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What's up everybody, welcome come back to DoubleZ Fitness channel where i share my calisthenics journey with all of you guys so in today's video I'm going to share with you how to use Myfitnesspal to track your calories and also achieve physiques transformations that you dream of! Using Myfitnesspal app is also one of the reason why I was able to transform my physiques in 2 months time from skinny fat to fit so if you're also ready to manage your weight whether you to lose it, gain or maintain it be sure to stay tuned let's be honest guys we are living in a world of temptations McDonald's KFC Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream is everywhere you see losing weight or gaining weight is not as simple as eating less or eating more you need to know how much calories you consume and how much calories you've burned daily here is when the MyFitnessPal app comes in handy when you know how to track your calories properly eating McDonald's KFC Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream will not be a problem anymore so what exactly is Myfitnesspal? Myfitnesspal is one of the best Freemium calories calculating app on the market it has a mobile app and a website you can connect to, to their largest database of food that you can look up of what you eat and record it down in the app it can also calculate a rough estimation of calories required daily for you to lose gain or maintain weight it also has a bunch of other stuff like social media, food recipes, workout tips and many more however personally I just use it to track my calories all right before I jump into the features available in Myfitnesspal app let me show you how to start up once you downloaded Myfitnesspal app have into your mobile phone so first thing first before you'll be able to use the app obviously you have to download it right so just head over to your App Store if you're on iPhone and Android Play Store search for Myfitnesspal so just download it all right once you downloaded it just open it up all right so first thing first once you come into the screen you have to sign up or if you have already have an account you can also log in so you can also continue with your Facebook account or you can sign up with email all right the first thing is it will ask you what is your goal so if your goal is to lose weight go ahead and click lose weight if you want to maintain weight or gain weight gain you can go ahead and choose those options in my case I'll choose lose weight the next one is how active are you and for my case I'm kind of like active because I work out like 3 to 4 times per week and also my job requires myself to be quite active so I'll choose active and the next one is gender your age and also where do you live this is already set Next it will ask you what is your height and weight and also what is your goal weight so for this example I'll set losing weight right so my starting weight for current weight is 64

2kg and my goal it will be losing 1 kilogram which is 632kg Go ahead and click Next Alright so this is the crucial part it will ask you how much weight you would wish to lose in a week so in my previous video I've mentioned that a healthy weight loss is around 05 to 1 kilograms per week the faster you lose weight the higher risk for you to lose muscle mass so it's always recommended for you to lose around 0

5 kilograms per week that's recommended so I'll choose the 05 per week the next thing is you have to enter your email your password also choose a username to sign up alright so once you sign up already you will come to this page so this is about data protection and stuff like that so once you have setup successfully it will automatically calculate the calories required daily for you to lose weight so it says you should lose around 25 kilograms by 18th of June and also you can choose to keep me on track with reminders, use my phone to track my steps and stuff like that so this is not so important just click next so once you come in this page you will show you the first one is homepage you can see down here there's some tabs and also choose your diary, the progress and many more other functions from this page so yeah that's basically how to set up the app alright so there are a few features that I would like to share with you guys about this app if you can see down here there are few multiple tabs first one will be diary as you can see here my calories goal for today is 2,010calories for me to lose around 05 kilograms per week and if you click here on the top of the screen you can choose the dates that you've entered your calories tracking you can also swipe left or right to switch between the days so as you can see there are breakfast lunch and dinner available even snacks you can also add some exercise that you have done and also add water down here you can see a nutritional facts and also you can add some notes about your exercise and food that you take right now the nutrition is zero obviously because I haven't entered any food yet you can also track your nutrition your total nutrition in a day and also macros breakdown which is carbohydrate fats and protein so now let's go ahead and key in some examples of meals let per say for breakfast I'm having eggs so you can see a list of available options for you to choose from so let's go ahead and press the first one alright in terms of serving size you can also choose from multiple options in fact there's tons of options for you to choose from you can even weight your egg if you have a food scale and in this case I will choose one medium egg you can also choose the serving how many servings of eggs you have let's per say you only have half an egg you can also enter 05

