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    Movin' Through March Fitness Challenge


    [John Jones] Welcome back to another Fitness 5 I've got four new exercises for us to try today [Reporter] Staying active during the COVID-19 shutdown

    Beaufort Elementary School’s physical education teacher is posting a series of exercise videos for students The Movin’ Through March Challenge is encouraging kids to work up a sweat while they’re at home [John] This challenge is to get our students at Beaufort Elementary School motivated to get up off the couch and moving 9, 10 great job! but to also get their family members involved to get excited to be physically active and moving the exercises they will be doing involve cardio, upper body, lower body and core strength workouts

    [Reporter] In the videos the teacher demonstrates the correct way to do several different types of exercises and stresses the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and being physically active to the students [John] You got 21 grams of carbohydrates Exercise is vital to our students because it helps build strong muscle and bones during the most important years of a child's physical development Exercise also helps reduce the risk of heart disease lowers blood pressure and helps reduce stress and anxiety levels which in turn improves their mood [Reporter] The Movin Through March Challenge isn’t just about getting physically fit

    [John] Our students need to keep exercising during this time because it helps reduce the stress they might be going through but it also helps to refocus the brain by clearing away what we like to call the fog that stress may have on them by clearing away this fog our students can better focus on the school work they have been asked to complete which in turn will improve their ability to learn the materials our teachers are sending home [Reporter] If you would like to take the Movin’ Through March Challenge go to Beaufort Elementary School’s Facebook page to watch the fitness videos New work out videos are posted daily For the Beaufort County School District, Ron Lopes [John] That's a right side and left side plank we're all done

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