her as his project and she got all the way down to a hundred pounds changed her whole lifestyle she was running marathons by the end of the episode spoil alert if you were trying to watch it but it was amazing how he gave her a choice of he said hey all these vegetables I'll give you a bowl of vegetables and fruit just if you hungry just reaching that bow reach in there and just start eating it and that's the number one thing that you can do is just basically increase your your your portion your amount of food lessen the portion size and if you do that eight times a day like if you ate three meals a day let's say you eat 2,500 calories a day the average from the average human being should eat a minimum of 2,000 calories a day but if you eaten 2,500 listen I'll do that for a good number you take that first half and you break it up into four meals in the first part of the day you take the second half you break it up into four more small meals throughout the day and then that way you're spreading it out and guess what your body's always amicable as in the food faster your digestive system will respond a whole lot faster and guess what by doing that you got to also increase your water intake so you're gonna be eating and drinking water throughout the day and it's gonna help you out because guess what you got to watch that I drink water I want to get your opinions on it a bit of fasting I'm doing in a minute fasting and for me in a minute fasting worked for me but I kind of want to get your opinion on that cuz you're the one I feel like you are more kind of break down smaller meals and throughout the day type of guy so what is your what's your thought on in a minute fasting so in a minute fasting was good for those who are truly disciplined today eating habits if you're not disciplined I wouldn't recommend it fit it for you and and the thing about is I'm not a certified dietician or nutritionist I'm working on my nutrition certification but I'm not certified yet so I don't want to gear anybody to say hey we're Ricardo says and I'm gonna live yeah yeah so what I highly recommend is if you're doing it your and your and you're seeing results remember you gotta continuously change it up if you're doing in a minute faster I wouldn't recommend over six weeks the shock your body again and then change it back up in a minute fasting I seen some people have some tremendous results my coach he does in a minute fasting he didn't start off doing it and right off the back it was just his weight or her way his work schedule was and here eat from I want to say between 12 and 6 by 6 o'clock he is done eating he did nothing else 6 o'clock is a cut-off and if he if he's hungry oh well but he normally is not hungry because he's going in here he'll start his day off the mostly here probably half or the day before he gets started is a cup of coffee he doesn't have anything else before outside of that outside of water and then when he eats he eats good he's really good he can eat whatever he wants but the thing about it is when he worked out he works out hard awesome I mean he's at less injuries he's his body's responded a whole lot quicker as far as growth he's had more growth during that time like for me I would have to eat about 235 hundred calories to get a good size on me Wow think that he eats a lot now don't get me wrong he eats a lot but the and it's balanced out and stuff so he knows what he's doing and he and he's realized that that's what works for him a lot of YouTube videos they talked about hey you gotta get yourself you know we protein god you get yourself creatine's and there's BCAA there's many other supplements out there well what would you suggest a beginner what do they need for beginner the most some the best supplement you need is a multivitamin that's it I want it all depends on what your fitness journey is now if you're trying to climb the size has a whole nother story that's a whole nother journey that you would go down and I would highly recommend it you get a coach or a trainer to help guide you in it along with a certified nutritionist or a degree dietician that knows what they're talking about in regards to helping you guide your body in that direction and what I what I learned for myself was in a very beginning of my fitness journey I didn't use no supplements I've never I didn't touch I didn't touch protein I did such career tan I didn't touch any pre-workout anything and I was actually and I better I was actually in the same if not better shape than most of the athletes are people are trained with so when it comes out of supplements for a beginner I would HIGHLY try to tell you to get as much food as you can in your body get a much meats get as much if you don't if you're a vegetarian or vegan get as much protein that you can get from those certain foods that you eat you know if you want a high protein get as much nuts legumes or beans or what I shall I say get as much as that into your body it's possible because that's gonna help you out along your fitness journey you know one of the big thing I heard on YouTube and as a beginner you know it's about exercising is about the nutrition and apparently Russ wanted a very big component of this well right yeah so when I was first into fitness I didn't really think too much about what rest I was young I was immature but I didn't realize how important it was I used to talk about a fitness triad which is the cardio musculus training and nutrition those with triad that was the triangle from but I forgot to leave I left out late part when I added that that keith factor I seen tremendous results in my my growth of my body when I was training for my bodybuilding school I got up at 3:30 in the morning and a lot of I was like how are you able to do that well I was in a bit by 9 o'clock 932 leeks I was knocked out sleep but I got up at 3:30 every morning and I was when I got closer to the show I was getting up at 2:30 in the morning but I was in a bid by nine o'clock so most people were sitting there like oh you're not getting in no I'm getting plenty of sleep I realize recovery or rest it's such a big important thing because when I have Eason the amount of sleep you perform better you know in the gym or in a work you're more sharper and you're able to stay focused much longer in terms of fitness sometimes we do do exercising your muscles get sore hey you know with the lactic acid buildup but when you actually get in adequate enough of sleep you get you get over a much quicker and then I'm able to go back to the gym sooner without feeling the pain and then I'm able to push myself more as you said another thing that was key rest not just rest and one thing that I learned when I was my first got into personal training and stuff I was young in my younger years I worked where I worked out with a guy named Cliff Davis don't give me don't quote me on his name but he was actually uh sure his personal trainer and he was a professional bodybuilder he had another guy that I used to model with also and we all we they he was 42 years old another guy was 38 and he had phenomenal physiques they looked like they had bodies better than most 18 year olds and they their body state like that year round and they they told me like hey a lot of people go to Jimmy be beat up their bodies and he said yes you can get sleep but you also gotta let your body rest massage it let go sit in a sauna for a little bit relax your body and he said when you do that your body will respond a whole lot better you get the best results that you ever seen he said I cannot work I can run circles around some of these 20 year olds right now and he says because I let my body rest and that's the thing about it like you said you're able to push your body harder after you get plenty of rest for me I work out six that five to six days out of the week I work out hard but on that seventh day I literally rest my and I honestly yesterday my wife let me rest all day yesterday I literally took advantage of it I got like two naps that day yesterday I you know I literally took it easy in my body today responding to a whole lot better when I did my own core fitness class I was amazed at my body recovery from over the weekend and then when I ran this morning as well I was able to run and not feel so much pain in the joints or anything like that is because I allowed my body to rest and recover Ricardo if people want to connect with you where can they find you they can always catch me on Instagram it rock your body fitness our at or you can reach me on Facebook at Ricardo Hamer jr so either one of those two they can reach me also I have my youtube channel I have two of them I got the wake up Wednesdays inspires and then also have my rocky body fitness on YouTube so any of those I also if you're just getting started the videos that I have on YouTube are beginner based videos I have five minute workouts it leaves you with no excuses of why you can't do it you can do it at home you can do it at worst you do it outside your phone wherever you want to do it and then I also got workouts that are slowly increasing so just getting started the best way for beginners I highly tell you they highly recommend all beginners to just start moving just start moving walk go get you increase your water intake and like we just said a little while ago get some rest you know if you're up at 10:30 11 o'clock at night you're going to fit it now hey man thank you very much too to join me today and for those who are watching I will make sure to have all the links down the disc in below thank you very much and until next time guys peace

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