05 eggs eaten so in that case maybe I'll add two eggs and instantly you'll get a breakdown of macronutrients for this eggs for 2 eggs in total is 126 calories and blah blah blah so let's go ahead and click tick so it will be added into your daily calories so as you can see 126calories is added here will be your food and your remaining calories will be shown on the right-hand side of the screen now let's go ahead and add some more food This is something will pop out once you set up the first time you can also add food from here alright so for this you can create a meal create a recipe create a food you can even scan the barcode which I will show you later you can also add quick add let's per say do not want to care about the macro-nutrients that you eaten for this example maybe you will eat something that is 100 calories like a bread or something just key in So for this quick add it also be added into your calories without calculating the macros for this food but in my case I'm not going to use that for today let's go ahead and add some bread if you're living Malaysian then you know gardenia so let's have two slices of gardenia 160 calories 5grams of protein it's good alright so let's go ahead add more Maybe you have some milk let's just key in some of the famous brand of milk, let's say you're having HL milk Alright, HL milk 200 milliliters so go ahead and key in alright so once your breakfast is done you can go ahead to nutrition and instantly we'll get a break it down of your macros of your breakfast of course if you add more meals or you if you add lunch and dinner it will total up here as well and you can see the total protein you had in the day for now is around 26 grams and my goal is 100 grams and 74 grams left you can also see a lot of other options like micro nutrients including vitamin A C calcium and so and so forth the next one is calories for this page it counts how many calories you get from breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks will be separately different percentage of calories coming from different meals for this +sign you can also QuickAdd anything like water weight or exercise you have performed and yes the next tab is progress so if you have entered your progress progressively throughout the month maybe a week or so once a week or so you can even add the photos of your physiques write down your weight and the date so it will plot a graph for you at the end of the day once you have recorded down your weight progress for that particular month you can even choose week two months five months even from the day you started using this app which is cool and the last thing I would like to show you is the goal as you can see previously you can you already set your goal right but if you want to tweak a little bit of the goal as we say you wanna lose 1 kilograms per week you can go ahead and choose 1 kilograms per week can adjust activity level from here basically anything that you have set up before we can change it from now on which is very good and I've mentioned before you can also see some workout routines recipes and stuff like that you can even connect this to your iPhone or any step tracker you having Samsung or Apple watch however I do not use that personally alright so if you like that recipe go ahead and create a recipe you can choose to add from web or enter ingredient manually in this case I'll enter ingredient manually and let's say you're having a cake and the cake can serve like 10 person maybe all right so you can add ingredients let's say you are having eggs just go ahead and enter how many eggs you wanna have in your cake and cake flour maybe we're having 100 grams I'm not sure this is just an example right and maybe you will have some sugar so maybe for sugar will have at least maybe 200 grams 0

2 kilograms so alright let's say your ingredients including these three ingredients for making a cake and ready just click next and save it all right there you have it once you created this recipe you can always come back to this tab and add the recipe so if you cut the cake into 10 pieces and you share it with people that's let's say you are having 1 piece today you will go ahead and press 1 (piece) cake so go ahead and add it into your dinner all right guys so what I'm gonna do now is to show you guys an example of tracking your food using MyFitnessPal app so we're having some green pea blueberries as well alright let's have some meat as well chicken breast and let's go ahead and do something milk as well if you're having milk so in this case is Farm-fresh and I'll also show you in case that barcode that you scanned didn't pop up because some of the food might not be the food database of MyFitnessPal I will also show you how can you do that by key in those macros and calories manually to the into the app all right before we jump into the example of how can you weight your food it's worth mentioning that it's important for you to get a food weighing scale like this so that you can easily weight your food and track you food before you enter the food that you have taken into MyFitnessPal and also if you have watch until this part of the video I really appreciate it go ahead and click thumbs up and subscribe to DoubleZ Fitness channel to see more related content like this in the future all right first thing first we're having is green peas so go ahead and put your plate on to this weighing scale and make sure it's reset to zero so that it doesn't include weight of your plates just go and ahead weight how much of green peas you would like to have alright so you have around 45 grams 45 grams of green pea so next time is to open up your Myfitnesspal app all right so once again you can add it to lunch breakfast or dinner go ahead and press this barcode and scan this code right here and it will automatically search for it so you can enter it right now so just now was 45 grams so enter 45 grams and there you have it is 39 calories all right let's do another one let's per say we're having some milk all right again just press reset so that it doesn't include the weight of the glass and we're having farm fresh milk today go ahead and choose this option into Milliliters and pour it all right let's say you are having around 157ml of milk once again take out your phone go to add food scan the barcode again the barcode is right here just scan it and there you have it skinny low-fat milk farm-fresh we're having 156ml just choose 1 ml serving size and enter 156 ml so that's basically how you track by scanning the barcode it's the same for blueberries as well now let's do an example of you do not want to scan the barcode once again reset it, pour it, okay 31 grams of blueberries all right instead of scanning the barcode this time you can always go ahead and search for the brand so for this brand is blueberries everyday so if you see the green tick here it means that it's verified by the company itself as you can see from here this is essential everyday brand, essential everyday frozen blueberries just go ahead and enter how many grams you have weighted Oh sorry this is grams yes 31 grams so 31 grams and there you have it all right the next example will be a chicken breast as you can see my chicken breast is frozen its freeze so is not recommended to weight in this way because the extra water freeze inside this chicken breast will affect the value or the weight of this chicken breast but this is just an example so before you weight your chicken breasts make sure it's thawed properly and let the water comes out from the chicken before you weight it for this example let's just assume that chicken is thawed and let's just assume the chicken breast is originally weighted 176 grams without the water inside there all right so once again go to your Myfitnesspal add food and search for chicken breast chicken breasts skinless again bunch of options for you to choose from but what I normally do is to choose the first one or those that make sense so this one is 175 grams into kilograms is 0175 so it's probably around 542g of protein and around 300 calories so that's how you weight a food using a weighing scale and key it in into the MyFitnessPal alright so the next example I'm going to show you is something that you cannot scan from Myfitnesspal which means this food is not recorded to the database of Myfitnesspal in this case it's Suhun Kacang Hijau which means green beans vermicelli this is a local brand I guess yeah it's a local brand in Malaysia so let's go ahead and scan this barcode and see what happens scan the barcode of this all right it's not bright enough so make sure you go to a place that is bright enough for you for your phone scan it all right it's searching Ehhhhhh this one you can find ==''' I'm showing the wrong example I'm showing you the wrong example ==|| so in this case will be a noodle from China made in China it's in Mandarin word as well so let's go ahead and scan the barcode of this thing so go ahead and scan the barcode so as you can see


