Obama’s last national intelligence head says he questions Trump’s ‘fitness to be in this office’

Obama's last national intelligence says he QUESTIONS head Trump's' fitness to be in this office " The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Questioned President trumps fitness for office on the heels of his rant-filled Screed print of a speech Tuesday night Phoenix I worry about, frankly, you know, the access to the nuclear codes, Clapper Told CNNs Don Lemon

He labeled Trumps fiery rhetoric cũng downright scary and disturbing Scroll down for video The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he Questioned President trumps fitness for office and his access to the nuclear codes James Clapper (right) joined CNNs Don Lemon (left) and President trumps speech said found in Phoenix downright scary and disturbing Kicking off the segment, an interior Clapper Lemon Told didnt know where to begin even level

Its just so objectionable on so many levels, Clapper said He Reminded the CNN host có he worked for every president Had starting with John F Kennedy and ending with Barack Obama, in some capacity And I dont know Ive listened and watched khi something like this from a president That I found some having more disturbing understanding of the levers of power available to a president mà if he chooses to exercise added, Clapper said

Echoing what Bakari Sellers Had trước Democrat said on the network, Clapper said của trumps much of a surprise speech werent It is interesting to contrast versus last nights performance teleprompter Trump tonight, mà, of course, the real Trump, Clapper pointed out Just as it was in the unglued, impromptu press conference at Trump Tower So I find this very disturbing, Clapper added

Clapper was referring to the press conference có took place a week is before Tuesday nights rally chứa president gán some blame for violence in Charlottesville to the protesters Gathered in the Virginia town to call out racists, gồm neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan Trump, again, Brought up his speech Tuesday night khi Charlottesville I hit em with neo-Nazi, I hit you with everything KKK? We have the KKK I got em all, Trump said, thử Argue That Had he thoroughly white supremacist groups gọi out, despite the fact it took him two days có

He suggested có am also there were weak, weak People Calling For Confederate statues to be removed Theyre take away our thử culture Theyre take away our thử history, the president argued Told he was questioning Clapper Lemon trumps fitness for office

And I am also beginning to wonder about HIS am motivation for – maybe he is looking for a way out, Clapper guessed The CNN guest bật then Trumps fans I wonder as well as The People attracted to this rally what are they thinking? Asked he Or why am I so far off base?

Because I dont understand the adulation, he stated

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