MINDBODY Marketing Suite: Marketing Automation for Fitness

Our Marketing Suite helps you stay in touch with customers at every stage of their journey—from the moment they find you to when they’re your biggest fan People are looking for services like yours on the MINDBODY app and Google

Make it easy for them to find and book with you, everywhere they search More than 35 million classes and appointments are booked each month in the US on the MINDBODY app Even better? MINDBODY app users spend twice as much! Once customers find you, it’s all about showing them the right offer Dynamic pricing and premium offer placement help entice them to book

And after their first visit, 58% of dynamic pricing buyers make another purchase at the same business within 90 days Now that you’ve got them in the door, it’s all about bringing them back Use automatic emails and texts to motivate first-time customers, convert them to members, and encourage loyalty with just the right rewards And you can make it personalized, too—smart contact lists update based on the client’s info and visit history, so you can deliver tailored messages that inspire them to come back for more Plus, an integrated email editor and customizable templates keeps your campaigns aligned with your unique brand

Your most loyal customers are your best form of marketing Build your online reputation and automatically prompt happy customers to leave reviews on your website, Facebook, Google, and other social review sites You can also convert happy customers into brand ambassadors by easily offering rewards for referrals And with automatic messages after every visit, you’ll discover what customers love—and ways to improve your offerings As the wellness industry continues to grow, marketing your business is essential

We’re here to help make it easy, every step of the way