you can FIND?! SeriouslyokOk!! Alright guys, so after 2 times of trying Myfitnesspal app still figure out the barcode of that 2 foods, even if it's from China one of it so what I decided to do is to show you guys let's let's per say or take it as an example that this food is not stored in the database of MyFitnessPal let's just go ahead try it ok all right so if the food you scan is not available in a database of MyFitnessPal here's what you see after you scan a barcode which will be this page so I'll guide you through the process of how can you key in the brand and also the nutritional facts through this all right so first thing go ahead and key in the brand name in this case is a China brand it's named Gaojin and the description will be a noodle serving size will be 100 grams so how do you find out how many serving size? Usually it will be indicated on the packaging itself as you can see here this column is per 100 grams of noodle with this kind of nutritional facts so serving just go ahead and key in 1 and for the calories as you can see from here this one is NENG LIANG means the Energy, the calories is not display on this packaging so what you can do is always go ahead to Google and search for energy conversion so 1,516 kilojoules converted into calories will be 362 calories and there you have it the calories of total 100 grams of noodle is 362 next one we have carbohydrates so in this case the carbohydrate will be 738 fats will be 2 grams and protein will be 11 grams so just go ahead and key the rest of the information carbohydrate will be 738 and we have protein is 11 grams fats we have 2 grams per 100 grams of noodle the rest of the information if it's available in the packaging you can go ahead and key in but if it's not available it's not a big matter because the most important thing is your calories and your macros so just click done and there you have it you just key in your own nutritional facts of food from the packaging itself Now remember that mention earlier this video it's okay to have McDonald's KFC or Vanilla ice cream as long as you know how to track your calories? here's the reason why alright so for breakfast we had 386 calories earlier and remaining is around 1,114 calories for the day so let's say you wanna have McDonald's today you having Mcchicken go ahead search for Mcchicken first one will be Mcchicken one sandwich is 410 calories you will have a set of Mcchicken so McDonald's fries large french frice so you can choose how many grams so this one is a large one let's per say you are having a medium one you can choose McDonald french fries one set medium fries McDonald's chips its around 340 calories so this one is original set to 111 grams which means this is the medium fries from McDonald's so after you eat my Mcchicken, medium fries, you still have 264 calories so let's say you are not having any more meals after this or you can have some light meals for your dinner whatever it is just make sure that you stay within the calories that is prescribed , i mean calculated for you which is 1500 calories so it's reasonable for you to fit in McDonald's KFC or some ice cream or dessert once in a while in your diet and it will not actually hurt your progress that much now let's just go ahead and click again on the nutrition so you can see here your nutrition is displayed well because you had McDonald so your fat will be relatively high for the day but usually if you're not having any fast food the fat content wouldn't be that high so let's just go ahead and add some more food to make sure we cover the calories here so that you don't lose too much weight in a week almond nuts um maybe you are having some whey protein let's let's per say you're eating you're trying to build muscle so let's just search some famous brand optimum nutrition alright let's say you having this one scoop it's around 31g so let's key in alright so apparently this is still not enough like I said in my previous video you do not have to follow exactly (amount of) the calories every single day so if you want to find out more on how to count your calories for weight loss just go ahead and click that video it will be linked right here or in the description box below so let's just go ahead let's per say you're still having some bread to fill up some calories mm-hmm so alright 24 grams + – is around there you're having around 1,500cal for today so once you're done can go ahead and click complete diary it will always show you some insights about how you progress for the day all right apparently this is not working okay it's working all right things a bit slow i don't know why all right so it says that if every day were like today you will weight 59

3kg in five weeks so as I've mentioned before this is a Freemium calorie tracking app which means you can use the free version and also premium one but you'll have to pay for it personally I'm using a free one and I think that it's more than enough for me to track my calories however if you wish to explore more premium features just go ahead and click the explore premium and it will show you sorry this is not the one , so go ahead just click just go ahead and click explore premium and it will show you a bunch of available features so if I'm not mistaken for one month yeah you'll get a one month free trial at first and subsequently you have to pay Rm4190 per month for those extra features all right guys that basically how you can use Myfitnesspal app to track your daily calories in helping you to gain, lose or maintain weight for more information on how to track calories do check out my previous video of my two months calisthenics transformation how I did it video I'll put a link in the description or in a click here to find out more if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to DobleZ fitness channel to see more content like this in the future turn notifications to get the latest update of my videos Double Your Effort! Double Your Results! and Remember to always Stay AWESOME!!

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